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know the truth, among us at least, do make of your Lordfhip, that I dare fay not the loins only, but the fouls of thousands do blefs you, and God for you; praying for a rich reward to be given you of the Lord, and that with your ancient predeceffor honourable Nehemiah, the Lord would remember you herein, and wipe not out all the kindness you have fhewed on the houfe of your God, and on the minifters thereof. For in the zeal of God, and uprightness of my heart, not to give titles unto men, which is not my wont, but to provoke all of like honourable condition to follow your godly practice: this I fay, that as your pure religion is the crown of your nobility, fo this is the crown of your religion, that befides your ordinary prefence in the public affemblies of the church, your zeal to God, and love to his people, hath herein especially been manifefted to the world, in your continual care to plant faithful preachers in all thofe livings which have been in your Lordfhips gift, or which by all your friends you could procure. What is the worthy fruit thereof cannot indeed be valued, much lefs by me now uttered: yet this I fay with com mon confent of all found-hearted Proteftants, that if the true prophets of God be the chariots and horsemen of Ifrael, then may we refer to this honourable practice of

your Lordship, and of other like Chriftian patrons, as to a chief means under God, and under the religious regiment of our gracious Sovereign; the fafety of his highnefs' perfon, this admirable tranquility of the realm, that notable ruin of Rome, which is fo worthily with us effected, and fhall be affuredly elsewhere in due time accomplished. And to fay all in few words, to this may we refer the fafety of foul and body of many thoufands in the land, who, though they do and fhall live by faith, yet doth their righteoufnefs far exceed the righteoufnefs of all Popish hypocrites both in duty to God, and to their dread fovereign our noble king.

Whereupon I may conclude, that I fcarce think of any fervice more honourable to God, and profitable to his church, than this care to bring into the Lord's temple fuch painful labourers as both by life and doctrine do faithfully build up the fame. Go on therefore, Right Honourable, and cease not to fhine out in this dark world with fuch light of good example: and withal reft upon his word, who cannot lie, that you fhall fhine in the kingdom of light, whereinto fhall enter no unclean thing: neither whatsoever worketh abomination or lies, but they which are written in the Lamb's book of life. To which bleffed in

heritance, immortal, undefiled, and that fadeth not, that God of his mercy would bring you, my hearts defire and prayer is, and thall be: and in the mean feafon, that the years of your life being multiplied, your life may be full of honour to God, profit to his church, and comfort to your own foul.

Your honours moft deeply bound,





BEING often requested, gentle render,

and much importuned by fundry, both learned and godly, to publifh that doctrine of the Apocalipfe, which divers of them with lively voice heard publicly delivered, I did at last, upon my

ation, yield unto their reasonable request; I mean the reafons of their request. Indeed I do ingenuoufly confefs, that I am the unfiteft of many, which this age, God be thanked, doth afford, to deal in a matter of fo great importance, or any wife to be employed in fo great and honourable a fervice as this is. But if I do induftrioufly ufe my fmall talent, and be found faithful in a little, I hope it fhall have both chearful and comfortable acceptation with the church of God. For this I prefume will be

granted of all, that he which hath but a little ftrength, and yet he putteth it forth to the uttermoft to do good withal, is more to be commended, than he which hath thrice his ftrength, and ufeth it not to the help and benefit of others. And true it is indeed, that fundry worthy labours of divers excellent men upon the Apocalypfe, are already extant, fo as he may feem to pour water into the fea, or go about to mend the crows eyes, that will attempt to add any thing to that which is already publifhed. But know this, O Christian reader, that the Lord's garden is fo large and plentiful of all moft fweet and pleasant flowers, that where any one hath gathered a nofegay most fragrant and delectable, another may come after, and gather another not to be contemned. For the wisdom of God is fuch an undrainable fountain and headfpring, that where one hath drawn much before, another may come happily, and draw as much afterward; yea tho' thoufands do fucceed, yet can this fountain never be drawn dry. Be it far from me to arrogate any thing to myself, above others; for I am privy enough to mine own means, and do freely confefs, that in this work, I have received much light from others; and therefore do not as a judge, give sentence upon other men's works; But as one that

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