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intended as a Companion

to the

Beauties of English Poetry,


Printed for E-Newbery, Corner of
St Paul's Church Yard,

and J.Wallis, No 16. Ludgate-street.

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THE Compiler of the following Collection of Ancient poetical Pieces, prefumes to dif fent, with great deference, from the high authority of that much admired and very elegant Writer who tells us, that the "Age of Chivalry is gone."

He flatters himself with fome confidence, that there fill remains among us a numerous train of those who admire the martial and heroic ftile of our ancient Bards; as well as the pleafing fimplicity, and many artless graces, with which their Works abound. Though the productions of our earlier times do not fo eminently poffefs thofe higher beauties that dazzle the imagination, they feldom fail to intereft the heart, and to awaken in it the tendereft and most plafing


Impreffed with these fentiments, the Compiler has in this felection endeavoured to rescue from the unrelenting hand of Time juch of thefe Productions of the Ancient Poets, as appeared to him the moft worthy of being preferved.-If his readers fhould but hap-pily think his judgment equal to the industry he has employed in the occafion, he is certain he shall have the fatisfaction to find, that he has not toiled in vain.


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