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The reader is respectfully requested to consult in his Bible the passages to which reference is made in this work; especially those which, after such reference, are discussed or expounded without being quoted at large.

The quotations of latin and other passages, which are improvidently too numerous for correct taste, it may be, have been on review mostly retained, as the chief objection to them is perhaps neutralized by the consideration that they are generally translated, or their meaning is sufficiently indicated by the scope or connection of the argument, which they are designed in some way to sub


The notes are embodied at the end of the volume, as more favorable to method and compactness, if not preferable also on the score of utility.

Many peculiar or singular expressions, and some repetitions of thought, occur incidentally and unavoidably in a treatise of this special nature—and often with a relative aspect which all readers will not equally discern. The table of contents following, has been arranged to serve also as a general index.

Let it be remembered that principles not persons are here assailed; the system, not purposely the INDIVIDUALS who hold, more than those who deny it. The system is viewed mainly in its RELIGIous aspect only, and contrasted with the system of the scriptures ; and thence pronounced to be FUNDAMENTALLY ERRONEOUS. Let the publication be so regarded and judged—especially by those who believe that it is no advantage to be edified for eternity on a false foundation.

What I ask of ALL CHRISTIANS, in reference to it, whoever they may be and wherever they may reside, is simply—to do justice, and not desert the Master in regard to it! If they will act in the fear of God, and DO THEIR DUTY; and defend this work so far as it defends christianity: this is all I ask of them and this a GREATER than any of us demands. It would indeed grieve me to see christians siding with Quakerism against christianity: but, even then, I should have a resource-should have, if the ninety-third psalm only was “written for our learning, that we through patience and comfort of the scriptures might have hope.”

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10 Other typographical inaccuracies will be perceived, which it seems impossible wholly to prevent; especially as a new orthography, half introduced, mystifies the operatives at the printing-office, ever and anon, between the Walkcrian and Websterian style and authority.


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Page. Sincerity,

. 160

Address to certain ministers of Sentiments of Dr. Miller,


the gospel,

9 Priest-craft,


Their probable estimate of Qua- Confidence,

. 176


10 Irreligious sages,

. 178

Sentiments of Dr. Alexander, 11 Changing one's religion, . 183

Friends a society, not a church, 13 Union of the evangelical ministry, 184

The author's conversion, 15 Sectarianism,

. 190

Reluctance to leave Friends, 33 Orthodoxy not illiberal,

Visit to Elias Hicks,

33 Success-a criterion,

. 197

“Dealings" at Philadelphia, 39 Forbearance and evidence, . 198

Decision to profess Christianity, 44 Quotation from Dr. Woods, 199

Dedication to the ministry, 46 Quotation from Dr. Beecher, . 202

Disownment by Friends, note 14, 46 Quakerism, a synopsis, . 207

Style of this work,

48 Infidels preser Quakerism, . 216

Barclay, the greatest author of Trinity,

. 217


50 War,

. 234

Logic, .

52 Washington's opinion,


Friends averse to classical learn. The pacification of the world, .255


56 Conclusion,




Schism in the body,



Believing what we cannot under-
80 Mottos,

Distinction between the mode Principles,


and the fact,

81 Quotation from Dr. Fitch, . 267

George Fox, note 17,

90 Positions of truth,

. 268


91 Title of this work, what it means, 277

I Tim. 3:16,

93 Definition of Christianity, . 279

Which party are primitive Friends, 94 Radicalism and innovation, 281

Journal of George Fox,

101 Inward light, the grand error, 282

His miracles,

104 Incapable of definition,



. 108 Conscience all the thing at which

Rom. 9:1-3, note 23,

. 111 they blindly aim,


Motives of the author,

. 112 The Spirit,


Predicament of a censurer, 115 1 John, 4:1-3,

. 292

Sophisms of Friends,

. 118 CONFESSION of Friends, . 295

The Apostles,

. 121 Scriptures superfluous,


1 Tim. 5: 24, 25,

· 127 Different modes of getting rid of

Inspired Interpretation, . 131 them,


Heb. 2:9,

. 133 laward-light patriotism, . 305

1 Cor. 16 : 22,

. 134 Rom. 8: 14,

. 309

The resurrection of the body, 135 Inspired actions,


Education of Friends,

· 142 They make God himself to be-a

Their excellences,

147 rule of action,



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All they truly know comes from Sealing of the canon,


the Bible,

. 316 Good things in the theatre, . 501

Inward light among the heathen, 322 Conclusion,

. 503



No salvation but that of Christ, 337


Practice of the apostles,


Their preaching,

346 Mottos,


Influences of the Spirit,

347 A sacrament,

. 508

Views of Friends,

. 362 Baptism,


Quakerism chance-begotten, . 363 Apostolic practice,

. 615

The catholic views not those of 1 Pet. 3:21,

. 515


366 1 Cor. 1:14-17,

. 519

Texts not in the Bible,

369 Lay baptism,

· 521

« Winked at,”

