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F. S. A. (1827) and one of the Coun-
cil (1830-1 and 1848-9) M. R. I. A.
(1827. Member of the United Service
Institution (1832) of the Royal Anti-
quarian Society of Copenhagen (1833)
of the Swedish Archæological Society
(1845) Member of the Royal Literary
Fund (1828) and one of the Registrars
(1829 to 1848) being a Lite Subscriber
to the above. Member also of the fol-
lowing Societies; the Camden (1839 to
1848) and one of the Council (1839 to
1846); the Percy (1840 to 1848) and
one of the Council (1840 to 1848 except
for a short interval in 1844 ); the
Irish Archæological Society (1841 to
1844); the Numismatic Society (1845
to 1848) and one of the Council
(1847-8); the British Archæological
Association (1843) and one of the Se.
cretaries (1845 to 1848); the Hakluyt
Society 1817 to 1*48), of the Anti-
quaries Club (1x 47 and 1848) and
Founder and President of the Society
of Noviomagus (1828 to 1848.)
3, Gloucester Road,

Old Brompton.
Room Case U.
T Shelf


No. 22,

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