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Corsair, the, and Bride of Abydos, reviewed, 198. (See Byron.)
Cortes of Spain, Marina's history of the, 347.

Davy, Sir Humphry, his experiments and observations on a new
substance, which becomes a violet-coloured gas by heat, 486.

Europe, state and prospects of, examined, 2.

Farquhar, Governor, his letter to the Editor respecting the slaves in
Mauritius, 247.

Fontaine, anecdotes of, by M. Grimm, 318.

Fontenelle, anecdotes of, by M. Grimm, 305.

Forsyth, Mr, observations on his process for the preservation of po-
tatoes and turnips, 115

Francis, Sir Philip, his Letter to Earl Grey, 79-the stipulation by
which Norway is to be united to Sweden, examined, 80-extracts
from Grotius, on the right of blockade, 90 Do. from Vattel, 93
-Lord Grenville's sentiments on the Norwegian question, 99.

Galt, John, voyages and travels by, in the years 1809, 1810 and
1811, containing statistical, commercial, and miscellaneous obser-
vations on Gibraltar, Sardinia, Sicily, Malta, Serigo and Turkey,
40-character of the work, ib.-the author's remarks on Gibral-
tar, 41-on Sardinia, 42-on Sicily, 43-extracts, 43, 44, 47,
50, 52-remarks on Malta, 51-on Serigo, ib.-description of
Constantinople, 54-account of the Idriots, 60.

Gibraltar, remarks on, by John Galt, 41.

Grenville, Lord, his sentiments on the Norwegian question, 99.
Grey, Earl, letter to, by Sir Philip Francis, 79.

Grimm, Baron de, Correspondance de, 292-character of the work,
293-extracts, 295, 298-anecdotes of Rousseau, ib. of Fonte-
nelle, 305-character of Louis XIV. 307 remarks on Madame
de Staël's works, 308-character of Marechal Saxe, 309-re-
marks on the character of women, 312-on the evils of luxury,
314-anecdotes of M. Bouret, 317 of Restaut, 318-of La
Fontaine, ib.-of Voltaire, ib.-of Comte de Caylus, 319.
Grotius, extracts from the works of, respecting the right of block-
ade, 90..

Hamilton, Lady, Lord Nelson's letters to, 398.
Howel's state trials, notice respecting, 246.

Hunter, Mr-Abernethy's inquiry into the probability and rationali-
ty of his theory of life, 384.

Idriots, Galt's account of the, 60.

Laplace, M. le Comte, Essai Philosophique sur les Probabilités, ex-
amined, 320.

VOL. XXIII, No. 46.

Lisiansky, Captain Urey, his voyage round the world, in the years
1803, 4, 5 and 6, 340-object of his expedition, 341-descrip
tion of the Marquesas Islands, 342-of the Sandwich do. 344-
of the Russian settlements of Sitca and Cadiack, 345.
Louis XIV., M. Grimm's character of, 307.

Malayan language, Marsden's dictionary and grammar of the, 151.
Malta, Galt's remarks on, 51.

Marina, Don Francisco Martinez, his history of the Cortes of Spain,

Marquesas Islands, description of the, 312.

Marsden, William, Esq. F. R. S., a dictionary of the Malayan lan
guage by, 151.

Marsden, William, Esq. F. R. S., a grammar of the Malayan lan-
guage by, 151-our imperfect acquaintance with the continent of
India chiefly attributable to the ignorance of the Dutch colonists,
ib.-character of the work, 152-extracts from Mr Marsden's
observations on the Malayan language, 154-origin of the M3-
lays, 156-specimen of the Orang laut language, 162-do. of
the Samang, 163-description of the Peninsula of Malacca, 16

remarks on Mr Marsden's history of the improvement of, 166,
and Dr Leyden's opinion of the origin of the Malayan language,
169-state of society among the Javanese, 173-specimens of the
Javanese language, 174-influence of Javanese manners and cus-
toms upon the Malays, 177-antient religion of the Javanese, 179.

Nelson, Lord, his Letters to Lady Hamilton; with a Supplement of
interesting Letters, by distinguished Characters, 398-the publi
cation of which, severely reprehensible, ib.-object of the Editor's
remarks upon these Letters, 399-Extracts, 402.

Northcote, James, his Life of Sir Joshua Reynolds, 263.
Norway, the stipulation by which it is to be united to Sweden, ex-
amined, 80.

Ouverture, Toussaint, L', History of, 131-remarks on the revival
of the Slave Trade in the French colonies, 132-state of the
Slave Trade in Saint Domingo at the Revolution, 134-ditto in
the Dutch colonies in 1768, 135-treaty with France and Hol-
land, examined, ib.-character of the work, 150.

Paris, a Tour by the Rev. William Shepherd to, 468. (see Shep-
. herd).

Pinkerton's Petralogy, 63-character of the work, 64-mineralogy
considered by Mr Pinkerton as a kingdom, 66-his conclusions
absurd, ib.-the divisions of his system deficient in order, 67-
the error pointed out, 76-extracts, 67, 70-general remarks, 78.

Queen Consort of England, inquiry into the constitutional character
of the, 4-1.

