Documents of the Senate of the State of New York, Volume 1

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Page 63 - British Monachism; or, Manners and Customs of the Monks and Nuns of England.
Page 2 - BILLS. [Every bill shall receive three readings previous to its being passed; and the...
Page 118 - SCHELLEN'S SPECTRUM ANALYSIS, in its application to Terrestrial Substances and the Physical Constitution of the Heavenly Bodies. Translated by JANE and C. LASSELL; edited, with Notes, by W. HUGGINS, LL.D. FRS With 13 Plates (6 coloured) and 223 Woodcuts. 8vo. price 28s. CELESTIAL OBJECTS for COMMON TELESCOPES.
Page 117 - RUSTOW. The War for the Rhine Frontier, 1870 : Its Political and Military History. By Col. W. RUSTOW. Translated from the German, by JOHN LAYLAND NEEDHAM, Lieutenant RM Artillery. 3 vols. 8vo, with Maps and Plans, jú1, us.
Page 4 - When the reading of a paper is called for, except petitions, and the same is objected to by any member, it shall be determined by a vote of the Senate without debate.
Page 4 - ... no motion for the reconsideration of any vote shall be in order after a bill, resolution, message, report, amendment, or motion upon which the vote was taken shall have gone out of the possession of the Senate announcing their decision...
Page 59 - James. Human Longevity : recording the Name, Age, Place of Residence, and Year of the Decease of 1712 Persons, who attained a Century and upwards, from AD 66 to 1799, comprizing a Period of 1733 Years. With Anecdotes of the most remarkable.
Page 88 - The ORIGIN of CIVILISATION and the PRIMITIVE CONDITION of MAN ; Mental and Social Condition of Savages.
Page 13 - The court of general sessions of the peace in and for the city and county of New York.

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