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BOOK S printed for Mr. RICHARD WILKIN,

and sold by WILLIAM PARKER, at the King's Head, in St. Paul's Church-Yard.

Vindication of King Charles the Martyr : Proving, that his Majefty was the Author of EIKON

BAXIAIKH, against a Memorandum said to be written by the Earl of Anglesey, and against the Exceptions of Dr. Walker, and others. To which is added, A Preface, wherein the bold and infolent Affcrtions, published in a Passage of Mr. Bayle's Dictionary, relating to the present Controversy, are examined and confuted. The 3d Ėdition, with large Additions. Together with some Original Letters of King Charles the First

, under his own Hand, never before printed, and faithfully copied from the faid Originals.

A Defence of the Vindication of King Charles thę Martyr, justifying his Majesty's Title to EIXON BAETAIKH, in Arswer to a late Pamphlet, intituled, Amyntor. 'By the Author of the Vindication,

Dr. Stanhope's Sermons aç Boyle's Lectures,

OCTAVO and TWELVES N Answer to the Diflenters Pleas for Separation : Or, A

An Abridgment of the London Cases. Wherein the Subltance of those Books is digęsted into one short and plain Discourse. The 6th Edition. By Thomas Bennet, D.D. late Vicar of St. Giles's Cripplegate,

Bishop Cumberland's Sanconiatho's Phænician History, Tran liated from the First Book of Eufebius de Preparatione Evangelica. With a Continuation of Sanconiatbo's History. By Eratosthenes Cyrenaus's Canon, which Dicæarchus connc&s with the first Olympiad. These Authors “are illustrated with many Hiflorical and Chronological Remarks, proving them to contain a series of Phænician and Egyptian Chronology, from the first Man, to the first Olympiad, agrecable to the Scripture Account. With a Preface, giving å brief Account of the Life, Character, and Writings of the Author. By S. Payne, A, M. Rector of Barnack in Northamptonshire, his Lordship’s Domestick Chaplain.


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Origines Gentium Antiquifitione : OrAta tempts for discovering the Times of the first Planting of Nations. In several Tracts,

The Frauds of the Romijh Monks and Priests, set forth in eight Letters. The sth Edition. With Observations on a Journey to Naples. Wherein the Frauds of the Roe miße Monks and Priests are further discovered. Lately written by a Gentleman in his Journey to Italy, and publifh'd for the Benefit of the Publick, 2 Volumes.

The Lawfulness of Infant Baptism improv'd from Scripture : With the Right that the Infants of Christian Parents have to be Baptized. Wherein alfo Mr. Gale's Refie&tions on Dr. Wall's History of Infant Baptism are examin’d and refuted, so far as they came in the Way of this Discourse; and all the Objeđions and Arguments of other Antipædo. baptists, that are of any weight, are taken off. By Rich. Owen (Vicar of Iford in Sussex.)

Pious Communicant : Containing whatever is necessary to persuade and prepare us for that and all other Duties of Devotion, and prevent. all Scruples concerning them.,

Father Quesnel's Moral Refle&ions upon every Verse of the New Testament, in order to make the Reading of it more profitable, and the Meditation more easy. In four Vols.

The Scripture Doctrine of Christ's Divinity: Or, The adorable Nature, voluntary Subje&ion, and necessary Supremacy of the Son of God, consider'd : In sıx Sermons ; preach'd on several Occasions. By Sam. Johnson, M. A. Vicar of Great Torrington, Rector of Little Torrington.

The History of the Life and Sufferings of the Reverend and Learned John Wicliffe, D. D. Warden of Canterbury Hall, and Publick Professor of Divinity in Oxford, and Rector of Lutterworth in Leicestershire, in the Reigns of King Edward III, and Richard II. 'Together with a Colledion of Papers relating to the faid Hiftory, never before Printed. By John Lewis, A. M. Minister of Margate in Kent.

An Inquiry whether a general Practice of Virtue tends to the Wealth or Poverty, Benefit or Difadvantage of a People? In which the Pleas offered by the Author of the Fable of the Bees, or, Private Vices, Publick Benefits, for the Usefulness of Vice and Roguery, are considered, with some Thoughts concerning, a Toleration of Publick Stews, By the late Mr. Blxett. Pr. 35, 64.

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