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in him should not perish, but Lord God of Hosts; heaven have everlasting life. St. John and earth are full of thy glory: iii. 16.

Glory be to thee, O Lord Most Hear also what St. Paul saith. High. Amen. This is a true saying, and

PROPER PREFACES. worthy of all men to be received, that Christ Jesus came into [ Upon Christmas Day, and the world to save sinners. 1 seven days after. Tim. i. 15. Hear also what St. John saith. BECAUSE thou didst give

Jesus Christ, thine only · If any man sin, we have an Son, to be born as at this time Advocate with the Father, Je. for us; who, by the operation sus Christ the righteous; and he of the Holy Ghost, was made is the propitiation for our sins. very man, of the substance of 1 St. John ii. 1, 2.

the Virgin Mary his mother; 1 After which the Bishop shall and that without spot of sin, to

make us clean from all sin: proceed, saying,

Therefore with Angels, &c. Lift up your hearts. Answer. We lift them up

T Upon Easter Day, and seven unto the Lord.

Days after. . Bishof Loret us give thanks Burpreise fiycare or he bound


JT chiefly we unto our Gad.

to thee gloriAnswer. It is meet and right ous resurrection of thy Son JeSo to do.

sus Christ our Lord: For he is

the 1 Then shall the Bishop turn to

very Paschal Lamb, which the Lord's Table, and say,

was offered for us, and hath

taken away the sin of the world; IT T is very meet, right, and who by his death hath destroy

our bounden duty, that we ed death, and, by his rising to should at all times, and in all life again, hath restored to us places, give thanks unto thee, everlasting life: Therefore with O Lord, [*Holy Father,] Al- Angels, &c. mighty, everlasting God.

I Upon Ascension Day, and 4 Here shall follow the proper seven Days after.

Preface, according to the time, if there be any specially ap- THROUGH thy most dearly

beloved Christ pointed; or else immediately shall be said or sung by the our Lord; who, after his


; Bishop and People,

glorious resurrection, mani

festly appeared to all his AposTHE 'HEREFORE with Angels tles, and in their sight ascended

and Archangels, and with up into heaven, to prepare a all the company of heaven, we place for us; that where he is, laud and magnify thy glorious thither we might also ascend, name; evermore praising thee, and reign with him in glory : and saying, Holy, holy, holy Therefore with Angels, &c. ,


* These words, Holy Father, must be omitted on Trinity Sunday.

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Upon Whitsunday, and six Then shall the Bishop, kneeling down dt

the Lord's Table, say, in the name of all Days after.

those who shall receive the Communion,

this Prayer following : THROU

HROUGH Jesus Christ ' our Lord; according to WE do not presume to come

to this thy Table, O merwhose most true promise, the ciful Lord, trusting in our own Holy Ghost came down as at righteousness, but in thy manithis time from heaven, with a fold and great mercies. We are sudden great sound, as it had not worthy so much as to gather been a mighty wind, in the like. up the crumbs under thy table. ness of fiery tongues, lighting But thou art the same Lord, upon the Apostles, to teach whose property is always to them, and to lead them to all have mercy: Grant us therefore, truth; giving them both the gracious Lord, so to eat the gift of divers languages, and #esh of thy dear Son Jesus also boldness with fervent zeal, Christ, and to drink his blood, constantly to preach the Gospel that our sinful bodies may be unto all nations; whereby we made clean by his body, and have been brought out of dark- our souls washed through his ness and error, into the clear most precious blood, and that light and true knowledge of we may evermore dwell in him, thee, and of thy Son Jesus and he in us. Amen. Christ: Therefore with Angels, { When the Bishop, standing before the Ta&c.

ble, hath 80 ordered the Bread and Wine, that he may with the more readiness and

decency break the Bread before the PeoI Upon the Feast of Trinity

ple, and take the Cup into his hands ; he only, may be said,

shall say the Prayer of Consecration, as

followeth: WHO

HO art one God, one LL glory be to thee, Al

Lord; not one only Per- mighty God, our heavenly son, but three persons in one Father, for that thou, of thy substance: For that which we tender mercy, didst give thine believe of the glory of the Fa- only Son Jesus Christ to suffer ther, the same we believe of the death upon the cross for our reSon; and of the Holy Ghost, demption; who made there, by without any difference or in his one oblation of himself once equality: Therefore with An- offered, a full, perfect, and suf

ficient sacrifice, oblation, and Or else this may be said, the satisfaction, for the sins of the words Holy Father being re

whole world; and did institute, tained in the introductory Ad- mand us to continue a perpetual

and in his holy Gospel com, dress.

memory of that his precious FOR 'OR the precious death and death and sacrifice until his

merits of thy Son Jesus coming again: For, in the night Christ our Lord, and for the in which he was besending to us of the Holy Ghost trayed, (a) he took Here the the Comforter; who are one Bread; and when he the Paten into with thee in thy eternal God- had given thanks, (b) (6) And here head: Therefore with Angels, he brake it, and gave Bread. &c.

it to his disciples,


gels, &c.

