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GMaizes his eternal counsels known,

'Tis here his richest mercy shines,

And truth is drawn in faitest lines.
2 Wisdom its dictates here imparts,

To form our minds to cheer our hearts
Its influence makes the sinner live,

It bids the drooping saint revive.
3 Our raging passions it controls,

And comfort yields to contrite souls ;
It brings a better world in view,

And guides us all our journey through.



L. M.
HAT shall the dying sinner do,

That seeks relief for all his WO)
Where shall the guilty conscience find,

Ease for the tornent of the mind ?
2 In vain we search, in vain we try,

'Till Jesus brings his gospel nigh;
'Tis there that power and glory dwell,

That save rebellious souls from hell.
3 This is the pillar of our hope,

That bears our fainting spirits up:
We read the grace, we trust the worid,
And find salvation in the Lord.


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1 OW begin the heavenly theme,


aloud in Jesus' name; Ye, who his salvation prove,

Triumph in redcerning love.


2 Ye, alas! who long have been,

Willing slaves to death and sin;
Now from bliss no longer rove,

Stop and taste redeeming love.
3 He şubdued th' infernal powers,

Those tremendous foes of ours;
From their cursed empire drove,

Mighty in redeeming love,
4 Hither then your music bring,

Strike aloud each cheerful string,
Mortals, join the host above,

Join to praise redeeming love, 14

ARK! the herald.angels sing,


Peace on earth, and mercy mild;

God and sinners reconcil'd ;"
2 Mild he lays his glory by,

Born that man no more may die ;
Joyful all ye nations rise,

Join the triumphs of the skies.
3 Glory to the new born King,
Let us all the anthem sing,

Peace on earth, and mercy mild,
God and sinners reconcil'd.

Madan's Coll.



Bs, 7s. & 4s,
IEE from Zions sacred mountain,

Streams of living waters flow,
God has opened there a fountain,
This supplies the plains below,

They are blessed,
Who its soy'reign virtues know.

% Through ten thousand channels flowing.

Streams of mercy find their way,
Life and health and joy bestowing,
Making all around look gay:

O ye nations,
Hail the long expected day.
3 Trees of life the banks adorning,

Yield their fruit to all around;
Those who eat are saved from mourning,
Pleasure comes and hopes abound;

Fair their portion,
Endless life with glory crown'd.






11s. 1 ARK! hark ye ! O listen the sorrow and weep

ing, Which rise from the hovel where Misery reigns, To the howl of the winds a wild harmony keeping, Which chills the warm life-blood that speeds thro'

our veins !

2 Sad, sad is the story those accents are telling!

Like the wail of the dying it pierces the air! Oh, what has so blasted that comfortless dwelling?

The monster Intemperance is rioting there!

3 The wife worse than widowed, forlorn and heart-bro

ken, While hunger and want make her little ones cry; All trembling and pale, hears the terrible token

Of anguish, the steps of her husband are nigh! 4 Those sounds once she caught with unspeakable glad

ness, While lit with affection her eye brightly shone, Now sunken, her bosom o'er burdened with sadness,

Like the funeral knell or the dirge's low moan! 5 He comes! See he comes! But no fond salutation, Breaks forth from his lips which once murmured

of love: Those eyes, once accustomed to smile approbation,

Look dark as the storm-cloud which musters above; 6 With oaths and reproaches he vents his displeasure,

And smites the frail form he is bound to protect : Her tears and entreaties avail in no measure;

He treats them with scorn or with cruel neglect. 7 His babes who once crowded around for his blessing,

Or sat gaily prating for joy on his knee, Familiar with blows in the place of caressing,

Away from their father instinctively flee. 8 Oh! the withering curse, and the ruin appalling,

Which ALCOHOL wreaks on a suffering world! Let the people's rebuke, like hot thunder-bolts falling, Shower fierce on the fiend till from earth he is


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Prepares for his own punishment,
What pains, what loathsome maladies,
From luxury and lust arise.

2 The drunkard feels his vitals waste,

Yet drowns his health to please his taste, "Till all his active powers are lost,

And fainting life draws near the dust.
3 The glutton groans and loathes to eat,

His soul abhors delicious meat;
Nature with heavy loads opprest,

Would yield to death to be released.
4 Behold the frighted sinners fly,

To God for help with earnest cry,
He hears their groans, prolongs their breath,
And saves them from approaching death.


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| I Nis sweeping o'er the land,

INTEMP’RANCE, like a raging flood,
Its dire effects, in tears and blood,

Are trac'd on every hand.
2 It still flows on, and bears away

Ten thousands to their doom :
Who shall the mighty torrent stay,

And disappoint the tomb ?
3 Almighty God! no hand but thine

Can check this flowing tide;
Stretch out thine arm of

And bid the flood subside.

power divine,

4 Dry up the source from whence it flows,

Destroy its fountain head;
That dire Intemprance and its woes

No more the earth o'erspread.

J. B.

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