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Christians should make Conscience of Let not the creachery of false brechren disbearten you : He is the right Souldier that is not discouraged by those that run away, but still presseth on to victory. In a word, lay not out your zeal on externals, or opinions and the smaller matters of Religion. Look to it, that there be in yox an unfeigned and fervent love to God, his Truch and children: Let most of your daily care be about the right ordering and governing of your hearts and affections : Labour to mortifie Insts, and advance Grace. To conclude this, separate speedily from the sins of Christians, but never from che Ordinances of Chrift,

9. Count chose yoar best friends chat lovingly and faithfully admonish you of any sin or evil they see you going on in. If you were going ignotantly into a bense infected with the plague, you would think that man your friend that pluckt you back, and acquainted you with your danger. what a madnesse tben is it for any man to be offended and angry with him that out of true good will and charity to his soul, defores to preserve him from everlasting perdition. Can it be thought by any fober man a malicious thing to endeavour to save a foul from fin and Hell?

16. Take heed of prejudices against a strict and holy walking with God, The Lord delle ver you from that mad opinion of the world, that like not serving God so much, nor making so


muchado co be saved. Consider is there any thing in the world doth better deserve your care and dilgence, and will better pay you for it? I know carhal people think the way of Religion a melancholick and sad way; But I must not pare to tell them the triath; They will never live a truly safe, peaceable and comfortable life, till they are converted, and have engaged their hearts in an humble, holy walking with God. They ignorantly flee from Godlineffe as from sorrow and trouble, bist the truth is, they flee from joy and peace. What should trouble that man that is a member of Christ, and has escaped out of the power of Satan, and is freed from the wrath of God, and the danger of everlasting misery?

Neighbours ! let not the ignoranc scorns and senseleffe reproaches of wicked men discourage you. He that halb good grounds to believe that be shall live for ever in Glory with God and his holy Angels as soon as bis soul parts from his body, I think is a happy man, and so will be acknowpledged by every one that has not lost his reason and understanding. There is a time coming when the proudest and most stubborn finner will be glad to change condition with the meanest Saint. Let me therefore intreat all those that have entertain'd any hard thoughes of the waies of Godlineffe, but to make criall what a holy life is 3 and if they do not find more comfort in a serious turning unco God, and in a fincere endeavour to approve

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their hearts into him, then in the waies of sin, let them take their course, let Heaven go.

11. Nourish and maintain a tenderneffe of Conscience: Be very circumfpect in your daily walking. Look upon fin as the greatest evil. Make up every

breach between God and your souls betimes. Pray earnefly for the guidance of the Spirit of God, and to be kept from Tempcaci


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13. Have a care of your Families, that crue Piety and Godlinesle may be countenanced encouraged and promoted in them. Let your houses be Bethels, bouses of God, and not Bechavens, houses of iniquity. If you negle&t familydoties, and the religious observation of the

Lords day, and private instruction, and so let : those under your care be. nuzled upin ignorance, : propbanenesse and ungodlincfie, provide to ao

swer it to God when he shall call for you. Remem. ber, I faithfully warned gos of the fin and dan

ger of such negleits. I cannot expect Religion ! I should ever much thrive among us, il Gover- .

nours of Families be careful io train up those under their Government in the Principles of crue Piery, and in the Nurture and Admonition of the Lord.

Lastly, Labour to maintain peace and love among your selves, Mark 9. 50.- -Have falc in

your selves, and peace one with another Labour so ges your hearts seasoned with the graces



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of humility, self-denial, and crue Charity, and this will keep you in peace among your felves. Let there be no heart-burnings, contencions, brawlings, backbitings or defamings heard of among you. Help one anocher on cowards heaVen. Imitate that which is good wherever you find it, but learn evil of no man. Encourage one another in the waies of Godlidesse. Abhor to draw or intice one another to any sinfull course or practise. Do all offices of kindnesse and humanity one for another. As you have opportunity, let it be your desire and endeavour to do good to every body, hurt to no body. Learn that bard lesson of forgiving wrongs and injuries, and praying for, and withing well to those that are your enemies. 'Tis a hard leffon, buc Gods Spiric can ceach it you. Remember our Saviours Words in Matth. 6. 14; 15. For if ye forgive men their trespasses, your heae venly Father will also forgive you. But if ye forgive noe men their crespasses, neicher will your Father forgive your crespasses. And the words of the Apostle, Col.3.12. Put on chereforè ( as the elect of God, holy and beloved ) bowels of mercy, kindoeffe , humblenesse of mind, meeknesle, long-suffering. V.13. Forbearing one another, and forgiving one another, if any man have a quarrel againft any, even as Christ forgave you, fo also do ye. V. 19. And above all thele chings pur on Charity, which is


the bond of perfectnesse.V.15.And let che peace of God rule in your hearts, to the which allo ye are called in one body, and, be ye thankful. I Jball conclude with thai divine and affectionate exbertation of the fame Apoftle, Phil.4.3. Finally brethren, whatsoever things are true, whacroever things are honest, whatsoever chings are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whacfoever things are of good report; if there be any vertue, and if there be any praise, chink on these chings.

And now O Lord, chou who hast put into the heart of thy unworthy servant co write these things for the good of chis people, be chou pleased by the gracious and effectuall working of thy holy Spirit, to make chem useful to them, (and to all others into whose hands they Thall come ) for che promoting knowledge, Faith, and obedience among them, and the furthering of sheir salvation. What is here agreeable to thy holy Will, write upon their hearcs. O lec ic not be in vain that this help is afforded them. Grant successe (I humbly beseech thee), co chis poor endeavour, and take

. thog all the Glory. Good Lord give this people a right understanding in all things. Guide them in the

way wherein they should cain ecernal life. Open che eyes of che ignorant among them, turn the hearts of the prophane, reduce the erroneous, and encrease thy Graces

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