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A New Edition of the Tutor's Key; containing Answers for the use of Tutors to Six Thousand Questions, contained in Ten several Grammars or Elementary Works. 5s.

An Essay on Mind, and its Moral Education. 12mo. 4s.

Life and Death of a Monkey, or the Village of Alten; a Tale for Young Persons. 6s.

The Teacher's Assistant, or Arithmetician's Guide. By R. S. M. Thomson.


A Continuation of Early Lessons. By Maria Edgeworth. 2 vol. 18mo. 6s.

The Vain Cottager; or, History of Lucy Franklin: to which are added, a few Hints to Young Persons in humble Life on Propriety in Dress. 1s. 6d.


The Juvenile Arithmetic, or Child's Guide to Figures; being an easy Introduction to Joyce's Arithmetic, and all others. Original Letters of Advice to a Young Lady, on Education, Happiness, &c. By the Author of the "Polite Reasoner." 2s. 6d. A French Dictionary on a Plan entirely new; wherein all the Words are so arranged and divided as to render their Pronunciation both easy and accurate; with an Index to the most difficult Words. By W. Smith, A. M. 8s. 6d.

Blair's Models of Juvenile Letters, with Topics for exercise, and some French, Italian, and Commercial Letters as Examples, being the only System by which the useful Art of Letter-writing can be taught to Young Persons. A new and improved Edition, 3s. 6d.

A Key to Bonnycastle's Trigonometry; containing Solutions to all the Problems. By Griffith Davies. 8vo. 5s.

Young Ladies' Guide to Practical Arithmetic and Book-keeping. By James Morrison. 12mo. 3s.

Easy and Practical Explanation of the Church Catechism. By the Rev. H. Marriott. 8d.; or 7s. 6d. per dozen.

Manual of Latin Grammar. By John Pye Smith, D. D. 12mo. 2s. 6d.


A New and Correct Chart of the Coasts of Spain and Portugal, on two Sheets of extra double Elephant. Ss. Gd. lined.

A New and Correct Chart of the North Coast of Spain, from the Entrance of the River Adour to Cape Finisterre and Corcubion; ineluding, also, particular Plans, on an enlarged Scale, and embellished with numerous Views. By Don Vincente Tofino. 10s. 6d. on two Sheets.


History of Ireland, from the earliest Period to the present Time. By Stephen Barlow, A. M. 2 vol. 8vo. 1 1s.

The Campaign in Germany and France, from the Expiration of the Armistice, signed and ratified June 4th 1813, to the Period of Bonaparte's Abdication of the Throne of France; with an Appen

dix, containing all the French Bulletins issued during this Period, and other Official Documents. By J. Philippart esq. 2 vol. Svo. 17. Is.

Parliamentary History of England. By Cobbett. Vol. XXI. Royal Svo. 1. 11s. 6d.

A Literary History of the Middle Ages; comprehending an Account of the State of Learning, from the Close of the Reign of Augustus, to its Revival in the Fifteenth Century. By the Rev. Joseph Berington. 4to. 27. 2s.

The Annual Register, or a View of the History, Politics, and Literature for the Year 1813. 8vo. 16s.

An Historical View of the Philippine Islands, their Discovery, Population, Language, Government, Manners, Customs, Productions and Commerce, from the Spanish of Martinez de Zuniga, with a Map of the Islands. Translated by John Mavor esq. 2 vol. 8vo.

1. 1s.

A Narrative of the late Revolution in Holland. By G..W. Chad. 8vo. 9s. 6d.

An Essay towards attaining a true Idea of the Character and Reign of King Charles I, and the Causes of the Civil War. Extracted from, and delivered in the very Words of some of the most authentic and celebrated Historians, viz. Clarendon, Whitelock, Burnet, Coke, Echard, Rapin, Tindal, Neal, &c. By the Rev. M. Towgood. The third Edition. 3s. 6d.


Proofs of the Necessity of the Repeal of the Act of 5th Elizabeth, cap. 4., commonly called the Statute of Apprentices. 8vo. Index to the Statutes at Large. By John Raithby esq. 4to. 31. 3s. 3 vol. 8vo. 31. 6s.

The Justice of the Peace and Parish Officer. By Richard Burn, LL.D. late Chancellor of the Diocese of Carlisle. The Twentysecond Edition, with many Corrections, Additions, and Improvements. By John King, of the Inner Temple, Esquire, Barrister at Law. 5 vol. 8vo. 31. 10s.


