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We ask not "grog courage,” so vaunted ;

Let it blow as it never yet blew !
To ride amidst breakers undaunted
Is the vaunt of a Temperance crew !

To ride amidst breakers undaunted

Is the vaunt of a Temperance crew.
Down anchors-pay out—let her swing free and wide ;

As our hearts, so our cables are true;
Like a sea bird she sits —now she breasts the rough

Hold on then, brave Temperance crew.

Like a sea bird she sits, as she breasts the rough tide!

Hold on then, brave Temperance crew.
Come, a bright, bright look-out. Hail each lull, or a

In the gale !we have death in our view!
But may weather the squall—for in God and our cause
Is the trust of a Temperance crew.

But may weather the squall, for in God and our



Is the trust of a Temperance crew.
Bear a hand—the storm lulls—and the tide sets off fast,

Ere again the wild hurricane brew.
Set her topsails, and slip-and the danger is past;
Then huzza for a Temperance crew !

Set her topsails, and slip-and the danger is past;
Then huzza for a Temperance crer.

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... 13

Page A beacon has been lighted-Romaine.

49 All ye who laugh and sport with death.

29 And are ye sure the news is true.....

87 Another year has run its round..

72 Away from the revel-Muhlenberg.

65 Be days of drinking wine forgot-Auld Lang Syne... 89 Be present at our meeting, Lord....

10 Be with me, Lord, throughout this day..

71 Belshazzar is king—Shout the glad tidings.

86 Blow the temp’rance trumpet, blow..

39 Blow ye the trumpet, blow-Jubilee.. Can we forget the gloomy time-Auld Lang Syne... 59 Cheerily, cheerily sound the joyful strain..

72 Children who have rallied now-Wallace.

67 Come, behold the drunkard dying-Welsh Melody. 66 Come, sons of Columbia, while proudly and high. 78 Come, ye messengers of mercy-Littleton...... 46 Come, ye that know and fear the Lord... Come, thou Almighty King-Italian Hymn.... Crystal streamlet! gently flowing-Sicilian Hymn.... 88 Dash to the floor that bowl-Sebastian Bach, H. M... 63 Daughter of nations ! awake from thy slumb's Daughter 38 Daughter of Zion ! awake from thy slumbers) of Žion 66 Farewell to the cup! we have tarried too long-Scotland 82 Father, how wide thy glory shines....

8 Friends of man and foes to 'madness-Wilmot........ 77 Friends of freedom, swell the song-Wallace.......... 52 God in the Gospel of his Son...

14 Go, self-polluted loathsome wretch-Melody... 23

Page Gracious God, to thee belong-Pleyel's Hymn. ..... 12 Hail, day of joy !-Star of Bethlehem..

95 Hail, temp?rance ! fair celestial ray.

33 Hail! the New Year jubilee...

92 Hand me the bowl! ye jovial band.

19 Hark! hark ye ! O listen-St. Denis..

16 Hark! the herald angels sing-Wilson...

15 Heavenly Father! give thy blessing-Sicily.

73 Help us to feel for drunken man ...

20 He was a virtuous youth-Boylton.

70 Holy, holy, holy Lord-Kir.

9 Hosannas, Lord, to thee we sing.

51 How bright the page where every thought.

47 How dear to my heart are the days of my childhood. 80 How long, O God, how long:

21 How long shall virtue languish-Romaine.

51 If one bright spot there is on earth..

83 I heard a voice from heaven....

34 Intempérance, like a raging flood..

18 Intemp'rance rears its sinful towers-Newcourt...... 61 I saw a youth in his father's hall......

96 I spring from the rock, from mountain side.

81 It is useless to talk of the temperance cause.. I've thrown the bowl aside...

84 Land of Columbia ! awake-Daughter of Zion... 75 Let him who may think-Bethlehem.

73 Let Temperance and her sons rejoice-Sterling.. 50 List, shipmates, to a seaman's lay. Long and gloomy was the night—Pleyel's Hymn.. 36 Lord of heaven and earth, assist us-Siberia.. ... 56 Lo! Zion droops in vain—in vain...

35 Luff up boys; clew up and furl every sail.... .103 Mid sorrows and sadness--Home, sweet home. Mournful and sad upon my ear-Ballermo...

26 Now begin the heavenly theme.....

14 Now, O Lord, in peace dismiss us—Sicily..

74 O’er Arabia's dreary sands.....

42 Oh! soft sleep the hills in their sunny repose--Scotland 91 Oh, is there not now any fireman's song.

99 Oh, shun the bowl-Star of Bethlehem.

62 Oh, shun the bowl, when rich delight..

60 Oh, touch it not, for deep within.....

65 Oh, turn from the wine-glass away.






... 55


Page Oh, wild is the path of the son of the sea............ 103 Oh, water for me, bright water for me-Bonny Doon, Scotch air...

85 Only this once the wine-cup glowed-Hamburg.

.... 22 On, temp?rance, on! speed on blest power..

79 On this joyous day, while the cannon's loud voice... 93 On this glad day, o God, we would .. Onward! onward ! all victorious-Grenville... Onward ! onward ! band victorious—Westborough. 45 0, 'tis a joyful sound to hear-Mead..

41 O'that the Lord would hear...

46 0, thou source of ills unnumbered-Middleton.

31 Our country's banners play-Bermondsey..

90 Parent of the great creation.--Middleton..

54 Pledge in a noble cause..... Praise to the Lord on high-Weymouth..

53 Prepare for the battle, attend to the sound..

98 Rise and shine through every nation-Oliphant.... 44 Round the temp’rance standard rally-Zion..

37 See from Zion's sacred inountain-Grenville,

15 Shall the bone and muscle human...

97 Sing how eternal Love

& Some sing the praise of rosy wine.

81 Son of sorrow! son of sorrow-Mount Vernon 28 Sons and daughters of the pilgrims—Zion..

35 Source of being ! Holy Father..

42 Speed, speed the temperance ship..

.. 100 Stay, mortal, stay! nor heedless Thus-Ballermo...... 63 Stop, poor sinners, stop and thmk...

27 Stretch'd on a heap of straw, his bed.

20 Temp’rance, mild" blessing, goddess serene.... 77 Temp'rance, tell the listening world-Watchman, tell us of the night ....

57 Temp’rance, with pinions widely spread.

102 That wine-cup! touch it not.

58 The blessings of the bounteous God...

41 The drink that's in the drunkard's bowl..

68 The Pledge ! the Pledge! the mighty rock.

40 The temp’rance trumpet blow.

34 There's a blessing on the wing.

31 There was a time, there was a time....

30 There sprang a tree of deadly name-Luther's Hymn 36 They say the goblet's crowned with flowers...... 96

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This day, o God, thy blessed hand..
Though sore beset with guilt and fear.....
Though wretchedness unending......,
Thou liquid fire ! like that which glowed.
Through all the various passing scenes........
Throughout Columbia's borders.....
Thy gracious aid, O God, impart..
To God the Father, God the Son:
To Thee, O merciful and just...
United in a peaceful band
Vain man, on foolish pleasure bent.
Watchman, tell us of the night..
We come, our Father, to thy throne
We praise thee, Lord, if but one soul..
We've heard that round the wine-cup's brim
What shall the dying sinner do
When God poured out perfection first ..
When we think of chill starvation-Mount Vernon.
Who are the brave, if they were not ......
Ye captives once to sin and shame..


43 32 60 24 29 76 68 74 11 70 17 39 11* 54 69 14 48 23 90 27

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