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Wherein is plainly shewed and proved, that the Popis!!

RELIGION, together with all the Power and Autho-
rity of Rome thall ebb and decay more throughout
aft-the CHURCHES of EUROPE, and come to an
utter overthrow even in this Life, before tic end of

the World.
Written especially for the comfort of Proteitants, and

the danting of Papifts, Seminary Priets, Jesuits,
and all that erroneous Rabble.

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To which is added,

Of the Rev. Mr. BRIGHTMAN'S Expofirion
ps, upon the Revelation.





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10 be a father to the fatherless, is pro.. perly the virtue of the Most High, and therefore fit for those who bear his name and office upon earth. Among whom

(Right Honourable) seeing it hath pleased · his Majesty to count your Lordship faith

ful, and to put you in fo high a service, it shall (I assure myself) be matter of rejoicing unto your Lordship, to take the patronage of this poor orphan, which knoweth not whither to fly for succour, but to you, who did so many ways commend your favour to his late deceased father, that if he had lived to the birth of this his last offspring it was his full purpose (as many can witness) to have committed

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it unto your Lordship’s protection, as most fit among many to take this patronage upon you. That this young infant growing up under your roof, may in time effect that indeed, whereof it bears the name, to be The Ruin of Rome. To speak of the excellent parts thereof, and of what hope it is like to be in the church of Christ, I think needless, and I fear the note of parTality, it shall speak for itself, and (I doubt) will commend to all posterity his worthy

father's memory. Now for myself (Right :: Honourable) being so straitly bound to this

aluty, in regard of my near conjunction with my late brother Mr. Dent, and great importunity of his poor widow, was the inore willingly drawn hereunto in two refpects. The one to give fome public testimony of iny love towards him, and reve. rence of the rare grace which we all (who cnjoyed his sweet fociety) did continually in our comfort behold in him. Whose learning his labours do fhew; whose diligence, yea extreme and unwearied pains in his ministry publicly, privately, at home, and abroad, for twenty-four years at least, all our country can testify. All which being adorned with so special humility, do make his 'name the greater, and our loss the more grievous. I may not leave out this, which I avow to be as certain, as it is singular, that besides all other his great labours, he had (with the apostle) a special care of all the churches night and day, by

profperity of Zion, and the ruin of Rome. And to end with his blessed end, his life was not more profitable to others, than his death is peaceable to himself; scarce a groant to be heard, though his fever must needs be violent which dispatched him in three days. And having made a pithy confession of his faith, this faith said he, have I preached, this faith have I lived in, this faith I do live in, and this faith would I have sealed with my blood, if God had so thought it good, and tell my brethren so; and drawing near his end, he said, I have fought the good fight, I have finished my

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that crown of righteousness laid up for me, m; "the which the Lord that righteous Judge h shall give me in that day;' and fo gave up

his last breath with these words, I have « seen an end of all perfection, but thy law • is exceeding large. . .

The other respect, my special good Lord, for the which I am the more willing to come thus upon the stage, though my part : be small, full suitable to my ability, is, that

I might be as the mouth of many, to pub... lifh to poiterity, what high account all that

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