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DELEPIERRE'S (OCTAVE) History of Flemish Literature. From the Twelfth Century. 8vo. 98.

Historical Difficulties and Contested Events. Being Notes on some Doubtful Points of History. Post svo. 68. DENISON'S (E. B.) Life of Bishop Lonsdale, D.D. With Selec

tions from his Writings. With Portrait, Crown 8vo. 109.61. DERBY'S (Earl of) Translation of the Iliad of Homer into

English Blank Verse. Fifth Edition, 2 vols. 8vo. 245.; or Popular
Edition. 2 Vols. Post 8vo. 10s.

Translations from the l'oets, Ancient and Modern. 8vo.

38. 61. DE ROS'S (LORD) Memorials of the Tower of London. Second Edition, With Illustrations. Crown 8vo. 12.

Young Officer's Companion ; or, Essays on Military Duties and Qualities : with Examples and Illustrations from Ilistory.

New Edition. Post 8vo. 98. DIXON'S (W. Hepworth) Story of the Life of Lord Bacon. Second

Edition. Portrait. Fcap. 8vo. 78. 6d. DOG-BREAKING ; the Most Expeditious, Certain, and Easy

Method, whether great excellence or only mediocrity be required. With a Few Hinis for those who love the Dog and the Gum, By Lieut.

Gex. Hutchinson, Fifth Edition. With 40 Woodcuts. Crown 8vo. 98. DOMESTIC MODERN COOKERY. Founded on Principles of

Economy and Practical Knowledge, and adapted for Private Families.

New Edition. Woodcuts. Fcap. 8vo. 58. DOUGLAS'S (SIR HOWARD) Life and Adventures. By S. W. FULLOM. Portrait. 8vo. 158.

Theory and Practice of Gunnery. Fifth Edition. Plates. 8vo. 218.

Military Bridges. Third Edition. Plates. 8vo. 218.
Naval Warfare with Steam. 8vo. 88. 6d.

Modern Systems of Fortification. Plans. 8vo. 128. DRAKE'S (SIR FRANCIS) Life, Voyages, and Exploits, by Sea and

Land. By Joux BARBOW. Third Edition. Post 8vo. 28.

(W. Richard) Notes on Venetian Ceramics. Medium

8vo. 43. DRINKWATER'S (John) History of the Siege of Gibraltar,

1779-1783 With a Description and Account of that Garrison from the

Earliest Periods. Post 8vo. 2s. DUCANGE'S MEDIEVAL LATIN-ENGLISH DICTIONARY. Translated by Rev. E, A, DAYMAN, M.A. Small 4to.

(In preparation.) DU CHAILLU'S (Paul B.) EQUATORIAL AFRICA, with

Accounts of the Gorilla, the Nest-building Ape, Chimpanzee, Crocodile, &c. Illustrations. 8vo. 218.

Journey to Ashango Land; and Further Pene. tration into Equatorial Africa. Illustrations. 8vo. 218. DUFFERIN'S (LORD) Letters from High Latitudes; an Account

of a Yacht Voyage to Iceland, Jan Mayen, and Spitzbergen. Fifth Edition. Woodcuts. Post 8vo. 78. 60.

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DYER'S (THog. H.) History of Modern Europe, from the taking

of Constantinople by the Turks to the close of the War in the

Crimea. 4 Vols. Svo. EASTLAKE'S (SIR CHARLES) Italian Schools of Painting. From

the German of KUGLER. Edited, with Notes. Third Edition. Illustrated from the Old Masters. 2 Vols. Post Svo. 30s.

New Series of Contributions to the Literature of Art. With Memoir. By LADY EASTLAKE. 8vo. EDWARDS' (W. H.) Voyage up the River Amazon, including a

Visit to Para. Post 8vo. 2s. ELDON'S (LORD) Public and Private Life, with Selections from

his Correspondence and Diaries. By HORACE TWISs. Third Edition.

Portrait. 2 Vols. Post 8vo. 218. ELGIN (The late LORD) Selections from Correspondence and

Despatches. Edited by THEODORE WALROND. 8vo. (Nearly Ready.) ELLESMERE'S (LORD) Two Sieges of Vienna by the Turks.

Translated from the German. Post 8vo. 2s.
ELLIS'S (W.) Visits to Madagascar, including a Journey to

the Capital, with notices of Natural History, and Present Civilisation
of the People. Map and Woodcuts. 8vo. 168,
Madagascar Revisited. Setting forth the Persecutions and
Heroic Sufferings of the Native Christians. Illustrations. 8vo. 16s.
(MRS.) Education of Character, with Hints on Moral

Training. Post 8vo. 78.61.
ELPHINSTONE'S (Hon. MOUNTSTUART) History of India—the

Hindoo and Mahomedan Periods. Fifth Edition. Map. 8vo. 188. ENGEL'S (CARL) Music of the Most Ancient Nations; particularly

of the Assyrians, Egyptians, and Hebrews; with Special Reference to the Discoveries iu Western Asia and in Egypt. With 100 Ilustrations.

