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Sir John, Sir John Tracy, who succeeded, was knighted by K.

James I. served the office of sheriff for the county of GlouViscount. cefter in 1609; and for his great merits and accomplish

ments, was advanced by letters patent, dated 12 January 1642, to the dignity of Viscount Tracy of Rathcoole.

His Lordship married Anne, daughter of Sir Thomas Sir Shirley of Isfield in Sussex, Knt. by whom he left Robert, Sir Robert, the second Viscount, who was knighted by K,

Charles I. represented the county of Gloucester in several parViscount. liaments; and married to his first wife Bridget, third daugh

ter of John Lyttleton of Frankley-court in Worcestershire, Esq. who died 25 July 1601, by his wife Meriel, daughter of Sir Thomas Bromley, Lord Chancellor of England, by whom he had John, his successor in the honour ; and Anne, married to William Somerville of Edíton in War. wickshire, Esq. and by him, who died 13 December 1676, had eleven sons and five daughters.-His Lordship's second wife was Dorothy, daughter of Thomas Cox of Castleditch in the county of Hereford, Esq. and by her he had Robert Tracy, Esq. whọ being bred to the law, went out serjeant in that profeffion 6 November 1700, having been 3 O&ober 1699 by K. William deservedly made one of the justiçes of the King's Bench, which he surrendered 13 November 1700, and was advanced to the same station in the court of Common Pleas; being also by Q. Anne, 25 September 1710 appointed, with Sir Thomas Trevor, and Baron Scrope, commiffioners of the great seal of England, until it was delivered (17 October) to Sir Simon Harcourt; and again 15 April 1718, with Sir John Pratt,' and Sir James Montague, Baron of the Exchequer, upon the resignation of the Lord Chancellor Cowper.-His ill state of health obliging him to quit his employment 26 October 1726, his Majesty, in recompence of his services, settled on him 1000l. a year for life.---He married Annė, eldest daughter of William Dowdeswell of Pool-court in Worcestershire, Esq. and had two daughters, and three fons, Robert ; Richard ; and William, the eldest of whom left a fon Thomas Tracy, Esq. of Severn-Hampton in the county of Gloucester, who in April 1746 married the

daughter daughter and heir to Dowdeswell, Esq. who brought him an estate of 4000l. per ann. and had issue Dowderwell his heir, born 19 March 1746-7 who also became heir to his grandfather ; the daughters were, Anne, first married to Charles Dowdeswell of Forthampton-court in Gloucestershire, Esq. and secondly to Thomas Wylde, Esq. commissioner of excise, and member in several parliaments for the city of Worcester, who died 12 April 1740; and Dorothy, married 10 April 1725 to John Pratt, Esq. eldest son of Sir John Pralt, chief justice of the King's Bench, and died 23 March 1726 in child-birth.

tharine, first to Oliver, fon and heir to Sir John St. John of Lydiard in Wilts, Bart, and fecondly to john, Lord Paulet; Anne, to Thomas, Lord Fairfax (which tille is extinct); and Dorothy, to Jolin, son and heir to Sir Jolin Wolsienhoime, Bart.

i Ulfier's Office,

The Judge lies buried under a neat monument in the parish church of Dodbrooke, with this memorial ;

Near this Place

Lies interred the Body
Of the Honble. Robert Tracy Efq;
Son of the Right Honble. Robert, láte
Lord Viscount Tracy, of Tødington.

He was a Judge 26 Years
In the courts of Westminster,

But being struck with the Pally,
In the Year 1726, resigned a Commission,

Which he had so long executed
With the greatest Knowledge,
Moderation and Integrity;

To the Honour

Of his Prince,
And the universal Satisfaction

Of his Fellow-Subjects.
Obiit in Sept. Anno 1735

Ætat. 80.
Benefacere magis quam Conspici.

John, the third Viscount Tracy', married Elizabeth, John, eldest surviving daughter of Thomas, the first Lord Leigh 3 of Stoneley, by whom he had two sons, William his heir ; Viscount, and Ferdinando Tracy, Esq. who being (as before observed) left by Sir John Tracy, Bart, heir to his estate, became seated at Stanway; and marrying the daughter of Sir Anthony Keck commiffioner of the great feal, was there fucceeded by John his only fon poffessor of a large estate, who married Anne, daughter of Sir Robert Atkyns of Saper


Ulster's Office,

ton in the county of Gloucester, made in 1689 chief Baron of the exchequer (who died in 1710, by his second wife Anne, daughter of Sir Thomas Dacres of Hertfordshire) and deceasing 19 April 1735, had several children; of whom Robert, the eldest son, (was chosen to parliament in April 1734 for Tewksbury, and in 1747 for Worcester; 7 August 1735 he married the eldest daughter of Sir Roger Hudson, Knt.); John Tracy Keck of Lincoln'sInn, Esq. (counsellor at law, the second son was Curfitor

youngeft brother Thomas, in his estate of Great-Tew, in the est brother Exchequer, and in 1770 succeeded his county of Oxford 3, 8 October 1735 he married the daughter of Mr. Lindsey 4); Anthony , married in August 1736 the Lady Susan Hamilton, fifter of James, Duke of Hamilton); and Thomas (who 26 January 1737 entered into his Majesty's army as an ensign of foot ; in April 1746 he married the daughter and heir to Dodwell, Esq. and had a son, born in March 1746-7, who died young; he was a member of parliament for the county of Gloucester, and dying 24 June 1770 was interred at