Bishop is to take

his hands upon

all Bread.

he is to lay his

The Oblation.


to learn how they saying, Take, eat, (c) brance of his Death and Pas:

the this is my Body, sion, may be partakers of his

which is given for most blessed Body and Blood. you; Do this in re. And we earnestly desire thy Fa. membrance of me, therly goodness, mercifully to

Likewise, after sup- accept this our sacrifice of praise to best per, (d) he took the and thanksgiving; most hum

(a) Here he is into his hands.' Cup; and when he bly beseeching thee to grant,

had given thanks, he that by the merits and death gave it to them, say. of thy Son Jesus Christ, and

ing, Drink ye all of through faith in his blood, we, (2) And here this; for (e) this is and all thy whole Church, may hands upon every my Blood of the New obtain remission of our sins, there is any Wine Testament, which is and all other benefits of his pasto be consécrated, shed for you, and for sion. And here we offer and

many, for the remis present unto thee, O Lord, oursion of sins : Do this as oft as selves, our souls, and bodies, ye shall drink it, in remem- to be a reasonable, holy, and brance of me.

living sacrifice unto thee; hum

bly beseeching thee, that we, THEREFORE, O Lord and heavenand all others who shall be

parly Father, according to the in- takers of this holy Communion, stitution of thy dearly beloved may worthily receive the most Son our Saviour Jesus Christ

, Son Jesus Christ, be filled with Son our Saviour

Jesus Christ, precious Body and Blood of thy we, thy humble servants, do celebrate and make here before thy grace and heavenly benedicthy Divine Majesty, with these tion, and made one body with thy holy gifts, which we now and they in him. And although

him, that he may dwell in them, offer unto thee, the memorial thy Son hath commanded us manifold sins, to offer unto

we are unworthy, through our to make; having in remem; thee any sacrifice; yet we bebrance his blessed passion and precious death, his mighty re- bounden duty and service, not

seech thee to accept this our surrection and glorious ascension; rendering unto thee most weighing our merits, but parhearty thanks for the innumera. Jesus Christ our Lord; by

doning our offences; through ble benefits procured unto us whom, and with whom, in the by the same.

unity of the Holy Ghost, all ho. And we most hum- nour and glory be unto thee, O

bly beseech thee, O Father Almighty, world withmerciful Father, to hear us; out end. Amen. and, of thy Almighty goodness, Here shall be sung a Hymn, or part of a vouchsafe to bless and sanctify, Hymn, from the Selection for the Feasts

and Fasts, &c. with thy Word and Holy Spirit, then shall the Bishop, first receive the these thy gifts and creatures of Communion in both kinds himself, and proBread and Wine ; that we, re

The Invocation.

ceed to deliver the same to the Bishops,

Priests, and Deacons, in like manner, ceiving them according to thy and, after that, to the People also in order, Son our Saviour Jesus Christ's into their hands, all devoutly kneeling ;

And when he delivereth the Bread, he shall holy institution, in remem



THE Body of our Lord Jesus duly received these holy mys-

Christ, which was given teries, with the spiritual food of for thee, preserve thy body and the most precious Body and soul unto everlasting life: Take Blood of thy Son our Saviour and eat this in remembrance Jesus Christ; and dost assure that Christ died for thee, and us thereby of thy favour and feed on him in thy heart by goodness towards us; and that faith, with thanksgiving. we are very members incorpo1 And the Bishop, delivering thy Son, which is the blessed

rate in the mystical body of the Cup, shall say,

company of all faithful people; "HE Blood of our Lord Je- and are also heirs through hope for thee, preserve thy body the merits of the most precious and soul unto everlasting life: death and passion of thy dear Drink this in remembrance that Son. And we most humbly Christ's blood was shed for beseech thee, O heavenly Fathee, and be thankful.

ther, so to assist us with thy 1 If the cousecrated Bread and Wine be grace, that we may continue in spent before all have communicated, the that holy fellowship, and do all Bishop is to consecrate more, according to the form before prescribed; beginning such good works as thou hast at Ant"Glory be to thee, Almighty God, prepared for us to walk in, and ending with these words, partakers of through Jesus Christ our Lord; his most blessed Body and Blood. 9 When all have communicated, the Bishop to whom, with thee and the shall return to the Lord's Table, and re: Holy Ghost, be all honour

, verently place upon it what remaineth of the consecrated Elements, covering the and glory, world without end. ame with a fair Linen Cloth.

