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out all Jewry, beginning from cast into prison.) Pilate, thereGalilee to this place. When fore, willing to release Jesus, Pilate heard of Galilee, he asked spake again to them. But they whether the man were a Gali- cried, saying, Crucify him, crulean. And as soon as he knew cify him. And he said unto, that he belonged unto Herod's them the third time, Why, jurisdiction, he sent him to He- what evil hath he done? I have rod, who himself was also at Je- found no cause of death in him : rusalem at that time. And when I will therefore chastise him, Herod saw Jesus, he was ex- and let him go. And they were ceeding glad; for he was desi- instant with loud voices, requirrous to see him of a long season, ing that he might be crucified: because he had heard many and the voices of them, and things of him ; and he hoped to of the chief priests, prevailed. have seen some miracle done by And Pilate gave sentence that him. Then he questioned with it should be as they required. him in many words; but he an. And he released unto them him swered him nothing. And the that for sedition and murder chief priests and scribes stood was cast into prison, whom and vehemently accused him. they had desired: but he deliAnd Herod with his men of war, vered Jesus to their will. And set him at nought, and mocked as they led him away, they laid him, and arrayed him in a gor- hold upon one Simon, a Cyregeous robe, and sent him again nian, coming out of the counto Pilate. And the same day try, and on him they laid the Pilate and Herod were made cross, that he might bear it affriends together; for before, ter Jesus. And there followed they were at enmity between him a great company of people, themselves. And Pilate, when and of women, who also behe had called together the chief wailed and lamented him. But priests, and the rulers, and the Jesus turning unto them, said, people, said unto them, Ye have Daughters of Jerusalem, weep brought this man unto me, as not for me, but weep for yourone that perverteth the people : selves, and for your children. and behold, I having examined For behold, the days are comhim before you, have found no ing, in the which they shall say, fault in this man, touching those Blessed are the barren, and the things whereof ye accuse him : wombs that never bare, and the No, nor yet Herod : for I sent paps which never gave suck. you to him; and lo, nothing Then shall they begin to say to worthy of death is done unto the mountains, Fall on us; and him. I will therefore chastise to the hills, Cover us. For if him, and release him. (For of they do these things in a green necessity he must release one tree, what shall be done in the unto them at the feast.) And dry ? And there were also two they cried out all at once, say- other malefactors, led with him ing, Away with this man, and to be put to death. And when release unto us Barabbas : (who they were come to the place for a certain sedition made in which is called Calvary, there the city, and for murder, was they crucified him, and the

malefactors; one on the right saying, Certainly this was a hand, and the other on the left. righteous man. And all the Then said Jesus, Father, for- people that came together to give them, for they know not that sight, beholding the things what they do. And they part- that were done, smote their ed his raiment, and cast lots. breasts and returned. And all And the people stood behold. his acquaintance, and the woing: and the rulers also with men that followed him from them derided him, saying, He Galilee, stood afar off, behold- . saved others; let him save him- ing these things. self, if he be Christ the chosen of God. And the soldiers also

Good Friday. mocked him, coming to him,

The Collects. and offering him vinegar, and saying, If thou be the king

of ALMIGHTY God, we be

seech thee graciously to the Jews, save thyself

. And a behold this thy family, for superscription also was written which our Lord Jesus Christ over him in letters of Greek, was contented to be betrayed, and Latin, and Hebrew, THIS and given up into the hands of IS THE KING OF THE wicked men, and to suffer death JEWS. And one of the male. upon the cross, who now liveth

, factors, which were hanged, and reigneth with thee and the railed on him, saying, If thou Holy Ghost, ever one God, be Christ, save thyself and us. world without end. Amen. Bukedh him, saying, Dost not Aling God, by whose


LMIGHTY and everlast, thou fear God, seeing thou art in the same condemnation ? the whole body of the Church

? And we indeed justly; for we is governed and sanctified; re

; receive the due reward of our ceive our supplications and deeds: but this man hath done prayers, which we offer before nothing amiss. And he said thee for all estates of men in unto Jesus, Lord, remember thy holy Church, that every me when thou comest into thy member of the same, in his

vocation and ministry, may kingdom. And Jesus said unto him, Verily I say unto thee, truly and godly serve thee, To-day shalt thou be with me through our Lord and Saviour in Paradise. And it was about Jesus Christ. Amen. the sixth hour, and there was