The Edinburgh Medical and Surgical Journal, exhibiting a Concise View of the latest and most important Discoveries in Medicine, Surgery and Pharmacy. (Published Quarterly.) No. XL. which completes volume X. 3s.

Remarks on the Pitcaithly and Dunbarney Mineral Waters in Perthshire; illustrative of their Composition and Medicinal Properties; founded on accurate Analysis, &c. By William Horsley, M.D. Durham Regiment. 12mo. 4s.

Letters to the Duke of Kent on the efficacy of equable and artificial Temperature in the treatment of Consumption. By Thomas Sutton, M. D. 2s.

An Index to the Anatomical, Medical, Chirurgical, and Physiological Papers contained in the Philosophical Transactions of the

Royal Society of London, from 1665 to 1813; chronologically and alphabetically arranged, with brief explanatory remarks. 4to. 10s. 6d.

A Practical Account of the Fever commonly called the Bilious Remittent, as it appeared in the Ships and Hospitals of the Mediterranean Fleet, with Cases and Dissections. By William Burnett, M. D. Physician to the Fleet. 8vo. 10s. 6d.

Lectures on Inflammation, exhibiting a View of the general Doctrines, Pathological and Practical, of Medical Surgery. By John Thomson, M. D. F. R. S. E. 14s.

An Essay on Bronchitis, or Inflammation of the Secreting Membrane of the Lungs; second edition, much enlarged. By Charles Badham, M. D.

Results of Experience in Defective Utterance. By John Thelwall, Esq. 8vo. 5s.

On Cheltenham Waters. By T. Jameson, M. D. 8vo. 1s. Facts and Observations deduced from long and extensive Practice on Liver Complaints and Bilious Disorders in general, and on such derangements of these Organs as influence the Biliary Secretion, with some New and Practical Observations on the various ap. pearances of this important Secretion. By John Faithhorn, formerly Surgeon in the East India Company's Service. Svo. 5s.

An Essay on the Venereal Disease. By Richard Carmichael, M. R. I. A. Part I. 4to.

The London Dispensatory. By Anthony Todd Thomson. Svo. 16s.


The Works of Jonathan Swift, D. D. Dean of St Patrick's, Dublin; containing additional Letters, Tracts, and Poems not hitherto published: with Notes, and a Life of the Author. By Walter Scott, Esq. handsomely printed in 19 volumes octavo. 9l. 19s. 6d.

A few Copies are printed on royal paper, price 15l. 4s. Glances at Character. 12mo. 10s. 6d.

Letters to Lady Hamilton, with a Supplement of interesting Letters by distinguished Characters. By Lord Nelson. 2 vol. 8vo.

17. 1s.

Letters upon the Writings and Character of J. J. Rousseau. By Mad. La Baronne de Staël. 8vo. 65.

View of French Literature during the 18th Century. 8vo. 8s. A Narrative of the Origin and Proceedings of the Independent Debating Society in Liverpool. By John Wright, President. 1s. 6d. The Inquirer, or Literary Miscellany. No. I. 8vo. 4s.

The Port-folio; containing Essays, Letters, and Narratives. 2 vol.

12mo. 14s.

Naval Pocket Gunner. By Atkinson and Clarke. 8vo. 10s. 6d. Mitigation of Slavery, in Two Parts. By the late Hon. Joshua Steele, and William Dickson, LL. D. 8vo. 14s.

The Plymouth Literary Magazine; or Devon and Cornwall Scientific Repository. No. I. Svo. 1s.

An Introduction to the Study of Bibliography; comprising a ge neral View of the different Subjects connected with Bibliography, as well as some Account of the most celebrated Public Libraries, ancient and modern. By Thomas Hartwell Horne. Illustrated by. numerous Engravings on Wood, &c. 2 vol. 8vo. 11. 8s.

Kunopædia. By William Dobson, Esq. 8vo. 12s.

The Family Magazine, No. II. to be continued Monthly. 1s. An Essay on Genius, or the Philosophy of Literature. By John Duncan. 8vo. 7s. 6d.

The Flowers of Wit, or a choice Collection of Bon Mots, both ancient and modern, with Biographical and Critical Remarks. By the Rev. Henry Kett. 2 vol. 12mo. 14s.

A Narrative of the Grand Festival at Yarmouth, on Tuesday the 19th of April. 8vo. 4s.

The Travellers in Africa, containing an Account of the Antiqui ties, Natural Curiosities, and Inhabitants. By Priscilla Wakefield. 12mo. 5s. 6d.