Amen. 1 Then shall the Bishop say the Lord's

Prayer, the People repeating after him I Then shall be said or sung, all
every petition.
UR Father, who art in

standing, Gloria in Excelsis, Heaven, Hallowed be thy

or some proper Hymn from

the Selection. name; Thy Kingdom come; Thy Will be done on Earth, as GLO

LORY be to God on high, it is in Heaven: Give us this and in earth peace, goodday our daily bread; And for- will towards men. We praise give us our trespasses, as we thee, we bless thee, we worship forgive those

who trespass thee, we glorify thee, we give against us; And lead us not into thanks to thee for thy great temptation ; But deliver us glory, O Lord God, heavenly from evil. For thine is the King, God the Father Almighty. Kingdom, and the Power, and O Lord, the only begotten the Glory, for ever and ever. Son Jesus Christ; O Lord God, Amen.

Lamb of God, Son of the FaAfter which, shall be said as of the world, have mercy upon

ther, who takest away the sins followeth:

us: Thou who takest away the

God, we most heartily upon us: Thou who takest away thank thee, for that thou dost the sins of the world, receive Touchsafe to feed us, who have our prayer: Thou who sittest at

the right hand of God the Fa- the knowledge and love of God, ther, have mercy upon us.

and of his Son Jesus Christ our For thou only art holy; thou Lord: And the blessing of God only art the Lord; thou only, Almighty, the Father, the Son, O Christ, with the Holy Ghost, and the Holy Ghost, be amongst art most high in the glory of you, and remain with you alGod the Father. Amen. I Then the Bishop shall let them depart with this Blessing.

1 If any of the consecrated Bread and Wine

remain after the Communion, it shall not 'HE peace of God, which be carried out of the Church; but the Bi. passeth all understanding,

shop and other Communicants shall, imme

diately after the Blessing, reverently eat keep your hearts and minds in and drink the same.

Here endeth the order for the Administration of the Holy Communion.

ways. Amen.


THE FORM OF Consecration of a Church or Chapel, According to the order of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United

States of America, as established by the Bishops, the Clergy, and Laity of said Church, in General Convention, in the month of September, A. D. 1799.

# The Bishop is to be received at the entrance of the Church or Chapel by the Church-wax

dens and Vestrymen, or some other Persons appointed for that purpose. The Bishop and the Clergy who are present, shall go up the aisle of the Church or Chapel, to the Communion Table, repeating the 24th Psalm alternately, the Bishop one verse, and the Clergy another. Psalm xxiv.

7 Lift up your heads, O ye ' HE earth is the Lord's and gates; and be ye lift up ye ever

all that therein is : the com- lasting doors : and the King of pass of the world, and they that Glory shall come in. dwell therein.

8 Who is the King of Glory? 2 For he hath founded it it is the Lord strong and mighupon the seas, and prepared it ty, even the Lord mighty in upon the floods.

battle, 3 Who shall ascend into the 9 Lift up your heads, O ye hill of the Lord, or who shall gates; and be ye lift up ye ever

; rise up in his holy place? lasting doors : and the King of

4 Even he that hath clean Glory shall come in. hands and a pure heart; and 10 Who is the King of Glothat hath not lift up his mind ry ? even the Lord of Hosts, he unto vanity, nor sworn to de- is the King of Glory. ceive his neighbour,

The Bishop shall go within the rails, with 5 He shall receive the bles- such of the Clergy as can be there accomsing from the Lord, and righte

modated. The Bishop, sitting in his chair,

shall have the instruments of donation and ousness from the God of his

endowment, if there be any presented to salvation.

him, and then standing up, and turning to 6 This is the generation of

the Congregation, shall say, them that seek him: even of

them that seek thy face, en af DEARLY beloved in the

vout and holy men, as well un

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