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4 Now sinners, dry your tears,

Let hopeless sorrow cease,
Bow to the sceptre of his love,

And take the offer'd peace.



C. M.
YOME ye that know and fear the Lord,
Let every heart and voice accord,

To sing that God is love.
2 This precious truth his word declares,

And all his mercies prove,
Jesus the gift of gifts appears,

To show that God is love.
3 Sinai in clouds, and smoke and fire,

Thunders his dreadful name;
But Zion sings in melting notes,

The honors of the Lamb.
4 In all his doctrines and commands,

His counsels and designs,
In every work his hands have framed,

His love supremely shines.
5 Angels and men the news proclaim,

Through earth and heaven above,
The joyful and transporting news,

That God the Lord, is love.

[blocks in formation]

Only uncreated mind,

Wonders in thy nature meet,
Perfect unity combined,

With society complete.
2. Wonder working Spirit, thine

Efficacious grace we sing,
Place on us thy seal divine,

Safely to thy kingdom bring;
Banish sin, both root and deed,

Daily strengthen every grace,
Send us, urge us on with speed,

And let glory crown the race.

L. M.
E present at our meeting, Lord;


, ;

Our spirits bless, and grant that we

May meet in paradise with thee.
2 May every mind be fill?d with light,

Direct our wand'ring footsteps right;
Imbue our hearts with saving grace,

Thy holy image on us trace. 3 Let fervent charity preside,

And all our thoughts and counsels guide;
May thy good Spirit, from above,
Teach us to speak the truth in love.
0, may the votaries of sin,
The work of penitence begin;
And flee the drunkard's path of wo,
For joys that true abstainers know.

J. Burns.


L. M.
i " To Thee, oh merciful and just,

We lift our spirits from the dust
To Thee, whose power and love reclaim
The lives of men from sin and shame.


2 “Within thy courts, O God, we stand

A firm, devoted, fearless band :
And here we buckle on for life,

Our armor for a holy strife.
3 “A strife with self, and fierce desires,

That wither like consuming fires,
That all thy noblest work deface,

And make the heart a desert place.
4. “Oh, let us conquer ! let thy shield

Protect us, till the tyrant yield
Till from our land the foe be driven,
Who poisons all the founts of heaven.”

L. M.

W winegrateful heart and joyful laye,

For thou hast made our cause thine own,

To thee, to thee alone, be praise.
2 We loose the sandals from our feet,

We feel that this is holy ground;
Then let us seek thy mercy seat,

For there alone may strength be found.
3 Strength to press on and upward still,

To rein each passion's wild career,
To conquer ev'ry form of ill,
Uncheck'd by pride, unaw'd by fears

4 We come with voice of praise and prayer,

Then Father, hear us from above ! 0! make our cause thy constant care, And o'er it spread thy wing of love!

Miss Woodbridge.




Songs of praises ever more;
Wilt thou hear our grateful song,

While thy goodness we adore.
2 Thou hast kindly deigned to bless,

Every effort we have made ;
Crowned our labors with success,

And the course of evil stay'd.
3 Fervent praise we give to thee,

Thou, our counsellor and friend,
Wilt thou still our guardian be,

Still thine aid and blessing lend.
4 Ordered by thy sovereign will,

Guided by thy mighty hand,
May the cause of Temp’rance, still
Spread triumphant through our land.

Miss Woodbridge.



The power and promises of the Gospel to reform and

[blocks in formation]

Let all the nations know,

To earth's remotest bound;
The year of Jubilee is come;
Return, ye ransom'd sinners, home.
2 Exalt the Lamb of God,

The sin-atoning Lamb;
Redemption by his blood

Thro' all the land proclaim ;
The year of Jubilee is comez
Return, ye ransom'd sinners home.
3. Ye who have sold for nought

The heritage above,
Shall have it back unbought,

The gift of Jesus love;

of Jubilee is come ;
Return, ye ransom'd sinners home.
4. Ye slaves of sin and hell,

Your liberty receive,
And safe in Jesus dwell,

And blest in Jesus live;
The year of Jubilee is come;
Return, ye ransom'd sinners home.


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