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mated Gog and his followers, they endeavour to discover and suppress the first movements of it. So I understand these expressions : “ And they « shall sever out men of continual employment, “ passing through the land, to bury with the “ passengers those that remain upon the face of se the earth, to cleanse it.-And the passengers “ that pass through the land, when any seetha "s man's bone, then shall he set up a sign by it, 66 till the buriers have buried it in the valley of " Hamon-gog,” Ezek. xxxix. 14, 15. These expreflions cannot be taken in a literal sense ; because the army of Gog, if it were allowed to remain unburied for seven months, would occa. fion peftilential disorders : Again, if you suppose the bones mentioned, to be a few scattered over the mountains, which had escaped the notice of those who buried the main body at the end of seven months, the danger arising from them would be over; and the burial of them does not appear of so great importance, as to require that men should be appointed for that employ. ment; nor could it be said that the burying of these bones, cleansed the land. The expressions are certainly figurative, as the Jews unconverted arecompared to dead and dry bones, Ezek.xxxvii. So the bones of Gog's army here, signify persons unconverted, who resist the authority of the church, and hate the restraints of religion.


That men answered to the continual employment of discovering these bones, implies, that the church appoints officers for the purpose of searching into the first movements of the spirit mentioned. When the spirit is discovered, the officers employed make it publicly known to the ordinary civil magistrates, who, by every legal method, suppress it. The proper employment of the civil magiftrate is, to suppress all vice, immorality, and irreligion, as a burier covers out of sight a nauseous carcase. By the lawful diligent exercise of discipline, the land is cleansed, the Jewish church is kept pure.

However, it would appear that the Gentile churches are represented as declining from the purity of the Millennial state, and that the fame {pirit of opposition to the truth, which animated Gog and his followers, shall continue to prevail and to spread till the last day.

This is implied in the representations given of the state of the world immediately before the last trumpet sounds. “ As it was in the days “ of Noe, so fhall it be also in the days of the “Son of man. They did eat, they drank, they “ married wives, they were given in marriage " until the day that Noe entered into the ark; " and the flood came and deftroyed them all. 6 Likewise also as it was in the days of Lot, “ they did eat, they drank, they bought, they


« fold, they planted they builded. But the « fame day that Lot went out of Sodom, it rain. “ed fire and brimstone from heaven, and de“ froyed them all. Even thus shall it be in “the day when the Son of man is revealed," Luke xvii. 26.-30. “ Yourselves know per

fectly, that the day of the Lord fo cometh as " a thief in the night. For when they shall

fay, Peace and safety : then sudden destruc« tion cometh upon them; as travail upon a “ woman with child; and they shall not ef“ cape,” i Thefl. v. 2, 3.

" There hall come “ in the last days scoffers, walking after their “ own lufts, and saying, where is the promise “ of his coming ?” 2 Pet. iii. 3, 4.

From these passages, it appears, that the day of judgment comes upon the world unexpected. ly, as a thief in the night, consequently the greater number of that generation are not real Christians; for of these the Apostle says, “ But ye,

brethren, are not in darkness, that that “ day should overtake you as a thief,” 1. Theff. V. 4. Again, the men of that generation are compared to those of very corrupt cimes. In the days of Noah, “ all flesh had corrupted their

way.” In the days of Lot, the inhabitants of the plain were monstrously wicked, “ the

cry of Sodom and Gomorrah was great, and " their fin was very grievous.” Further, it is


expressly said, that they promise themselves

peace and safety :" that is, in defiance of the remonftrances and threatenings of God's word. They indulge their lawless passions, and ridicule the notion of a future judgment. In: a word, what the deluge was to the old world, and the fulphureous shower to the inhabitants of the plain, the coming of the Son of man shall be to the great body of the men of that

generation, the signal of their deftruction. All these circumstances evince a general corruption of manners, and confequently a great deviation from the purity of the Millennial state.

Corruption following after the purity and happiness of the Millennium, serves to prove fully what had been shewn partly before, that unfanćtified human nature cannot bear prosperity, because it leads men to resist God's authority, to gratify their own lufts, at the expence of violating his laws, and defacing the beauty and order of his creation ; that all the ordinary means of

grace, that all the common and extraordinary dispensations of divine Providence which the wisdom of God devised, and his long suffering patience exercised for the reformation of the human race, are ineffectual to reform the whole, and that the malignant distemper of fin requires a more violent remedy. Accordingly, the world now ripe for deftru&tion, and the church for eternal salvation, God sets his throne for the last judgment.



The Great Day of Judgment. The scripture account of that folemn and awful event follows.

While wicked men are eagerly intent on their worldly scheines, and the gratification of their lawless passions, scoffing at the notion of ever being called to account for their conduct; while Christ's faithful followers then on earth, are ready to faint, their faith being almost staggered by the delay of the judgment, and the progress of increasing wickedness in the world : In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, the Judge appears,

6 the Lord himself shall de. o fcend from heaven with a shout, with the “ voice of the archangel, and with the trump “ of God,” i Theff. iv. 16. 6. The Lord Je. “ sus shall be revealed from heaven, wi h his “ mighty angels, in flaming fire,” 2 Theff. i. 7,8. He fets his throne in the air, (within the region of the clouds, 1 Thess, iv. 17. In that situation, it is visible of course to the


hemisphere, and most likely, by some medium re


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