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christ would attain the greatest authority and power, not as a temporal prince, but as being the idol of the people, considering him as the representative of the Deity. This image was formed by them that dwell on the earth, at the instigation of the fecond beast. į It was originally dead, but the second beast had power to give life unto it. The authority claimed by the Pope in temporals is a mere chimera. It differs as much from the real power of the princes of the world, as an image (which has neither voice to terrify nor: teeth to tear) differs from a fierce living animal. The authority claimed in spirituals is an impious usurpation of the rights of the Deity. And it is certain that the twofold claim would have been rejected by the world with contempt, if the Roman clergy had not universally and steadily supported it, by all the influence which superstition gave the minds of the people. They converted it in. to a real authority. They enabled the Pontiff to use it effectually. In consequence of their support, he spake in the lordly strain of a Şupreme King, to the princes and the people. He issued the thunders of the Vatican against those who disputed his authority. He put to death in a variety of forms, such as dared to oppose him. He excluded from the privileges of civil


them over

fociety, all such as would not submit to his claims and authority'.

The fifth constituent part of the Antichristian government is the Babylonish woman. She is represented as “arrayed in purple and scarlet, deck“ ed with gold, and precious stones and pearls,” thatis, affecting the pomp, and decorated with the ornaments purchased by the wealth of this world,

“ holding

(1) See the decree of Alexander III. in the Synod of Tours ; the bull of Martin V. against the errors of Wickliff and Huss, annexed to the acts of the Council of Constance : There it is decreed," That men of this sort be not “ permitted to have houses, to rear families, to make con" tracts, to carry on traffic or business of any kind, or to " enjoy the comforts of humanity, in common with the « faithful.” These are almost the express words which the prophecy has put into the mouth of the image. See likewife the bull of Paul III, against Henry VIII, and the bull of Paul V. Regnans in Excelsis, fulminated in the 11th year of Queen Elizabeth. To quote instances in order to prove that the Roman clergy supported this extravagant claim, would be to copy a great part of the history of Europe for a thousand years past : However, one instance I cannot omit. An encyclical letter, dated London, 19th January 1791, figned by three Vicars Apostolic of England, expressly prohibits the Catholics of that kingdom to take an oath prescribed by Government, thougb that oath contains nothing inconfiftent with Catho. lic principles, but a renunciation of the Pope's supremacy in temporals. They express themselves thus : “ The four “ Apostolical Vicars, in the above mentioned encyclical

« letter

“ holding the cup of her filthiness in her hand," in imitation of noted harlots of old, offering love potions, to excite men to commit fornication with her, that is, using every inveigling art to propagate her idolatries, “ sitting on many “ waters," Rev. xvii. 1. successful in extending her commerce“ to peoples, multitudes, nations,

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* letter (dated October 21, 1789), declared, That none « of the faithful clergy or laity ought to take any new “ oath, or fign any new declaration in doctrinal matters, “ or subscribe any new inftrument wherein the interests « of religion are concerned, without the previous appro" bation of their respective Bishop; and they required

fubmiflion to those determinations. The altered oath " has not been approved by us ; and therefore cannot " be lawfully or conscientiously taken by any of the « faithful of our diftri&ts." Here the lamb-like beast speaks as a dragon ; to caufe the earth, and them that dwell therein to worship the first beast.

Candour obliges me to say, that the most respectable Catholics in England, met together in a committee, protested against the encyclical letter mentioned, in these terms: “ We the Catholic Committee, whose names are i under written, do bereby, before God, folemnly proteft e and call upon God to witness our protest against your “ Lordihips encyclical letters, of the 21st day of October * 1789, and of the 19th day of January last, as imprudent, 6 arbitrary, unjust ; as encroaching on our natural, civil, « and religious rights ; inculcating principles hostile to - fociety and government, and the constitution and laws


" and tongues, ver. 15. so that the kings of the " earth have committed fornication with her, " and the nations have drunk of the wine of “ the wrath of her fornication,” that is, having been filled with a delirious rage for her idola- . tries, while she " is drunk with the blood of the 66 faints, and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus.” S


“ of the British empire ; as derogatory from the allegi

ance we owe to the State and the settlement of the u Crown, and as tending to continue, increase and con“ firm the prejudices against the faith and moral character “ of the Catholics, &c.


« Charles Berington.
« Jos. Wilks,
« Petre,
Henry Chas. Englefield
John Lawson,
John Throckmorton,

William Fermor,
" John Townly,
36 Thomas Hornyhold.

It is a pity that they who have seen fo far into the wickedness of the Pope's claim, and the unjustifiable attempts of the clergy to establish it, did not look a little farther into the light of Scripture prophecy, so as to recognise Antichrist, and his deputy the false prophet, and thus break their chains at once.

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We are not left to vague conjecture for the explication of all this ; for we are told that the woman is “ that great city which reigned (at " the period of the vision) over the kings of the “ earth,” a mark applicable to Rome only, by the testimony of Papists, as well as Protestants. Rome is represented under the figure of a woman, in as far as she is a church professedly Christian ; for a woman is introduced, ch. xii. 1. who, without all controversy, is a type of the true church of Christ, the allusion in both places is to a well known scripture metaphor, by which the church is called the Spouse of Christ. But how different is the woman represented there from the person introduced here. There " she was cloathed with the sun, and the moon “ under her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars,” that is, clothed with the merits of her lawful husband, and faithful to the vows she had taken to him who is the Sun of Righteousness, holding sublunary things with contempt un. der her feet, dispersing the midnight darkness which overspread the nations, by the benign light which her teachers communicated, who were the “ servants of Christ and her glory.” Here we beholdavileprostitute, unfaithfulto her husband, affecting the pomp, thirsting after the wealth of this world; intoxicating instead of enlightening the nations, so as to excite a vehement at


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