Tracts, Historical and Statistical, on India; also an Account of Sumatra. By Dr Heyne: with Maps and Plates. 4to. 21. 2s. A Gazetteer of France. By E. Planta, Esq. with a Map. 4s.


Forms for the Ready Calculation of the Longitude, with the Tables published by Joseph de Mendoza Rios, Esq. F. R. S. folio. 1s. The Elements of Plane Geometry; containing the first Six Books of Euclid, from the Text of Dr Simson, Emeritus Professor of Mathematics in the University of Glasgow; with Notes, Critical and Explanatory. To which are added Book VII. including several important Propositions which are not in Euclid; and Book VIII. consisting of Practical Geometry; also Book IX. of Planes and their Intersections; and Book X. of the Geometry of Solids. By Thomas 'Keith. 8vo. 10s. 6d.

Geometria Legitima, or an Elementary System of Theoretical Geometry, in Eight Books, including the Doctrine of Ratios, in which every Theorem is divided into distinct Heads. By Francis Reynard. 7s. 6d.


Practical Essays on Mill-work, and other Machinery, mechanical and descriptive. By Robertson Buchanan, Civil Engineer. 3 vol. 11. 5s. Illustrated by numerous Plates, and other Figures. * The three volumes of these Essays may be had separately, at 6s. 78. and 12s.


A Translation of the Treatise upon Analytical Mechanics, which forms the Introduction to the Mechanique Celeste of P. S. la Place; with Notes and Additions. By the Rev. J. Toplis, B. D. 8vo. 12s.


A Manual of Mineralogy. By Arthur Aikin, Secretary to the Geological Society. 7s.

Animated Nature; or Elements of the Natural History of Ani

mals; illustrated by short Histories and Anecdotes. By the Rev. W. Bingley, A. M. 12mo.


A General Description of Shells, arranged according to the Linnean System. By William Wood, F. R. S. and L. S. &c. No. IV. 8vo. 55.


Waverley, or 'tis Sixty years since.

Second edition, 3 vol. 17. 1s. The Cabronazos, or a Spaniard in London. 2 vol. 12mo. 148. Mornton. By Miss Cullen. 3 vol. 18s.

Rosanne or a Father's Labour Lost. By Lætitia Matilda Hawkins. 3 vol. 1. 7s.

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Mansfield Park. By the Author of Sense and Sensibility, and Pride and Prejudice. 3 vol. 12mo. 18s.

Tales of Pity, intended to inculcate sentiments of Humanity. By A. M. P. 18mo. 2s.

The Prison-house, or the World we live in. By Mrs Bridget Bluemantle. 4 vol. 17. 2s.

Conscience: a Novel. By Mrs Mecke, Author of Matrimony, &c. 4 vol. 17. 4s.

Conviction, or She is innocent. 5 vol. 17. 7s. 6d.

Visit to London, or Emily and her Friends. By Mrs Hofland.

4 vol. 1. 4s.

Sarsfield, or the Wanderings of Youth, an Irish Tale. By John Gamble, Esq. Strabance. 3 vol. 12mo. 16s. 6d.

Alicia de Lacy, an Historical Romance. By Mrs West. 4 vol. 12mo. 17. 8s.

Pneumanee; or, the Fairy of the Nineteenth Century. 2 vol. 12mo. 10s. 6d.

London Tales, or Reflective Portraits: calculated for the Retire ment of Summer in the Country, or the Leisure Moments in Town. By Mrs Roche, author of The Moor,' &c. 2 vol. 12mo. 7s.

The Hungarian Brothers. By Miss Anna Maria Porter, third edition, 3 vol. 12mo. 16s. 6d.

The Velvet Cushion. 5s.


Azora; a Metrical Romance, in four Cantos. By Michael Head, Esq. 8vo. 10s. 6d.

Tales in Verse, and Miscellaneous Poems, descriptive of Rural Life and Manners. By William Nicholson. 12mo. 5s.

Poems on various occasions. By the Rev. W. Fernyheugh, B. A. Svo. 9s.

Anacreon in Dublin, with Notes. 8s.

Specimens of Classic Poets. By Charles Abraham Elton. 3 vol. 17. 16s.

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Tales imitated in English Verse. By La Fontaine. 2 vol. 12mo. 12s.

Modern Parnassus, or the New Art of Poetry; a Poem, designed to supersede the Rules of Aristotle, Horace, Longinus, Vida, Boileau, and Pope. Foolscap 8vo. 3s.

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