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any ways be useful towards illustrating our author; and in the conclufion have added an index of the less common words occasionally explained in the notes.

The Latin poems I cannot say are equal to several of his Englis compositions : but yet they are not without their merit; they are not a Cento like most of the modern Latin poetry; there is fpirit, invention, and other marks and tokens of a rising genius; for it should be considered, that the greater part of them were written while the author was under twenty. They are printed correctly according to his own editions in 1645 and 1673; and as they can be read only by the learned, there is the less occasion for any notes and observations upon them, Some few are added, which were thought no more than necessary.----But it is time to have done with these things, and to apply to other works, more important and more useful, if the execution prove answerable to the intention.

December 31, 1751,


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