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G. O.

and place the same on new foundations, at any location between said towns on said river northerly from its present location, and to provide for paying all the expenses thereof.

22. An act to authorize the Utica Mechanics' Association to borrow money to pay its floating debt and to issue bonds and execute a mortgage to secure the payment of the same.

23. An act to provide for the establishment of District Courts in and for the city of Troy, and for the election of District Court justices in and for said city of Troy.

24. An act to amend an act entitled "An act to establish a Recorder's Court in the city of Utica, and for other purposes," passed May 7, 1844, and acts amendatory thereof.

25. An act to amend an act entitled "An act to amend an act entitled 'An act to authorize the board of supervisors of the several counties in this State to make the office of district attorney a salaried office, and to fix the salary thereof,' passed April 14, 1852," passed May 7, 1870.

26. An act to amend an act entitled "An act to authorize Dodge and Stevenson Manufacturing Company to issue preferred stock," passed March 15, 1872.

27. An act in relation to the Schuylerville and Upper Hudson Railroad Company.

28. An act to establish a board of health in and for the city of Brooklyn.

29. An act to authorize the city of Rome to borrow money.

30. (Assembly, No. 2.) An act to confirm the official acts of Hermance H. Ferris, a justice of the peace, and to enable him to take and file his oath of office.

31. (Assembly, No. 4.) An act to authorize the board of supervisors of the county of Albany to issue bonds, to pay bonds of said county that will mature during the year 1873.

32. An act to create a Board of Commissioners of Emigration and to confer certain powers thereon.

33. An act to organize a board of school commissioners in and for the city of Troy.

34. An act to provide for the regulation and licensing of scavengers in the city of New York.

G. O.

35. An act in relation to the New York, Housatonic and Northern Railroad Company.

36. An act to authorize the Twenty-third-street Railway Company, in the city of New York, to extend their tracks and use and operate the same.

37. An act to confirm an act passed by the board of supervisors of the county of Westchester, at their annual meeting December 19, 1872, entitled "An act for the division of the town of Yonkers, by the erection of a new town from the southerly part thereof."

38. An act to authorize Mary M. J. de Courval, an infant alien, to take and hold certain lands in this State devised to her by her grandfather, Richard Ray, and to release the interest of the State therein.

39. An act extending and defining the civil jurisdiction of the Court of Common Pleas for the city and county of New York, the Superior Court of the city of New York, the Superior Court of Buffalo, and the City Court of Brooklyn, and relating to civil proceedings in those courts.

40. An act to provide for the payment of Warren T. Worden for his

services as counsel on the trial of Adam Fralick, for the crime of arson, at a special term of a Court of Oyer and Terminer, held at Auburn, in and for the county of Cayuga, in June, 1872.

41. An act for the better prevention of disease and cruelty. 42. An act to amend the several acts in relation to State prisons. 43. An act to amend chapter 72 of the Laws of 1872, entitled "An act to amend chapter 156 of the Laws of 1868, entitled 'An act to incorporate the village of Greenport, Suffolk county." 44. An act to authorize the corporate authorities of the village of Whitesborough, Oneida county, to borrow money for purchasing a steam fire engine and apparatus for the same.

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45. An act to authorize the village of Middletown to issue bonds. 46. An act to authorize increased compensation for the transportation of persons upon the Carthage, Watertown and Sackett's Harbor railroad.



Adirondack Wilderness, report of, survey of .

Amendments to Constitution of State of New York, proposed by Constitu-

tional Commission....

Annual message of Governor...

Annual report, fourth, of trustees and officers of New York State Institution




[blocks in formation]

Twenty-fourth, of Board of Managers of Western House of Refuge for
Juvenile Delinquents.....


Twenty-ninth, of Superintendent of Public Instruction and Regents of

University, relative to normal schools, etc.....


Treasurer of Sailor's Snug Harbor.....


Sixth, of Managers of Hudson River State Hospital.....


New York Hospital Society....


