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5 It filleth health and beauty's cup,

And wrath and sorrow doth it drown,
As from our wells it cometh up,

As from thy clouds it cometh down.
6 For the cool water we have quaffed,

Source of all good! we owe thee much ;
Our lips have touched no burning draught

This day, nor shall they ever touch.
7 When we retire to our repose,

And night's dark curtains round us draw,
O guard us, as thou guardest those
Who trust thy care, and keep thy law!


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ISE and shine through every nation,

O thou temp'rance star divine !
Bless, O bless the whole creation ;
Enter every heart and mind.

Rouse the drunkards!
Teach them to be wise in time.

2 Guided by the great Jehovah,

Strengthen’d by his mighty hand,
Even drunkards are made sober ;
See them travel through the land.

They shall prosper,
Joined in one te-total band.

3 Who will come and join our standard ?

Holp to pull the strong-holds down?
Temperance men, unite-come forward,
Then the victory is your own;

Endless glory
Will your useful labors crown.


8s. 7s. & 9s.


NWARD! onward! band victorious,

Rear the temp'rance banner high!
Thus far hath your course been glorious ;

Now your day of triumph's nigh.
Vice and error flee before you

As the darkness flies the sun ;
Onward, vict'ry hovers o'er you,

Soon the battle will be won!
2 Onward ! onward! songs and praises

Ring to heaven's topmost arch,
Whensoe'er your standard raises,

And your conquering legions march.
Gird the temp’rance armor on you,

Look for guidance from above;
God and angels smile upon youi,

Hasten then your work of love!
3 Lo, what multitudes despairing!

Widows, orphans, heirs of wo,
And the slaves their fetters wearing,

Reeling madly to and fro;
Mercy, justice, both entreat you

To destroy their bitter foe;
Christians, patriots, good men greet you,

To the conflict bravely go!
4 To the vender and distiller

Thunder truth with startling tone !
Swell the accents louder, shriller,

Make their guilt enormous known.
Onward ! onward! never falter,

Cease not till the earth is free;
Swear on temp'rance' holy altar,

Death is yours, or VICTORY!


8s. 75. & 4s. YOME, ye messengers of mercy,



Aid us in this controversy,
Satan's kingdom to confound;

Come and join us;
So shall righteousness abound.
2 Come, ye men of lower classes,

Ye who labor hard and long;
Ye who think your single glasses
Make you happy, hale and strong

Come and join us;
Come, and prove us right or wrong.
3 For your country's reformation,

For your children's future weal,
For your own sure preservation-
To your conscience we appeal.

Come and join us ;
Touch not, taste not, drink no more.

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4s. & 6s.

THAT the Lord would hear

Our supplicating cry;
In our behalf appear,

A Saviour ever nigh;
And sweetly prompt each female's heart,

To take with us an active part.
2 Ye Sarah's now arise,

Ye Miriams all come forth;
While Hannahs, truly wise,

Now prove your genuine worth.
No power like yours-save that above,
To teach sobriety and love.


3 Marys and Marthas join,

As vessels of his grace,
Counsel with love combine,

To save our sinking race;
To bid them of strong drinks beware,

That they may shun the tempter's snare,
4 Come forth ye lovely train,

Your nobler powers display ;
Nor shall you plead in vain ;

But win the well-fought day.
Mothers and maidens then shall sing,

And earth with hallelujahs ring,
5 Each house shall then become

A paradise below;
And all enjoy a home,
Where sweetest pleasures flow;
And thousands join with sweet accord

To praise the Saviour, Christ, the Lord. 60

L. M. 1 Tow bright the page whose every thought, How dark the works with poison fraught,

To taint the fountain of our youth.
2 How mounts the souls with rushing wing,

When wakes the poet's magic strain ;
But if the “sparkling bowl,” he sing,

Those soaring pinions droop again. 3 How music cheers the weary heart,

To troubles wave, it whispers peace ;
But when it acts the syren's part,

In vain the captive seeks release.
4 How potent art, with wondrous skill,

Bids forms of beauty bless our eyes !
But ah! she often lures to ill,

Till baleful passions, all arise

5 How fair the path which upward leads,

'Tis virtue's sweet and pleasant way; Our guide each humble pilgrim heeds,

And cheers him onward, day by day.


THEN God poured out perfection first,

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Pure water quenched our parents' thirst,

And temp'rance chose their food.
Fair Eden's bowers and groves so green,

Were nursed with heavenly care ;
And naught but freshness there was seen ;

No Alcohol was there.
2 From every sweet and thriving field,

Each pure and healthful rill;
Of every luxury they yield,

Our parents took their fill :
Except ONE tree! one fatal tree,

Like wine, to move the brain;
From which they PLEDGED, TE-TOTALLY,

For ever to abstain.
3 Oh, had their righteous pledge been kept,

Intemp’rance had been stayed ;
Nor misery's flood this world have swept,

Or drunkard's grave been made ;
But tempted by the sparkling fruit,

And knowledge most divine,
Like thousands since, they joined the BRUTE,

And sold the world to WINE.

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