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Ohio. Ohio state reports. Supreme court. Vols. 20, 21. By L.

J. Critchfield.

New York, 1872.
New York, 1872.

2 v. 8°.

Oldright, Henry. Reports cases, argued and determined in the supreme court of Nova Scotia, and in the vice admiralty court at Halifax. Vol. 1, 1860-65. Halifax, 1870. 8°.


Paine, Byron. In memoriam. See Wis. rep., v. 27.

Paris Congress, 1856. Correspondence and proceedings relative to neutral rights. Washington. 1856. 8°. Law pam. v. 50.

Paschal, Geo. W.

Reporter. See Texas rep., v. 29–31.

- Compiler. See Texas digest, v. 1. Patterson, R. M.

Reporter. See Colt v. Mass. Arms Co.

Peddie, Wm. Reporter. See Stuart, R.

Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania state reports. Supreme court. Vols. 67, 68. By P. F. Smith, (v. 17, 18.) Philadelphia, 1872. 2 v. 8°. Perry, Jairus Ware. A treatise on the law of trusts and trustees. Boston, 1872. 8°.

Phillimore, Sir Robert.

Commentaries upon international law. Vols. 1 (second edition), 2 (second edition), and 4. London, 186171. 3 v. 8°.

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Pinney, S. U. Reports of cases, argued and determined in the supreme court of the territory of Wisconsin. Vol. 1. With a preface, containing a sketch of the judicial history of the territory. Chicago, 1872. 8°.

Pitman, R. C. See Miner, A. A.

Pittman, Benn. Editor. See Indiana treason trials.

Pittsburgh reports: containing cases decided by the federal and state courts of Pennsylvania.... originally published in the Pittsburgh Legal Journal. Ed. by Boyd Crumrine. Vols. 1, 2. Philadelphia, 1872. 2 v. 8°.

Post, Hoyt. Reporter. See Mich. rep., v. 23.

Potter, Clarkson N. Argument against the power of congress to make U. S. treasury notes a legal tender. Supreme court of the U. S., Dec. term, 1870. Washington, 1871. 8°. Law pam. v. 51. Powell, Thomas W. The law of appellate proceedings, in relation to review, error, appeal, and other reliefs upon final judgments. Philadelphia, 1872. 8°.

Pratt, John T. On the law relating to highways; with an introduction, explanatory of the whole law upon the subject, notes, cases, and [statutes.] 11th ed., by T. C. S. Kynnersley. London,

1870. 8°.

Price, George. Forty burglaries of the years 1863-4-5; the hearing before the magistrates of some of the burglars....the trial of Walker v. Milner.... with remarks on the evidence, etc. London, 1866. 8°. Trials, v. 30.

Pritchard, T. S. Editor. See Burn's justice, 30th ed.

Prynne, William. Brief animadversion on, amendments of, and additional explanatory records to, the fourth part of the institutes of the lawes of England, compiled by Sir Edward Cooke. London, 1669. fo.


Rapp, S. A. A complete digest of [U. S.] laws in relation to bounty, together with proclamations....general orders. . . . opinions. ... annotations.... decisions by the accounting officers, and forms and instructions. Washington, 1872. 8°.

Rawle, W. H. Editor. See Williams on real prop., 4th Am. ed. Ray, Isaac A. A treatise on the medical jurisprudence of insanity. 5th ed. Boston, 1871. 8°.

See Blandford on insanity.

Redfield, Isaac F. Leading American railway cases.... Vol. 2. Boston, 1872. 8°.

Rhode Island. Rhode Island reports. Supreme court. Vol. 8. By Samuel Ames, John P. Knowles and Charles S. Bradley. Providence, 1871. 8°.

Richardson, J. S. G. Reporter. See So. Car. rep., n. s., v. 1, 2. Robinson (Mrs. Henrietta), the veiled murderess. Life and confession of, and trial for the murder of Timothy Lanagan, at Troy, N. Y., 1855. Boston, 1855. 8°. Trials, v. 32.

Rogers, F. N. Law and practice of elections and registration.... 11th ed., by F. S. P. Wolferstan. London, 1868. 12°.

Russell, John A.