. 370 Matth. 3 : 13-15,


Dr. Waugh, anecdote,

. 372 Subjects and mode,

. 527

Sin of perverting the gospel, 376 Eph. 4:5,

. 530
The scripture vainly quoted to In the name of,


support their views,

377 The Lord's supper,

. 537

Barclay's great proof-texts ex- Friends' view,

. 560
379 1 Cor. 11:17-34,

. 562

Gen. 6:3,

. 380 2 Cor. 5: 18-21,



. 384 'Friends,' three &c.

. 674

Facilities of tradition,

394 Cardinal's hat,

. 579

Rom. 10:8,

395 Beauties of nature,

. 583

The word of God,

398 Restraint,



404 Quakerism waning and to wane, 589

Barclay's view,

417 Col. 2 : 20-23,

John, 1:9,

. 424 The Christian ministry,


Mistakes of inspiration,
432 Life-devotement,

. 603
Tit. 2:11,

. 433 How Barclay was converted, 608

1 Cor. 12:7,

438 A call to the ministry,

· 611

Plenary inspiration of Fox,

440 Temporal support,

. 614

Peculiar testimonies,

445 Matth. 10:8,

. 620

Isai. 28: 16,

448 Example of Paul,

. 625

Isai. 30:21, the inward teacher, 449 Anecdote,


2 Pet. 1 : 19,

450 Very ancient Friends,


Fox in Nottingham steeple-house, 451 The first gratis preacher,

Naked "for a sign;" note 55, 454 Value of the ministry,

. 635

Friend Bevan,

454 Female preachers,


Catacombs of Paris,

460 The rule,

Sentiments of the General Assem- Their prohibition not partial, lo-
bly of the Presbyterian church, 462 cal, or temporary,

What saith the scripture, 466 Flattery of the sex,

. 644
Quotation from Bishop M'll.

The proper sphere of female
vaine's Evidences,


Quotation from Josephus, 472 Saying of Dr. Mason,


Isai. 8: 19-22,

477 The Bible commended to Chris.


, 480



Barclay's vitiation of 2 Tim. 3: Conclusion,


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487 Notes,

• 655



Is particularly and most respectfully addressed to the



Archibald Alexander, D. D. S. T. P. Theological Seminary, Princeton, N. J. Samuel Miller, D. D.


do. Leonard Woods, D. D. S. T. P.

Andover, Mass. James Richards, D. D. S. T. P.

do. Auburn, N. York. Matthew La Rue Perrine, D. D.


do. Nathaniel W. Taylor, D. D. S. T. P. do. Yale College, Con. Lyman Beecher, D. D. S.T. P. Lane do. Cincinnati, Ohio. George A. Baxter, D. D. S. T. P. Union do.

Virginia. Edward D. Griffin, D.D. President of Williams' College, Massachusetts. Heman Humphrey, D.D. do. Amherst do.

do. Jeremiah Day, D. D. LL. D. do. Yale do.

Connecticut. Eliphalet Nott, D. D. do. Union do.

N. York. Joshua Bates, D. D. do. Middlebury do.

Vermont. John McDowell, D. D. Pastor of the 1st Pres. Church, Elizabethtown, N. J. Nathan S. S. Beman, D. D. Pastor of the 1st Presbyterian Church, Troy, N. Y. Ezra Styles Ely, D. D. do. 3rd



* I insert this name with great pleasure here—though the place was reserved for another, now " triumphantly” removed to a happier world; whom I better knew than I have been privileged to know his worthy and honored successor; and whom it suits the feelings of my heart to commemorate, as best I may, since I can no more except that I may strive to imitate and commend the example of one of the most useful and consistent characters in the christian ministry; one of the most judicious and sound divines, which our country and our church had to lose or has been called to mourn. I need not write his name. A thousand fleshly tablets and some more durable monuments, record and will consecrate it in the gratitude of coming ages! For strangers, however, it may be necessary.

I refer to the late Rev.John Holt Rice, D. D. of Virginia.

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