Reflections on the present state of affairs on the Continent, 493——
reflections on the restoration of Poland, 493.

Restaut, anecdotes of, by M. Grimm, 318.
Reynolds, Sir Joshua, Northcote's Life of, 263.
Rousseau, anecdotes of, by M. Grimm, 298.

Sandwich Islands, description of the, 344.
Sardinia, Galt's remarks on, 42.

Saxe, Marechal, M. Grimm's character of, 309.
Scheele, his method for the preservation of vinegar, 117.
Serigo, Galt's remarks on, 51.

Shepherd, Rev. William, his tour to Paris in 1802 and 1814, 468
-character of the work, 469—the author's object in first visiting
Paris, ib.-description of the Galleries, 471-of high mass in the
church of Notre-Dame, 472-disrepute into which republicanism
had fallen in 1802, 473-remarks on the Musée Nationale des Mo-
numens Française, 474-description of a sitting of the National
Institute, 475-of the English Garden at the Petit Trianon, 476
-object of the author's second visit to Paris, ib.- observations
on the disposition of the people in France towards their new go-
vernment, and their feelings with respect to Bonaparte, ib.-on
the conduce proper to be pursued by the Bourbon Princes in or-
der to support their character with the French nation, 480-cha-
racter of Louis XVIII. contrasted with that of Bonaparte, 481-
Mr Burke's sketch of the character of a prince proper for the go-
vernment of France, ib.-description of the Chamber of Depu-
ties, 484 anecdote of the republican Carnot, 486—extracts, 471,
478, 484.

Sicily, Galt's remarks on, 43.

Sitca and Cadiack, description of the Russian settlements of, 345.
Slave Trade, remarks on our treaty with France, permitting the re-
vival of that trade in their colonies, 132—state of the slave trade
in the Island of St Domingo, 134-estimate of the amount of
the slave traffic cut off by Mr Fox's Order in Council in 1806,
ib.-and the amount of that trade revived by our present treaty
with France, 135-annual importation of slaves to Guadaloupe,
142-the mischief likely to result by giving up the French forts
and factories on the coast of Africa, ib.-Governor Farquhar's
letter respecting the slaves in Mauritius, 247.

Sotheby, W. Esq., a song of triumph by, 1-state and prospects of
Europe examined, 2-character of Bonaparte, 4-three grounds
of rejoicing stated for his downfal, ib.-1st, the utter impractica-
bility of any scheme of universal dominion, established, ib.--24,
the impressive lesson read to Ambition, of the inevitable tendency
of that passion to bring to ruin the power and the greatness which
it seeks to increase, 5-3d, the derision so opportunely thrown on
the character of conquerors in general, 6-the restoration of the

Bourbons to the throne of France, as the best possible issue of the
long struggle that has preceded, examined, 12.

Thurlow, Lord, his poems, 411-general remarks on his Lordship's
poetry, ib.-extracts, 412.

Tuke, Samuel, his account of the Retreat, an institution for insane
persons near York, 189-character of the work, 190-method of
treatment, ib.-extracts from particular cases of patients, 192—
classification of ditto, 193-employment, 194-good effects of
the warm bath in some cases, 196-table of cases from the com-
mencement of the institution in 1796 to the end of 1811, 196-
curious case of a young woman, 197-the example of patience
and kindness shown by Quakers to their insane, recommended to
other institutions, 198.

Vattel, extracts from, on the right of blockade, 93.
Voltaire, anecdotes of, by M. Grimm, 318.


No. XLVII. will be published in December.

D. Willison, printer, Edinburgh.

Corrected to March, 1814.






Periodical publications and Fine Arts.

VOYAGE ROUND GREAT BRITAIN, undertaken in the Summer of the Year 1813; and ommencing from the Land's End, Cornwall.


With a series of Views illustrative of the Character and prominent Features of the Coast, drawn and engraved by WILLIAM DANIELL, A.R.A.

The design of this Voyage is to give a Descriptive Account of the Coast, and of every object worthy of observation in its Vicinity; of the Towns, Harbours, Forts, and the general character and appearance of the bore round the Island.

The Voyage will be written by Mr. Richard Ayton, and illustrated with coloured Prints, engraved by Mr. William Daniell, from his own Drawings, made expressy for the purpose. It will be published in Monthly Numbers, each Number to contain Two Plates, coloured, with sixteen pages of Letter-press. Price 10s. 6d. The present portion of the Work will consist of Foureen Numbers, forming one large volume, in imperial quarto, price seven guineas

PORTRAITS of ILLUSTRIOUS PERSONAGES of GREAT BRITAIN; with Biographical and Historical Memoirs of their Lives and Actions. By EDMUND LODGE, Esq. Lancaster Herald, F. S. A. Author of the Biographical Tracts attached to the "Holbein Heads."

The Work which is now submitted for public approval will consist of a series of Portraits of illustrious Personages of Great Britain and Ireland, from the earliest periods to which authentic pictures can be traced to about the year 1700, accompanied with Biographical Memoirs of their Lives and Actions.