Editor. See Chitty on contracts, 9th ed. Russell, R. W. Review of Mr. Marcy's letter to M. De Sartiges. New York, 1856. 8°. Law pam. v. 50.

Remarks on the English enlistment question, with an abstract of the correspondence thereon. New York, 1856. 8°. Law pam.

v. 50.

Review of Mr. Marcy's letter to lord Clarendon. New York, 1856. 8°. Law pam. v. 50.


Sabben (J. T.) and J. H. B. Browne. Handbook of law and lunacy ..London, 1872. 8°.

St. Clement's Church case. A complete account of the proceedings in the court of common pleas for the county of Philadelphia, Pa. Philadelphia, 1871. 8°.

Saunders, Sir Edmund. Notes to Saunders' reports, by the late serjeant Williams. Continued to the present time by the Rt. Hon. Sir Edward Vaughan Williams. London, 1871. 2 v. 8°. Savage, James. Address delivered before the Massachusetts lyceum, Jan. 26, 1832. 8°. Law pam. v. 51.

Scott, Sir Wm. Decision on the patent coffin case, before the consistory court, Nov. 8, 1820. Charleston, 1821. 12°. Law pam. v. 51.

Scott, W. W. Editor. See Fell on guar., 3d Am. ed.


Scottish Jurist: being reports of cases decided in the supreme courts of Scotland, and in the house of lords on appeal from Scotland. Vols. 1-43. Edinburgh, 1829-71. 43 v. Seaborne, Henry. A concise manual of the law relating to vendors and purchasers of real property. London, 1871. 12°.

Sedgwick, James. Remarks, critical and miscellaneous, on the commentaries of Sir William Blackstone. London, 1800. 4°.

Seward, Wm. H. Argument for the def't, in the case of Jones v. Van Zandt. Sup. court of the U. S., 1847. Albany, 1847. 8°. Law pam. v. 46.

Sewards, S. D. Registration of written instruments affecting title to real estate. With a brief historical review of the subject.

defects in the present system and suggestions as to its improvement. New York, 1872. 8°. Law pam. v. 48.

Shall we suffocate Ed. Green? By a citizen of Malden. Boston, 1864. 8°. Trials, v. 31.

Sharp, Granville. Remarks on the opinions of some of the most celebrated writers on crown law, respecting the due distinction between manslaughter and murder.... London, 1773. 8°. Law pam. v. 49.

Shaw, John. Reports of cases, before the high court and circuit courts of justiciary in Scotland, 1848-1852. Edinburgh, 1853. 8°. Shaw, Lemuel. Address delivered before the bar of Berkshire, on the occasion of his first taking his seat as chief justice of the supreme judicial court, Sept. term, 1830. Boston, 1831. 8°. Law pam. v. 48.

An address delivered at the opening of the new court house in Worcester, Sept. 30, 1845. Worcester, 1845. 8°. Law pam. v. 48. Shaw, Patrick. Digest of cases decided in the supreme courts of Scotland, from 1800 to 1868; and, on appeal, by the house of lords from 1726 to 1868. Revised, consolidated and continued to 1868, by A. B. Bell and Wm. Lamond. Edinburgh, [1869.] 3 roy. 8°.


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Cases decided in the court of justiciary [of Scotland.] 18191831. Edinburgh, 1831. 8°.

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A. Dunlop, M. Napier and J. M. Bell. Cases decided in the court of teinds [of Scotland.] 1821-1831. Edinburgh, 1831. 8°.

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Compiler. See N. Y. opin. of att'ys general.

Sloat (Geo. B.) v. Chas. A. Spring et al. Report of the case.


S. cir. court, eastern dist. of Pa., April 8th-23d, 1851. By Geo. Harding. Philadelphia, 1851. 8°. Law pam. v. 47.

Smith, Francis O. J. Reports of decisions in the circuit courts martial, of questions arising on trials had in said courts. Portland, 1831. 8°.

Smith, James W.
London, 1872.
Smith, Lumley.

A handy book on the law of husband and wife.


Editor. See Mayne on damages, 2d ed. Smith, Mortimer J. Trial for libel. N. Y. Albany co. court of sessions, Dec., 1847. [2d ed.] New York, 1870. 8°. Trials,

v. 31.

