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Events, still carried on the same uniform grand Design, so that though the Parts, separately considered, might perhaps seem to be irregular and confused, yet nothing could be more wisely ordered, and more harmonious than the whole; in a' Word, to behold how all the Events of this prefent State of Trial were ordered in such a Manner, as was most proper to make Way. for that State of eternal Retributions that was to succeed! When all these Things are cleared


to us, what a beauteous Scheme of Providence will present itself to our View! How shall those illuftrious moral Perfections of the Deity then shine forth in all their Glory, which are fitted to engage and command the affectionate, awful Admiration and Efteem of all reasonable intelligent Beings ! The Prospects of this should now fill us with the most adoring Thoughts of the divine Majesty, and effectually prevent all impatient querulous Repinings and Discontents at any of his providential Dispensations, and should cause us to dread his Displeasure, and to defire his Favour and value his Loving-kindness above all Things.

Here, therefore, let us conclude our Meditations on Divine Providence, looking forwards to that important Day of

final Retributions, and making it our principal Business to prepare for it. And now unto him that is able to keep us from falling, and to present us faultless before the Presence of bis Glory with exceeding Joy, to the only wise God our Saviour, be Glory and Majesty, Dominion and Power, both now and ever.


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On the Universal Deluge.



2 Peter ii. 5.


And Spared not the old World, but saved

Noah the eighth Person, i Preacher of Righteousness, bringing in the Flood upon the World of the ungodly. *HERE is scarce any Event that ever

happened to Mankind, which is of a more extraordinary Nature than the Universal Deluge, whereby the World that then was, being overflowed with Water, perished; as it is expressed, 2 Pet. iii. 6. And yet it seems to be but little considered. We are for the most part apt to regard it in no other View than as a strange Event, which happened a long Time ago, and in which we have no Concern. But this cer. tainly is a wrong Way of thinking. Why is this Event fo particularly recorded in the holy Scriptures, and the Account of it carefully transmitted to future Generations in Books written by divine Inspiration, if not that we should make serious Reflections upon it, and endeavour to improve it to good religious and moral Purposes ? I hope therefore it may be of Use to consider this Subject distinctly.


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In treating of which, ļ propose first to enquire into the Causes of the Deluge, as set forth in the sacred Writings, which will lead us to make some Reflections on the State of the World and of Mankind, whom this dreadful Calamity came upon,

Secondly, I shall consider the Account that is given us of the Deluge itself, the Greatness and Universality of it, and the general Destruction it brought upon the whole Race of Mankind that was then upon the Earth, Noab and his family only excepted.

The next Thing to be considered is the Truth and Certainty of this great Event, and that however extraordinary it may appear, we have sufficient Evidence to convince us that it really happened ; as appears both from the express Testimony of holy Writ, and from the ancient Traditions con


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