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a deprivation of the existence which they for: merly had as members of society, that is, without entering into the minutia of the prophecy, the loss of their privileges, which the accomplishment only can explain. It may signify in general, that towards the close of the distresses which Protestants have experienced from the tyranny of papal Rome, when they begin to fancy themselves secure from further injuries, a persecution shall be set on foot by the diabolical malevolence and crafty designs of the Popish powers, which shall be carried on with violence, and in the issue shall deprive Protestantism of a legal establishment all over Europe, and eject the Protestant pastors from the exercise of their function.

The members of the church of Rome shall celebrate this event with every demonstration of joy ; for they shall reckon themselves happily delivered from troublesome monitors, who galled their conscience, by offering convincing evidence of the corruptions of their church, while their secular interests would not permit them to renounce her superstitions; and they " that dwell on the earth shall rejoice over “ them, and make merry, and shall send gifts

one to another, because these two prophets " tormented them that dwell on the earth,” Rev. xi. But this triumph of Popery shall be Y


short-lived, as the persecution of Dioclefian, though the most violent, and apparently the most successful, carried on against the primitive church, by her enemies, was the last effort of expiring Paganism, so the death of the witnesses shall be the last fuccessful effort of Popery in Europe.



The Resurrection of the Witneffes.

At the end of three years and a half, that is, in the year 1698, the event described in the preceding section is followed by the refurrection of the witnesses, Rev. xi. 11, 12. " And after three days and an half, the Spirit “ of life from God entered into them, and they “ stood upon their feet, and great fear fell upon " them which saw them, and they heard a great “ voice from heaven, faying unto them, Come “ up hither, and they afcended up to heaven in

a cloud, and their enemies beheld them.” In all this there is an obvious reference to the refurrection and ascension of our blefled Lord. The great head of the church, after submitting to the variety of sufferings represented in the gospels, was in the end put to death by his enemies i but his death was followed by a glorious resur


rection to the life that Mall never have an end, and his resurrection led to his ascension to the right hand of God, when he took possession of the kingdom promised him ; fo his mystical body the church, after experiencing various distresses for a course of time, by the persecutions and delusions of Antichrist, fall in the end be deprived of all political existence. But this political death shall be followed by a revival of her privileges, of which she shall never afterwards be deprived. God, who is the author of life, spiritual and natural, shall bestow the spiritual life extensively and powerfully, so that great multitudes of all the nations shall with fincerity embrace, and with boldness avow their adherence to the true religion ; “ The spirit of “ life from God entered into them, and they “ stood upon their feet.” The same God who turneth the hearts of kings as the rivers of water, shall incline the rulers of Europe at that time, to support the true religion, by the voice of public authority; they fhall command the paltors of the church to exercise their function, and the people to profess their belief of the truth. “ They heard a great voice from hea

ven, saying unto them, Come up hither.” As persons afcending in a cloud to heaven spurn the earth beneath, so they, protected by the legal authority of the supreme powers, Thall contemn the machinations and the efforts employed against them, while their enemies shall see, with anguish of mind, a revolution which they cannot prevent; " and they ascended up to heaven in


a cloud, and their enemies beheld them.”

Two important events for the advantage of the church, Ihall take place at the same time with the resurrection of the witnesses. The temporal sovereignty annexed to the Papacy shall be taken

away, and the Ottoman empire shall cease to exist.


The Fall of the Pope's Temporal Sovereignty.


It is represented in these words, Rev. xi. 13. “ And the same hour was there a great earth

quake, and the tenth part of the city fell.” An earthquake in the language of prophecy, fignifies a revolution: The city, and the great city, in the Apocalypse, signifies Rome. It is so called with respect to its dominion, rather than the territory within its walls. Thus, we are told verse 8. of this chapter, that our Lord was crucified in the great city. He certainly was crucified by the authority of Rome, in a province of her empire, though not within the walls. As the Roman empire represented by


the beast has ten horns, signifying so many kingdoms, the fame empire represented by a city, must consist of ten parts ;-and as in Daniel's vision, the Pope's temporal sovereignty is typified by one of these horns, so the fame fovereignty here is typified by one of these ten parts. But here it may be faid, Why should it signify the Pope's temporal sovereignty, rather than any other of the ten kingdoms ? Because, ift, The fall of that fovereignty is of much greater importance to the completion of the prophecy than any, or even severals of the other kingdoms : accordingly, though severals fell away at the Reformation, I find no particular mention made of them. 2d, It is the only one of the ten whose duration is measured in the propliccy; it is the only one, therefore, whose fall we might expect to be particularly marked. 3d, The time at which this tenth part falls, cxactly corresponds with the period in which the Pope's temporal sovereignty ought to fall; for the 42 months allotted to the reign of the seventh head, mea. sure (as we have already seen, p. 60.) the temporal sovereignty annexed to the Papacy; these 42 months make exactly 1260 prophetic days or years, and they coincide throughout with the 1260 years of the witnesses mourning prophecy; but their mourning prophecy ends by their resurrection ; at the same time, therefore, the tem


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