Merciful God, who hast darkness over all the earth un- made all men, and hatest til the ninth hour. And the nothing that thou hast made, sun was darkened, and the vail nor desirest the death of a sinof the temple was rent in the ner, but rather that he should midst. And when Jesus had be converted and live; have cried with a loud voice, he said, mercy upon all Jews, Turks, Father, into thy hands I com- Infidels, and Heretics; and take mend my spirit : and having from them all ignorance, hardsaid thus, he gave up the ghost. ness of heart, and contempt of Now when the Centurion saw thy word; and so fetch them what was done, he glorified God, home, blessed Lord, to thy


flock, that they may be saved ing oftentimes the same sacri. among the remnant of the true fices, which can never take Israelites, and be made one fold away sins. But this man, after under one Shepherd, Jesus he had offered one sacrifice for Christ our Lord, who liveth sins, for ever sat down on the and reigneth with thee and the right hand of God; from henceHoly Spirit, one God, world forth expecting tiil his enemies without end. Amen.

be made his footstool. For by The Epistle. Heb. x. 1. one offering he hath perfected THE THE law having a shadow for ever then that are sanctified:

of good things to come, whereof the Holy Ghost also and not the very image of the is a witness to us: For after things, can never, with those that he had said before, This is sacrifices which they offered the covenant that I will make year by year continually, make with them after those days, saith the comers thereunto perfect. the Lord, I will put my laws. For then, would they not have into their hearts, and in their ceased to be offered ? because minds will I write them; and that the worshippers, once purg- their sins and iniquities will I ed, should have had no more remember no more. Now, conscience of sins. But in those where remission of these is, sacrifices there is a remem- there is no more offering for brance again made of sins every sin. Having, therefore, bre

For it is not possible thren, boldness to enter into the that the blood of bulls and of holiest by the blood of Jesus, goats should take away sins. by a new and living way, which Wherefore, when he cometh he hath consecrated for us into the world, he saith, Sacri- through the vail, that is to say, fice and offering thou wouldest his flesh; and having an high not, but a body hast thou pre- priest over the house of God; pared me: In burnt-offerings let us draw near with a true and sacrifices for sin thou hast heart, in full assurance of faith, had no pleasure: Then said I, having our hearts sprinkled from Lo, I come (in the volume of an evil conscience, and our bothe book it is written of me) to dies washed with pure water. do thy will, O God. Above, Let us hold fast the profession when he said, Sacrifice, and of- of our faith, without wavering; fering, and burnt-offerings, and (for he is faithful that promisoffering for sin, thou wouldest ed ;) and let us consider one not, neither hadst pleasure another to provoke unto love, therein, which are offered by and to good works; not forsakthe law; Then said he, Lo, I ing the assembling of ourselves come to do thy will, O God. together, as the manner of some He taketh away the first, that is; but exhorting one another: he may establish the second. and so much the more, as ye see By the which will we are sanc- the day approaching: tified, through the offering of The Gospel. St. John xix. 1. the body of Jesus Christ once PILATE therefore, took


And eth daily ministering and offer- the soldiers platted a crown of thorns, and put it on his head, Hebrew, Gabbatha. And it and they put on him a purple was the preparation of the Passrobe, and said, Hail, king of over, and about the sixth hour: the Jews! and they smote him and he saith unto the Jews, Bewith their hands. Pilate there- hold your King. But they cri.

. fore went forth again, and saith ed out, Away with him, away unto them, Behold, I bring him with him, crucify him. Pilate forth to you, that ye may know saith unto them, Shall I crucify that I find no fault in him. Then your King? The chief priests came Jesus forth, wearing the answered, We have no king crown of thorns, and the purple but Cæsar. Then delivered he robe. And Pilate saith unto him therefore unto them to be them, Behold the man. When crucified: and they took Jesus, the chief priests therefore and and led him away. And he, officers saw him, they cried out, bearing his cross, went forth saying, Crucify him, crucify into a place called the place of him. Pilate saith unto them, a skull, which is called in the Take


him, and crucify him; Hebrew, Golgotha; where they for I find no fault in him. The crucified him, and two other Jews answered him, We have with him, on either side one, a law, and by our law he ought and Jesus in the midst. And to die, because he made himself Pilate wrote a title and put it the Son of God. When Pilate, on the cross; and the writing therefore, heard that saying, he was, JESUS OF NAZARwas the more afraid; and went ETH THE KING OF THE again into the judgment-hall, JEWS. This title then read and saith unto Jesus, Whence many of the Jews; for the place art thou? But Jesus gave him where Jesus was crucified was no answer. Then saith Pilate nigh to the city; and it was