Smith, Wm. L. The practice in proceedings in the probate courts. ....2d ed. Boston, 1868. 8°.

Snell, E. H. T. The principles of equity....2d ed., by J. R. Griffith. London, 1872. 8°.

Solicitors' Journal and Reporter. Vol. 16, 1871-72. London, 1872. roy. 8°.

South Carolina. South Carolina reports.

series, vols. 1, 2.

2 v. 8°.

Supreme court.


By J. S. G. Richardson. Columbia, 1871–72.

Southern Law Review.
Spelman, Sir Henry.

Vol. 1, 1872. Nashville, 1872. 8°. Of the law-terms: a discourse.... wherein the laws of the Jews, Grecians, Romans, Saxons and Normans, relating to this subject, are fully explained. London, 1684. 12°. Spike, Edward. The law of master and servant, in regard to clerks, artizans, domestic servants and labourers in husbandry. 3d ed., by C. H. Bromby. London, 1872. 8°.

Spring, Arthur. Life and adventures of, and trial for the murder of Ellen Lynch and Honora Shaw.. Philadelphia, [1853.] 8°. Trials, v. 32.

Stair (Sir James Dalrymple), Lord. The decisions of the lords of the council and session, from 1661 to 1681. Edinburgh, 1683-87. 2 v. f°.

Storer (B.), jr. Editor. See Cin. sup. ct. rep'r, v. 1.

Story, Joseph. Commentaries on the conflict of laws.... 7th ed., by E. H. Bennett. Boston, 1872. 8°.

Stuart (Robert), J. S. Milne and Wm. Peddie.

Reports of cases, decided in the court of session [and other courts of Scotland.] 1851-1853. Edinburgh, 1852-53. 2 v. 8°.

Sutherland, Josiah. Points and argument in the case of the People of N. Y. v. Livingston. N. Y. supreme court, May, 1850, Hudson, 1850. 8°. Law pam. v. 50.

Sword, John. See Hawkins on wills; 1st Am. ed.


Taft, C. P. Editor.
Editor. See Cin. sup. ct. rep'r, v. 1.

Taylor, John P. A treatise on the law of evidence, as administered
in England and Ireland; with illustrations from the American and
other foreign laws. 6th ed. London, 1872. 2 v. 8°.
Texas. Texas reports. Supreme court. Vols. 29, 30, 31, 32, 33.
Vols. 29, 30, 31, by Geo. W. Paschal; vols. 32, 33, by E. M.
Wheelock. Washington, Galveston [and] Austin, 1869-72.


Supreme court rules, 1871. See Texas rep., v. 32.

5 v.

Texas digest: comprising decisions of the supreme courts of Texas and of the U. S. upon Texas law, with references to all the .... authorities cited by the judges. By Geo. W. Paschal. Vol. 1. New York, 1872. 8°.

Thomas, John A. Argument before the British and American com'rs under the convention of Feb. 8, 1853, in the case of the Florida bondholders. London, 1854. 8°. Law pam. v. 49. Thompson, I. G. Editor. See Am. rep., v. 3-6; Alb. law jour., v. 5, 6. Thompson et al. v. Erie Railway Co. Opinion of Rosekrans, J., on motion to strike out answer and for judgment. N. Y. sup. court, 1871. 8°. Law pam. v. 46.

Thomson, James. Reports of cases, argued and determined in the supreme court of Nova Scotia. Vols. 1, 2. Halifax, 1853-60. In 1 v. 8°.

Tilden, Samuel J. What are impeachable offences, or causes of removal by impeachment, of a judicial officer under the constitution and laws of N. Y. 8°. Law pam. v. 51.

Tomkins, Frederick. The institutes of the Roman law. Part I. London, 1867. 8°.

Townshend, John. A treatise on the wrongs called slander and libel.... 2d ed. New York, 1872. 8°.

Transcript (The). For 1871, Jan.-June, 1872. New York, 1871-72. 6 v. f°.

Treat, Samuel. A discourse delivered at the inauguration of the St. Louis law school, Oct. 16, 1867. St. Louis, 1868. 8°. Law pam. v. 48.

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