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ledge. Nor fhall we then need the Monfieurs of Paris to take our hop ful Youth into their flight and prodigal Cuftodies, ani fend them over back again transform'd into Mimicks, Apes, and Kickshaws. But if they defire to fee other Countries at three or four and twenty to enlarge Exper esce, and make wife Obfervation, they will by that time be fuct as fhill deferve the regard and honour of all Man where they pafs, and the Society and Friendship of thole in all places who are bett and most eminent: And per aps then other Nations will be glad to vifit us for their Breeding, or elfe to imitate us in their own Coun

Years of Age, not to learn Principles, but ill by that


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Now laftly for their Diet there cannot be much to fay, fave only that it would be beft in the fame House; for much Time elfe would be loft abroad, and many ill Habits got; and that it fhould be plain, healthful, and moderate, I fuppofe is out of controversy.


Thus, Mr. Hartlib, you have a general view in writing, as your defire was, of that which at feveral times I had difcours'd with you concerning the best and nobleft way of Education; not beginning as fome have done from the Cradle, which yet might be worth many Confiderations, if brevity had not been my fcope: Many other circumftances alfo I could have mention'd, but this, to fuch as have the worth in them to make trial, for Light and Direction may be enough. Only I believe, that this is not a Bow for every Man to fhoot in that counts himself a Teacher; but will require finews almoft equal to those which Homer gave Ules; yet I am withal perfuaded that it may prove inuch more eafie in the Effay, than it now feems at diftance, and much more illuftrious: howbeit not more difficult than I imagine, and that Imagination prefents me with nothing but very happy and very poffible according to beft wifhes; if God have fo decreed, and this Age have Spirit and Capacity enough to apprehend, FINI S.

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Aradife Regain'd, Book I.

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Book IV.

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Samfon Agonistes.
LYCIDAS. In this Monody the Author
bewails a Learned Friend, unfortunately
drown'd in bis Paffage from Chefter, on the
Irish Seas, 1637.


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Il Penferofo.enten

Teutler deg or pallo136


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