; unto him, Speakest thou not written in Hebrew, and Greek, unto me Knowest thou not and Latin. Then said the chief that I have power to crucify priests of the Jews to Pilate, thee, and have power to release Write not, The King of the thee? Jesus answered, Thou Jews; but that he said, I'am couldest have no power at all King of the Jews. Pilate anagainst me, except it were gi- swered, What I have written, ven thee from above, therefore I have written. Then the sol he that delivered me unto thee diers, when they had crucified hath the greater sin. And from Jesus, took his garments, and

( thenceforth Pilate sought to re-made four parts, to every sol. lease him; but the Jews cried dier a part) and also his coat: out, saying, If thou let this man now the coat was without seam, go, thou art not Cæsar's friend: woven from the top throughWhosoever maketh himself a out. They said therefore among king, speaketh against Cæsar. themselves, Let us not rend it, When Pilate, therefore, heard but cast lots for it, that saying, he brought Jesus shall be: that the scripture forth, and sat down in the judg- might be fulfilled, which saith, ment-seat, in a place that is cal. They parted my raiment among led the Pavement, but in the them, and for my vesture they



did cast lots. These things be fulfilled, A bone of him shall therefore the soldiers did. Now not be broken. And again, anothere stood by the cross of Je- ther scripture saith, They shall sus, his mother, and his mo- look on him whom they pierced. ther's sister, Mary the wife of Cleophas, and Mary Magda

Easter Even. lene. When Jesus therefore

The Collect. saw his mother, and the disci.

RANT, O Lord, that as ple standing by, whom he lov: GRAN

we are baptized' into the ed, he saith unto his mother, death of thy blessed Son our Woman, behold thy son. Then Saviour Jesus Christ, so by saith he to the disciple, Behold continual mortifying our corthy mother. And from that

rupt affections, we may be buhour that disciple took her un- ried with him; and that through to his own home. After this, the grave and gate of death we

. Jesus knowing that all things may pass to our joyful resurrecwere now accomplished, that tion, for his merits, who died, the Scripture might be fulfil- and was buried, and rose again led, saith, I thirst. Now there for us, thy Son Jesus Christ was set a vessel full of vinegar: our Lord. Amen. and they filled a spunge with vinegar, and put it upon hys- The Epistle. i St. Peter üü. 17. sop, and put it to bis mouth. IT is better, if the will of God


received the vinegar, he said, It doing than for evil-doing. For is finished: and he bowed his Christ also hath once sufferhead, and gave up the ghost. ed for sins, the just for the The Jews therefore, because it unjust (that he might bring was the preparation, that the us to God) being put to death bodies should not remain upon in the flesh, but quickened by the cross on the sabbath-day, the spirit : by which also he (for that sabbath-day was an went and preached unto the high day) besought Pilate that spirits in prison ; which sometheir legs might be broken, and time were disobedient, when that they might be taken away. Once the long-suffering of God Then came the soldiers and waited in the days of Noah, brake the legs of the first, and while the ark was a preparing; of the other which was crucifi- wherein few, that is, eight souls, ed with him. But when they were saved by water. The like came to Jesus, and saw that he figure whereunto, even Bapwas dead already, they brake tism, doth also now save us not his legs. But one of the (not the putting away the filth soldiers with a spear pierced his of the flesh, but the answer of a side, and forthwith came there. good conscience towards God) out blood and water. And he by the resurrection of Jesus that saw it bare record, and his Christ: Who is gone into hearecord is true: and he knoweth ven, and is on the right hand of that he saith true, that ye might God; angels, and authorities, believe. For these things were and powers, being made subdone, that the Scripture should ject unto him.

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