8vo. 168. ENGLAND (HISTORY OF) from the Peace of Utrecht to the Peace

of Versailles, 1713-83. By LORD MAHON (now Earl Stanhope). Library Edition, 7 Vols. 8vo. 938.; or Popular Edition, 7 Vols. Post 8vo. 358.

From the First Invasion by the Romans, continued to 1865. By Mrs. MARKHAM. New Edition, revised. Woodcuts. 12mo. 48.

From the Invasion of Julius Cæsar to the Revolu. tion of 1688. By David HUME. Corrected and continued to 1868. Edited by W. Smith, LL.D. Woodcuts. Post Svo. 78. 6d.

(Smaller History of). By Wu. SMITI, LL.D. New Edition, continurd to 1868. Woodcuts. 18mo. 38. 6d.

Little Arthur's. By LADY CALLcott. New Edition, continued to 1862. Woodcuts, 18mo. 286d. ENGLISHWOMAN IN AMERICA. Post 8vo. 108. 6d. ESKIMAUX and English Vocabulary, for Travellers in the Arctic

Regions. 16mo. 3s. 6d. ETHNOLOGICAL SOCIETY'S TRANSACTIONS. New Series.

Vols, I. to VI. 8vo. 108, 64. each. EXETER'S (BISHOP OF) Letters to Charles Butler, on his Book of

the Roman Catholic Church. New Edition. Post 8vo. 6s.

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FAMILY RECEIPT-BOOK. A Collection of a Thousand Valuable

and Useful Receipts. Fcap. 8vo. 68. 6d. FARRAR’S (A. S.) Critical History of Free Thought in

reference to the Christian Religion. Being the Bampton Lectures, 1852. Svo.

(F. W.) Origin of Language, based on Modern

Researches. Fcap. 8vo. 58. FERGUSSONS (JAMES) Palaces of Nineveh and Persepolis Restored. Woodcuts. 8vo. 168.

History of Architecture in all Countries : from the Earliest Times to the Prevent Day. With 1200 Illustrations and an Iudex. Vols. 1. and II. Svo. 428. each.

History of Architecture. Vol. III.- The Modern Styles. With 312 Illustrations, and an Index, 8vo. 318. 6d.

Holy Sepulchre and the Temple at Jerusalem; being the Substance of Two Lectures delivered at the Royal Institu

tion, 1862 and '65. Woodcuts. 8vo. 78. 6d. FLEMING (WM.) Student's Manual of Moral Philosophy. Post

8vo. 78. 6d. FLOWER GARDEN (Tak). By Rev. Thos. James. Fcap. 8vo. 18. FONNEREAU'S (T. G.) Diary of a Dutiful Son. Fcap. 8vo.

48, 60. FORSTER'S (John) Arrest of the Five Members by Charles the First. A Chapter of English History re-written. Post 8vo.

Grand Remonstrance, 1641. With an Essay on English freedom under the Plantagenet and Tudor Sovereigns. Second Edition. Post 8vo. 12s.

Sir John Eliot: a Biography, 1590—1632. With Portraits, 2 Vols. Crown 8vo. 308.

Biographies of Oliver Cromwell, Daniel De Foe, Sir Richard Steele, Charles Churchill, Samuel Foote. Third Edition.

Post 8vo. 12s. FORD'S (RICHARD) Gatherings from Spain. Post 8vo. 38. 6d. FORSYTH'S (WILLIAM) Life and Times of Cicero. With Selections

from his Correspondence and Orations. Third Edition. Illustrations. 8vo. FORTUNE'S (ROBERT) Narrative of Two Visits to the Tea

Countries of China, 1813-52. Third Edition. Woodcuts. 2 Vols. Post 8vo. 188.

Yedo and Peking. With Notices of the Agricul. ture and Trade of China. Tlustrations, Sro. 168. FOSS' (Edward) Judges of England. With Sketches of their

Lives, and Notices of the Courts at Westminster, from the Conquest to the Present Time. 9 Vols. Svo. 1268.

Tabulæ Curiales; or, Tables of the Superior Courts of Westminster Hall. Showing the Judges who sat in them from 1066 to 1861; with the Attorney and Solicitor Generals of each reign. To which is prefixed an Alphabetical List of all the Judges during the same period. 8vo. 108. 6d.

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FRANCE (HISTORY OF). From the Conquest by the Gauls,

continued to 1861. By Mrs. MARKHAM. New Edition, revised. Woodcuts. 12mo. 48.

From the Earliest Times to the Establishment of the Second Empire, 1852. By W. H. PEARSON. Edited by Wm. Smith,

LL.D. Woodcuts. Post 8vo. 78. 6d. FRENCH (THE) in Algiers; The Soldier of the Foreign Legion

and the Prisoners of Abd-el-Kadir. Translated by Lady DCFF GORDON.

