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Denunciations against all Orders
Change wrought by his Preaching
Organises a Sacred Militia of Youths
Tyranny of the Boy Magistrates
Pope Alexander VI.
Savonarola inveighs against Rome
Papal Brief against him
Preaches his Lent · Sermons on Amos'
Asserts a Mission above that of the Pope
Procession on Palm Sunday
Francesco Valori and the Piagnoni
Works of Art burnt in the Piazza
Piero de' Medici and the Arrabbiati.
Savonarola excommunicated by the Pope.
The Plague at Florence .
Conspiracy to overthrow the Republic
His last Course of Sermons on · Exodus'
Second Auto-da-fé of Art-treasures .
Savonarola appeals from Pope to Christendom
The ‘Signory' ordered to execute Papal Decree

Rivalry of the Franciscans and Dominicans

The Ordeal by Fire.

Altercations and Postponement of the Trial

Fury of the Populace

The Piagnoni attacked and Francesco Valori murdered

Savonarola seized and tortured.

Condemned to Death

Examined before Commissioners of the Pope
Confessions extracted by Torture
His last Night in Prison .
His Execution (A.D. 1498)
Reaction in his Favour and Demand for his Canonization


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