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§ 11. The trustees shall have power to appoint a competent and experienced superintendent, who shall be the chief executive officer of the institution, together with an efficient corps of instructors and other subordinate officers; prescribe the duties and terms of service of the same; fix and pay their salaries, and, for just cause, remove any or all of them from office. They shall likewise employ the requisite number of servants and other assistants in the various departments of the institution, and pay the wages of the same.

812. They shall purchase all furniture, apparatus and other supplies necessary to the equipment and carrying on of the institution in the most efficient manner.

§ 13. When any blind person shall, upon proper application, be admitted into the institution, it shall be the duty of his or her parents, guardians or other friends, to suitably provide such person with clothing at the time of entrance and during continuance therein, and likewise to defray his or her traveling expenses to and from the institution at the time of entrance and discharge, as well as at the beginning and close of each session of the school, and at any other time when it shall become necessary to send such person home on account of sickness or other exigency. And whenever it shall be deemed necessary by the trustees to have such person permanently removed from the institution in accordance with the by-laws and regulations thereof, the same shall be promptly removed upon their order, by his or her parents, guardians or other friends.

§ 14. If the friends of any pupil from within the State of New York shall fail, through neglect or inability, to provide the same with proper clothing or with funds to defray his or her necessary traveling expenses to and from the institution, or to remove him or her therefrom, as required in the preceding section, the trustees shall furnish such clothing, pay such traveling expenses or remove such pupil to the care of the overseer of the poor of his or her township, and charge the cost of the same to the county to which the pupil belongs; provided that the annual amount of such expenditures on account of any one pupil shall not exceed the sum of sixty dollars. And in case of the death of any pupil at the institution, whose remains shall not be removed or funeral expenses borne by the friends thereof, the trustees shall defray the necessary burial expenses, and charge the same to his or her county as aforesaid.

§ 15. On the first day of October in each year, the trustees shall cause to be made out against the respective counties concerned, itemized accounts, separate in each case, of the expenditures authorized by the preceding section of this act, and forward the same to the board of supervisors chargeable with the account. The board shall thereupon direct the county treasurer to pay the amount so charged to the treasurer of the institution for the blind, on or before the first day of March next ensuing.

§16. The counties against which the said accounts shall be made out as aforesaid, shall cause their respective treasurers, in the name of their respective counties, to collect the same, by legal process, if necessary, from the parents or estates of the pupils who have the

ability to pay, on whose account the said expenditures shall have been made; provided that at least $500 value of the property of such parents or estate, shall be exempt from the payment of the accounts aforesaid.

§ 17. The institution shall be entitled to receive copies of all books and other publications which are distributed gratuitously by the State to township or county libraries, common schools, academies, colleges and societies. It may also receive, in the name of the State, bequests or donations of money or any kind of property, but such money or property shall in all cases belong to the State, and be subject to its control; provided that the same shall not be diverted from the particular object for which it shall be bequeathed or donated.

$18. The board of trustees shall keep full and complete records of their proceeding, and make an annual report of the same to the Legislature, at the commencement of the regular session thereof, strictly accounting in detail for their expenditures, on account of the institution, during the preceding fiscal year of the State, setting forth the progress and condition of the several departments of the institution, making such suggestions concerning its future management as they may deem essential, and submitting proper estimates of the funds needed for its support, as well as for building and all other purposes.

§19. The State Treasurer is hereby directed to pay over to the trustees, upon the warrant of the Comptroller, all moneys which shall hereafter be appropriated on account of the New York State Institution for the Blind; the general appropriations for the current support of the institution, to be paid in equal quarterly installments, and specific appropriations for building and other purposes, to be paid when needed by the trustees.

§ 20. All drafts upon the State treasury on behalf of the institution, shall be based upon orders of the board of trustees, signed by the president and secretary of the same, and attested by the common seal of the institution.

§ 21. Sections nineteen and twenty of this act shall not be construed to alter, impair or affect the powers or duties of the building commissioners appointed under the provisions of chapter five hundred and eighty-seven of the Laws of eighteen hundred and sixtyfive; and nothing in this act shall be construed to interfere with the erection by said building commissioners of the State institution for the blind, in accordance with the plans heretofore approved by the Governor, Secretary of State and Comptroller; and all moneys now or hereafter to be appropriated for the building of said institution, shall be paid to said building commissioners for that purpose.

$ 22. The New York Institution for the Blind shall continue to have the custody, charge, maintenance and eduction of all such pupils as are now entrusted to them by the State, and of any others who may be appointed prior to the opening of the State institution at Batavia; and shall receive compensation from the State for the maintenance, education and support of said pupils in the same manner at [Senate, No. 8.] 3

is now, or has heretofore been provided, and shall receive the same amount per capita from the counties from which said pupils are respectively appointed as is now paid, for their clothing, until such period as the New York State Institution for the Blind shall be ready to receive such pupils, and shall then, without reference to the term of years for which said pupils have been appointed under existing laws and received by said New York Institution for the Blind, transfer said pupils to said State institution; provided, however, that they shall retain and continue to receive all pupils heretofore appointed from the counties of New York, Kings, Queens and Suffolk, under the appointment of the Superintendent of Public Instruction, in like manner as is now provided by law, to be received, maintained and sducated by the said New York Institution for the Blind, which shall be compensated for their maintenance and education by the State; and for their clothing by the counties from which they are appointed, in like manner as is now done.*

§ 23. All acts and parts of acts inconsistent with the provisions of this act, are hereby repealed.

§ 24. This act shall take effect immediately.

: * As amended by chap. 166 of the Laws of 1871.

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