Stanway, leaving his elder brother John his heir Ó. William, William, 7 the fourth Viscount Tracy, married to his

4 first wife Frances, daughter of Leicester Devereux, VisViscount. count Hereford, by whom he had an only daughter Eliza

beth , married first to Robert, son and heir apparent to Sir Robert Burdet of Bramcote in Warwickshire, Bart. who dying 7 January 1715, a fortnight before his father, left her with child of Sir Robert Burdet, Bart. born 28 May 1716, (who in November 1739 married the only daughter of the late Sir Charles Sedley of Nuthall in Nottinghamshire, Bart. and was chosen to parliament in 1748 for the borough of Tamworth; she married fecondly Ralph Holden of Aston in the county of Derby, Élq.). Hiç Lordship's second wife was fane ", third and youngest daughter of Sir Thomas Leigh, who died before his father Thomas, the second Lord Leigh, by his second wife Jane, daughter of Patrick, the nineteenth Lord of Kerry, and by her he had issue, Thomas-Charles his fucceffor 12, and Anne, 13 married 23 November 1710 to Sir William Keyt of Old-Stratford upon Avon in Warwickshire, Bart. mem


i Lodge.

2 Ulfter's Office. 3 Lodge Collect. 4 Idem.

5 Douglas's Peerage of Scotland, 326. 6 Ulster's Office, 7 Idem.

8 ldem.

? Idem, So Lodge. il Ulfter.

12 Atkins's Gloucestershire, i3 Idem.

ber of parliament for Warwick (whose ancestor Sir John Keyt of Ebrington in Gloucestershire, was advanced to that dignity 22 December 1660) and was mother of Sir Thomas-Charles Keyt, Bart. born in 1712; John ; William, who died an infant ; Robert ; Agnes ; Anne, who died an infant ; and Elizabeth !.

Thomas-Charles, the fifth Viscount Tracy, was Lord of Thomasthe manors of Todington and Hales, and possessed a large Charles, estate ; the latter of which came into the family in the 5 reign of James I. and was an abbey, founded in 1246 by

Viscount. Richard Plantagenet, Earl of Cornwall, King of the Romans, youngest son of K. John: And the former hath continued in the name of Tracy, from the beginning of the reign of Edward I.-His Lordship rebuilt and decently adorned the old building of the vicarage of Todington at his own expence.On 27 December 1712 he married first Elizabeth, eldest daughter of William Keyt, Esq. who died before his father Sir William Keyt of Ebrington in the county of Gloucester, Bart. and by her, who was born II September 1689, and died in 1720, he had issue William, who was educated in the University of Oxford, and died without issue in 1740 ? ; Thomas-Charles, who succeeded to the honour; and Jane, married 7 October 1743 to Capel Hanbury of Ponty-pool in the county of Monmouth, Esq. representative in the British parliament for that county, she died 13 August 1744 having had one son. His Lordship married secondly Frances, eldest daughter of Sir John Packington of Westwood in the county of Worcester, Bart. by his wife Frances, eldest daughter of Sir Henry Parker of Honington in the county of Warwick, Bart. and he deceased 4 June 1756 3 leaving issue by his said wife, who died 23 April 1751, four sons and four daughters, viz. John, made warden of All-Souls College in Oxford, Robert; and Packington, died young : Henry, in the army, and married 12 December 1767 to a daughter of Weaver, Esq.); daughter Frances, bed-chamber woman to the Queen'; Anne, (married 23 June 1757 to John Smith of Comb-hay in Somerset, Efq. member of parliament for Bath, and by him who died in 1763 had issue one fon); Dorothy, and Elizabeth, died young


i Lodge.


2 Ulster's Office.


3 Lodge Collect.


Thomas- Thomas-Charles, the sixth and present Viscount Tracy, Charles, married 10 February 1755 Harriet, daughter of Peter

Bathurst of Clarendon-Park in the county of Wilts, Esq. Viscount.

by his second wife Lady Selina Shirley, daughter of Robert, Earl Ferrers'.


Title.] Thomas-Charles Tracy, Lord Viscount Tracy of Rathcoole in the county of Dublin.

CREATION.) So created 12 January 1642, 18 Car. I.

Arms.] Topaz, an escallop in the chief point, diamond, between two bends, ruby.

CREST.] On a cap of maintenance ruby, turned up, ermine, an escallop, diamond, between two wings eredt, topaz.

SUPPORTERS.] Two falcons, proper, their beaks and bells, gold.

Motto.] MEMORIA Pu ÆTERNA. Seats 1 Todington in the county of Gloucester, 80 miles frona London ; Hales-abbey near Winchcomb in the same county, a very large house, heretofore the habitation of the abbots, as appears by many religious figures and inscriptions in the rooms.



THIS ancient and noble family is descended from Robert Robert. Bulkeley, Lord of the Manor of Bulkeley in the county

palatine of Chester, in the reign of K. John, and was sucWilliam. ceeded by his fon William, who had five fons, viz. Robert; Willcock, of Petty-hall in that county (whose fon Richard



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