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D. C. voice shall tranquilize each fear, ""Tis I, be, not

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When black the threatening clouds appear, And storms my path invade, That


Christian Assurance.

1. I'm not ashamed to own my Lord,
Or to defend his cause;
Maintain the honor of his word,
The glory of his cross.


2. Jesus, my God!-I know his name-
His name is all my trust;
Nor will he put my soul to shame,
Nor let my hope be lost.

soul is not dismayed; I, be not



a- fraid.

3. Firm as his throne, his promise stands, And he can well secure

D. C.

What I've committed to his hands,
Till the decisive hour.


Christian Soldier.

1. Am I a soldier of the cross?
A follower of the Lamb !
And shall I fear to own his cause,
Or blush to speak his name

Then will be own my worthless name
Before his Father's face,
And in the new Jerusalem
Appoint my soul a place.

2. Must I be carried to the skies
On flowery beds of ease?
While others fought to win the prize,
And sailed through bloody seas!

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HEPHER. 118.


1. De-lay not, de- lay not, O sinner, draw near, The wa-ters

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3. Delay not, delay not, O sinner, to come,

For Mercy still lingers and calls thee to-day:
Her voice is not heard in the vale of the tomb;

Her message unheeded will soon pass away.

4. Delay not, delay not, the Spirit of grace

Long grieved and resisted may take his sad flight,
And leave thee in darkness to finish thy race,
To sink in the vale of eternity's night!

5. Delay not, delay not, the hour is at hand,

The earth shall dissolve, and the heavens shall fade;
The dead, small and great, in the judgment shall stand;
What power then, O sinner, will lend thee its aid!



1. How firm a foundation, ye saints of the Lord,
Is laid for your faith in his excellent word;
What more can he say than to you he hath said-
Who unto the Saviour for refuge have fled.

2. Fear not, I am with thee, oh! be not dismayed;
For I am thy God, and will still give thee aid:
I'll strengthen thee, help thee, and cause thee to stand,
Upheld by my righteous, omnipotent hand.

3. When through the deep waters I call thee to go,
The rivers of sorrow shall not overflow;
For I will be with thee, thy trials to bless,
And sanctify to thee thy deepest distress.

4. When through fiery trials thy pathway shall lie,
My grace, all sufficient, shall be thy supply,
The flame shall not hurt thee; I only design
Thy dross to consume, and thy gold to refine.

5. E'en down to old age all my people shall prove
My sovereign, eternal, unchangeable love;
And then, when gray hairs shall their temples adorn,
Like lambs they shall still in My bosom be borne.

6. The soul that on Jesus hath leaned for repose,

I will not-I will not desert to his foes:

That soul-though all hell should endeavor to shake,
I'll never-no never-no never forsake!


Our Shepherd.

1. THE Lord is my Shepherd, no want shall I know;
I feed in green pastures, safe folded to rest;

He leadeth my soul where the still waters flow,
Restores me when wandering, redeems when oppressed.

2. Through the valley and shadow of death though I stray,
Since Thou art my Guardian, no evil I fear;
Thy rod shall defend me, thy staff be my stay;
No harm can befall, with my Comforter near.

3. In the midst of affliction my table is spread;

With blessings unmeasured my cup runneth o'er;
With perfume and oil thou anointest my head;

O what shall I ask of thy providence more.

4. Let goodness and mercy, my bountiful God!
Still follow my steps till I meet thee above;
I seek-by the path which my forefathers trod,

Through the land of their sojourn―thy kingdom of love.

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