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chem ; which they may make use of, when they cannot have the help and assistance of a Minister. I have shewed how they should examine chemselves : And that they may not Nubber over that great businesse, but may come in some measure )

( to discern the multitude of their fins, and the manifold waies , whereby they have offended God: I have set down a Catalogue of the duties commanded and finnes forbidden in the ten Commandments, as also the fins against the Gospel : That so people may not only in general say they are finners, ( and yet when they come and profeffe to humble their souls, and to confesse tbeir fins unto God, can find few they are guilty of) but may see themselves to be exceeding vile and sinful: I know 'tis very unplealing to people to search their own Consciences, and find themselves great finners: They had rather lic down with a false peace, than arraign and terrifie themselves in this manner. But who that is in his right wits, would content himself with a shadow of repentance, or a shadow of Faith, without finding the substance and truth of these Graces in his soul, when his everlasting welfare depends upon it. Those Directions chere mentioned may be of use also to all persons, who desire at any cime more folemnly to humble themselves before the Lord for the fins of their life past, and more esperially before the receiving the Sacrament of the

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Lords Supper.

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The Twentieth Chapter contains a discourse of the tour last things, Death, Judgment, Heli, Heaven. There I shem the necessity of Learning (even in time of health ) that great are and skill, how to die well. Next, what the Scripture declares concerning the day of judgment, and che everlasting state both of the righteous and the wicked: Cand methinks the serious confideration of these weighey macters, should hngely effect us. O did people oftener think and consider of those things, they would live at another rate than usually they do. All the businesses of this life. would seem small and little (even like childrens play) in comparison of securing the foul 10 all eternity.

Thus ( My Loving Neighbours and Friends) I have givengon a short draught and scheme ( as it'were ) of my whole Book. wharenterrainment it will find with you, I know noto 1 cap in some measure of sincerity say, that an heariy desire of your eternal happineß first set me upon this work. And now ( throw the aflftance of God) it is finished, my prayers shall not be wanting that it may do you good, yea, much good. If any of you will #öt afford leisure to read it, nor time to consider of the things therein contained, but after you have had it a little while, sall throw it aside, shen I desire you serionly to think before hand, what accoust you will be able to give to God of this your wilful neglect, when you sball fand at his dreadful Tribunal. For my part, I have no other design upon any of you, but that you may attain eternal life. My great defire is that true Piecy and Godlinesse, that chat Religion that saves fouls may flourish among you. My defore and en deavour is that where the saving work of Grace is begun upon any of your hearts, it may be carried on daily, and that you may encrease and abound more and more in the fruits of holinesse and righteousneffe, to the praise and glory of God. And where this blefled work of conversion is not yet begun, my hearts desire and prayer to God is that it may be wrought, if it be bis holy wil. Tou see the plot and design i have upon you is of so innocenc a nacure, that you have no reafor in the world to go about to defeat me in it. 'Tis my duty to shen finners the evil and danger of ignorance and ungodlinefle. 'Tis my ty to perswade, intreat, and be earnest with them to leave the cenes of fin and Sacan, and to come in to Christ, that by him they may have pardon and life, And o chat I could even compel them to come in, Luke 14.23. Were it in my power , not a fowl among you should refuse or jiand out. But if ( notwithlanding all my prayers, intreaties, and endeavours) many among you will fill prefer a life of bruitish sensuality, before the life chac consists in righteousnesse, peace, and joy in the holy Ghost: if Satan chat cursed murderer (sobe you knom labours to ruine you foul and bo.


my du

dy for ever ) must still be preferr'd before that blessed Saviour, who suffered and endur'd so much to redeem mankind, and offers


falvation on so fair terms: if neither the joyes of Heae ven, wor the corments of Hell can affect you, but the pleasures and profits of this world must fill ingrofse your minds and hoards; remember what I say unto you, it will one day cut you to che very soul to consider that you were' fhewed the way to eternal life, and invited, perswaded and intreated to walk in it, but you would not. 0 Neighbours, think with your felves (1 beseech you) that 'cis but a short time, and your souls must be either among Saints or Devils. Does it net concern me therefore to be earnest with you, and in all seriousnesse to call #pox gou; to work out your salvation, now while you have time? For the Lords sakė, as ever you intend to see Gods face with comfort, remember these few following directiós.

i. Take heed of a loose conversation, ofliving to the Aesh, to fulfill the lusts thereof. If ye live after the flesh ye shall die, Rom.8.13. Now the works of the flesh are manifeft, Gal. 5.19. Which are these, 'Adultery, fornication, uncleannesse, lalciviousnesse, idolatry, witchcrafe, bacred , variance , emulacions, wrath , strife, seditions, heresies, envyings, murders, drunkennefle, and such like: Of the which I tell you before, as I bave cold


in time past, that they which do such things shall noc inheric


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the Kingdom of God. Never comfort your selves with the bopes of Gods mercy in Christ

, if. ge live in known and wilful fons. The holy nacure of God will never be reconciled to finners, while i bey go on in their fors. And Christ came to destroy the works of the Devil. He came not to save mer , by bringing them to Heaven in their ungodlinefse, or to Glory in their fins, but to destroy their-sins, that would keep thems ont of Glory. If he fave us, his Grace must

, have dominion in our hearts. Without holinesse no man shall see the Lord, Heb.12.14.

2. Take heed of worldly-mindednefle. I do not go about to perswade you to idlenesse or neg. ligence, in your Callings, but to take you off from the eager and inordinate love of this world, which duls and deads the heart to Heavenly things. Beware left


be the chorny ground, Look to it, that the cares of this life do not choak the good feed thac is weekly sown among you. Some people give 'up themselves wholly to the world, and thrust God out of their hearts apd houses ; Take


heed of that. Believe it, that man that hath the main bent of his heart set upor pleasing God, and whose great end is to be happy with him for ever, will be careful only ro to converse with this world, and only fo to mind things temporal, as he may not losc chings eternall. He will first and chic fly seek the Kingdom of God, and his righteousnesse. He will look


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