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"He Reader is desired to Corrc& thcsc Errald's with his pea,

that the Icnse be nor disturbed.


Page 17. line 15. of him is wanting after invisible things. p.20. the last Scriprure viz. Gen 48.16. should have been left out, as being spoken nor of a created Angel, but the Angel of the Co. venant.p.43.1.1o.dele of God. p.71.1.3.after offered, read one. 1.4. after fins,r.forcvsr.p.iol.1.27.after Christ, r.v.8. By grace ye aje Saved through faith, and that not,&c.p.129 1.1.the 47 v.of Mar.9. is left out.p.132 1.21.for not,r.cver. p. 137.1 21. for calender,r.ce. Leadar.p.141.1.18.dele three. p.144.127.for the,r.thee. p.146.1.45. for This is the soul, r. This is ihe foul. p.165.1.1.dele therefore.p. 173.1.8. dele 1/6.43.17.p.183.1.15 for my being,r.any being.p.181. 1.4. for and four beats r. and the four beasts. p.240.1.13.for Spirit,r. Spirits. p.246.1 3.after unlawfull

, r.and customary. 1.16.for scurtalous,r.fcxrrilor. p 253. 1.4.for persons whom, r. persons to whom, P.263.1.26.for watch, r. walk. P 301.1 13.for m:ditacions, r. me. ditation. p. 209.1. 10. for the first of the, r. the first day of the. P-346.1.30.for pfams, r. psalms. p.360. 1. 6. for lo kind, t. to its kind. p. 413.1.29. for streiched, r. stretcherh.p. 439.1.10, for ibat that they do it, r. for that they do ( as one faies.) p. 482.1.1. for beareih, r. hearaib. p. 512.1. 19. for doft really, r. doft not really. P.514.1.15, for twelftb bour, r, eleveneb hour. p.525.1.16. for pag. $10,5. page silol: 528.1. 18. for peesuming, r. presuming. P.541.1.9. for partie, r. parties 1.13, foi cna, r.can. p. ssi.l.1.for visiting,r, of visiting. P 567 1.8.for corecteft,r. corrcéteft. p. 569. 1.23.forOh,r.0.0.570.1.6.for okt,r.your.p.581!l.for his, r.this. P. 589.1.4. afcer conscience,r, only..609.1.17.dele x.p.627. 1.7. for ør, r. aid.


Knowledge & Practice :

OR, A Discourse of things necessary to be Known, Believed and Practised in

order to Salvation.


Wo things are mainly necessary to Salvacion,

Right Knowledge.

Right Practice. The chief things to be known and Believed are,

- God, Concerning Mani.

The Mediator between God and Man.

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Concerning Man three things :
1. The happy Condition in which he was made.
2. His Fall.
3. The way of his Recovery by Christ.
Concerning the Mediator between God and

Man, eaven things:
1. What manner of Person he was.
2. How he came into the World.
3. How he lived here.
4. How he died.
5. What became of him after his Death.

6. What was the end and intent of his coming into the World.

7. What they are effectually called unto, and through the asistance of the Spirit of God enabled to perform, who shall receive Remißion of sins by Christ



Concerning God.

Concerning God we are to know three

I. His Nature.
2. His Properties or Attributes.
3. His Workes.


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