Post 8vo. 2s. FRERE'S (M.) Old Deccan Days ; or, Hindoo Fairy Legends

Current in Southern India. Collected from Oral Tradition. Illustrated by C. F. FRERE. With an Introduction and Notes, by Sir BARTLE

FRERE. Crown 8vo. 123. GALTON'S (FRANCIS) Art of Travel ; or, Hints on the Shifts and

Contrivances available in Wild Countries. Fourth Edition. Wood

cuts. Post 8vo. 78. 60. GEOGRAPHY (ANCIENT). A Manual for Students. By Rev. W. L. BEVAX. Woodcuts. Post 8vo. 78. 6d.

(MODERN). A Manual for Students. By Rev. W. L. BEVAN. Woodcuts. Post Svo. 78.61.

Journal of the Royal Geographical Society of London, 8vo. Annually, 20s. GERMANY (HISTORY OF). From the Invasion by Marius, continued

to 1857. By Mrs. MARKHAM. New Edition, revised. Woodcuts. 12mo.

4s. GIBBON'S (EDWARD) History of the Decline and Fall of the

Roman Empire. Edited by MILMAN and Guizor. A Nor Edition.
Preceded by his Autobiography. And Edited, with Notes, by Dr. Wm.
SMITH. Maps. 8 Vols. 8vo. 608.

(The Student's Gibhon); Being an Epitome of the above work, incorporating the Researches of Recent Commentators. By

Dr. Wu. SMITH. Woodcuts. Post 8vo. 78. 6d. GIFFARD'S (EDWARD) Deeds of Naval Daring; or, Anecdotes of

the British Navy. Fcap. 8vo. 38. 6d. GLADSTONE'S (W. E.) Financial Statements of 1853, 60, 63,

and 64 ; with Speeches on Tax-Bills and Charities. Second Edition. 8vo. 12s.

Speeches on Parliamentary Reform. Third Edition. Post 8vo. 58. GLEIG'S (G. R.) Campaigns of the British Army at Washington

and New Orleans. Post 8vo. 28.

Story of the Battle of Waterloo. Post Svo. 38. 60.
Narrative of Sale's Brigade in Affyhanistan. Post 8vo. 28.
Life of Robert Lord Clive. Post Sro. 38. 6d.

Sir Thomas Munro. Post 8vo. 38. 60. GOLDSMITH'S (OLIVER) Works. A New Edition. Edited with

Notes by PETER CUNNINGHAM. Vignettes. 4 Vols. 8vo. 30s.

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GONGORA; An Historical Essay on the Times of Philip III. and

IV. of Spain. With Illustrations. By ABCUDEACON CHUkrox. Portrait. 2 vols, Post Svo.

GORDON'S (Sir Alex. DUFF) Sketches of German Life, and Scenes from the War of Liberation. From the German. Post 8vo. 38. 6d.

(LADY Durr) Amber-Witch: A Trial for Witchcraft. From the German Post Svo. 28.

French in Algiers. 1. The Soldier of the Foreign Legion. 2. The Prisoners of Abd-el-Kadir. From the French.

Post 8vo. 2s. GOUGER'S (HENRY) Personal Narrative of Two Years' Imprison.

ment in Burmah. Second Ellition, Woodcuts. Post 8vo. GRAMMARS (LAtin and Greek). See CURTIUS; MATTHIE ; Smitu;

KING EDWARD VITH., &c. &c. GREECE (HISTORY OF). From the Earliest Times to the Roman

Conquest. By Wm. SMITH, LL.D. Woodcuts. Post 8vo. 78. 6.

(SMALLER HISTORY of). By W». SMITH, LL.D. Woodcuts, 16mo. 38, 6d.

GRENVILLE (THE) PAPERS. Being the Public and Private

Correspondence of George Grenville, including his PRIVATE DIABY.

Edited by W. J. Smith. 4 Vols. 8vo. 168. each.
GREY'S (Earl) Correspondence with King William IVth. and

Sir Herbert Taylor, from November, 1830, to the Passing of the Reform
Act in 1832. 2 Vols. 8vo. 90s.

Parliamentary Government and Reform; with
Suggestions for the Improvement of our Representative System.
Second Edition. 8vo. 98.

(SiR GEORGE) Polynesian Mythology, and Ancient Traditional History of the New Zealand Race. Woodcuts. Post

8vo. 108.6d. GRUNER’S (Lewis) Terra-Cotta Architecture of North Italy,

From careful Drawings and Restorations. With Illustrations, engraved

and printed in Colours. Small folio. 51. 58. GROTE'S (GEORGE) History of Greece. From the Earliest Times

to the close of the generation contemporary with the death of Alexander the Great. Fourth Edition. Maps. 8 Vols. 8vo. 112s. Or, Popular Elition, 12 Vols, Post Svo. 68. cach.

Plato, and the other Companions of Socrates. Second Elition. 3 Vols. 8vo. 458.

(Mrs.) Memoir of Ary Scheffer. Post 8vo. 88. 6d. GUIZOT'S (M.) Meditations on Christianity, and on the Religious

Questions of the Day. Part I. The Essence. Part II. The Present
State. 2 Vols. Post Svo, 208.

Meditations on Christianity. Part III. Its Relation to the Present State of Society and of Opinion. Post 8vo. (Nearly Ready.)

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