The Work will consist of Twenty Parts, ferming_two volumes in folio, printed in the finest manner. Part will contain Ŝix Portraits with Biographical Memoirs attached, published quarterly, and commencing in January 1814. It will appear in two sizes, both in folio, four hundred copies being printed on a demy paper, and one hundred and fifty on drawing paper of super-royal size, the latter containing proof impressions of all the plates, struck off upon Indian Paper. The price will be two guineas and a half each Part for the small edition; the price of the large paper copies, which will contain proof impressions of the plates upon Indian Paper, will be five guineas each part.

THE CIVIL ARCHITECTURE of VITRUVIUS; comprising those Books of the Author which relate to the public and private Edifices of the Ancients, translated

By WILLIAM WILKINS, M. A. F. A. S. Late Fellow of Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge; Author of the "Antiquities of Magna Græcia." Illus trated by numerous Engravings, with an Introduction, containing an Historical View of the Rise and Progress of Architecture amongst the Greeks. Part I. In Elephant 4to. illustrated by 14 Engravings by Lowry. Price 31. 38. Boards, and in royal folio, Price 61. 68. Bds. Part II. is in great forwardness.

THE FINE ARTS OF THE ENGLISH SCHOOL, comprising a Series of highly-finished Engrav ings, from Painting, Sculpture, and Architecture, by the most eminent English Artists, each Subject accompanied by appropriate historical, descriptive, critical, or biographical Letter-press.

Edited by JOHN BRITTON, F. A. S.

In large 4to. Price 6l. 10s.; and on Atlas 4to. 11. in Bds. A few Copies, with Proof Impressions of the Plates, n India Paper. Price 151. 15s.

THE BRITISH GALLERY OF PICTURES. In Two Series. Publishing in Numbers and Parts. The FIRST SERIES comprises Engravings of the whole of the Marquis of Stafford's Collection of Pictures, arranged according to Schools, and in Chronological Order; with Remarks on each Picture.

By W. Y. OTTLEY, Esq. F.S.A

TWENTY-FIVE NUMBERS of this Series, Price 108. 6d. each; Proofs on India Paper, Price 1. 18.; or correctly coloured and mounted, 2l. 128. 6d.; which are divided into FIVE PARTS, Price 2l. 12s. 6d. each; Proofs on India Paper, Price 5l. 58.; or correctly coloured and mounted, Price 131. 28. 6d. are already published; to be completed in about Fifty Numbers or Ten Parts.

The SECOND SERIES consists of Engravings of the finest Paintings of the old Masters, in the Cabinets, Galleries, and Private Collections of Noblemen and Gentlemen who have liberally permitted the Proprietors to have fine Copies taken of them for the use of this Work, accompanied with Descriptions, Historical and Critical. By HENRY TRESHAM, Esq. R.A.

TEN NUMBERS of this Series, Price 108. 6d. each; Proofs on India Paper, Price 17. 18.; or exquisitely finished in colours and mounted, Price 64. 68. are published; which form the Two FIRST PARTS, Price each 24, 128. 6d.; Proofs on India Paper, 5l. 58.; or exquisitely finished in colours and mounted, Price 314. 108.

"When we consider the reputation and talents of the individuals concerned in the superintendance of this Work, and examine also with impartiality the Specimens of their labours as far as they have hitherto proceeded, it is equally impossible to withhold our praise and admiration, and our most cordial wishes for its final, perfect, and most successful accomplishment.

"If the Work proceeds according to the Specimens produced, and there can exist but little doubt on this head, it promises to be among the most splendid, beautiful, and delightful productions that any time or country has exhibited of the kind."-Brit. Crit.

THE NEW CYCLOPÆDIA; or, UNIVERSAL DICTIONARY of Arts, Sciences, and Literature. Formed upon a more enlarged Plan of Arrangement than the Dictionary of Mr. Chambers; comprehending the various Articles of that Work, with Additions and Improvements; together with the new Subjects of Biography, Geography, and History; and adapted to the present State of Literature and Science. By ABRAHAM REES, D. D. F. R, S. F. L. S., Editor of the last Edition of Mr. Chambers's Dictionary; with the assistance of eminent professional Gen tlemen. Illustrated with new Plates, including Maps, engraved for the Work by some of the most distinguish. ed Artists.

*.* The Work may be purchased either periodically in monthly Parts, or together, as may be most agreeable. Fifty-two Parts are already published, price 20s. each; or on Royal Paper, with Proof Impressions of the Plates, price 368. each.

The Editor and Proprietors of the New Cyclopædia embrace with pleasure the earliest opportunity of announcing the period, when, without unforeseen and unavoidable interruptions, their great undertaking will be accomplished. They have published fifteen Parts during the last two years; and in consequence of measures, lately adopted, they trust that they shall be able to publish eight Parts in each succeeding year. Of the seventy-two Parts which as they have now reason to believe, the Cyclopædia will comprehend, fifty-two are already before the Public; and the remaining twenty will, according to this arrangement, be completed within three years.


By THOS. DANIELI, R.A. and WIL. DANIELL, A.R.A. In Folio, with 50 Engravings, finely coloured and mounted, with descriptive Letter-press to cach, half bound, Russia-back. Price 1?l.

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