Sixth, of Board of State Commissioners of Public Charities..


[blocks in formation]

Auditor of Canal Department, reply of, to Senate resolution concerning dam-
ages by floods to certain canals..


Bar Association, resolution of, relative to salaries of judges..

Board of Wardens, N. Y., reply of the Senate resolution relative to pilots...
Board of Trade, grocers and importers, resolution of, relative to "Warehouse
and Railway" bill.....

[blocks in formation]

Bonds and Mortgages, resolution of Union League Club, New York, rela-
tive to taxation of.........

Memorial of the Chamber of Commerce to release from taxation..

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Canals, report of Commissioners relative to steam motive power on.................
Resolution of Chamber of Commerce concerning..
Canal Appraisers, annual report of..........




Canal Board, resolutions of, relative to toll-sheet for 1873...


Canal Commissioners, reply of, to resolution relative to removing obstructions
in canals.....

Canal Department, reply of Auditor of, to Senate resolution relative to dam-
ages by floods to certain canals...

Children's Aid Society, twentieth annual report of........

Citizens, eminent deceased, message from Governor relative to statues of.... 41
Commissioners, New Capitol, annual report of, for 1872...

of State Parks, first annual report of....

to investigate charges against Lunatic Asylums, report of..

of Quarantine, resolution relative to..

to investigate subject of illegal taxation on certain Indian reservations,
majority report of......

Minority report of...

Commission, Canal, report of relative to steam motive power on canals.....
Commissioners, State Board of Public Charities, annual report of......

to locate route of Gilbert Elevated R. R., report of.......
Commission, Constitutional, amendment proposed by, to Constitution.....
Commissioners of Emigration, reply of, to Senate resolution......

Quarantine, testimony taken by Finance Committee relative to...

Committees, standing, of Senate, 1873.....

to investigate alleged frauds relative to Ninth District Court-house, New
York city, report of...........

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on Insurance, report of on concurrent resolution relative to report of
G. W. Miller, late Superintendent of Insurance....


on Finance, report of, relative to payment of officers of Assembly, of 1872,
on Senate resolution, relative to Quarantine affairs...
relative to the financial management of Elmira Reformatory.
testimony taken before, relative to affairs and management of Hudson
River State Hospital for the Insane.....





paving certain streets and avenues with wooden pavement..

Comptroller, New York city, reply of, to resolution relative to costs and fees

on judgments............


costs and fees....





[blocks in formation]

Deaf-mutes, reply of Trustees of Institute for, to Senate resolution.....

Dental Society, annual report of...




Elmira Reformatory, reply of building committee of, to resolution of Senate,
report of finance committee on the fancial management of.....
Emigration, Commissioners of, annual report of...


Fisheries, fifth annnal report of Commissioners of..







General Orders, list of ...........24, 26, 33, 39, 42, 43, 48, 51, 55, 85, 89, 96, 99, 101
Genet, Henry W., communication from, relative to Ninth District Court-house,

New York..

Governor, annual message of.......

pardons, etc., granted by, for 1872...........




message from, relative to statues of eminent deceased citizens....
communication from, transmitting resignation of O. Ottendorfer as Regent
of University..




message from, vetoing bill relative to salary of assistant clerk of Third
Police Judicial Court, New York city.......


Hudson River State Hospital, annual report of managers..

testimony taken by Finance Committee on the financial management of,
reply of managers of, to Senate resolution of March 20, 1873...


Industrial Exhibition, concurrent resolution relative to..
Inebriate's Home for Kings county, report of, for 1872..
Insurance Department, resolution relative to report of..


Joint rules of Senate and Assembly

Juvenile Delinquents, annual report of managers of Western House of

Refuge for....










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general orders............... 24, 26, 33, 39, 42, 43, 48, 51, 55, 85, 89, 96, 99, 101
Lunatic asylums, report of commissioners to investigate charges against...


Asylum, State, Utica, report of board of managers of......


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