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7. & 6s.
1 BEACON has been lighted,

Bright as the noon-day sun,
On worlds of mind benighted,
Its rays are pouring down.
Full many a shrine of error,
And many a deed of shame,
Dismayed, has shrunk in terror
Before the lighted flame.

Victorious on, victorious !
Proud beacon onward haste,
'Till floods of light all glorious,

Illume the moral waste.
2 Intemperance has founder'd,

The demon gasps for breath,
His rapid march is downward
To everlasting death.

age and youth united,
His works have prostrate hurld.
And soon himself affrighted,
Shall hurry from this world.

Victorious on, &c.
3 Bold TEMPERANCE untiring,

Strikes at the monster's heart,
Beneath her blows expiring,
He dreads her well-aimed dart,

Her blows, we'll pray “God speed” them,
The darkness to dispel ;
And how we fought for freedom,
Let future ages tell.

Victorious on, &c.


L. M.
ET temp’rance and her sons rejoice,


Let every heart and every voice

Conspire to raise a joyful song.
2 And let the anthem rise to God,

Whose fav’ring mercies so abound,
And let his praises fly abroad,

The spacious universe around.
3 His children's prayer he deigns to grant,

He stays the progress of the foe;
And temp'rance, like a cherish'd plant,

Beneath his fostring care shall grow. 64

C. M. 1 N this glad day, O God, we would,

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Acknowledge Thee for all the good

That temperance has done.
2 We thank Thee for the thousands sav'd

From soul-seducing drink,
Who by its power were long enslav'd,

And cast on ruin's brink.

3 O let thy Holy Spirit dwell

Where vice too long has reign'd;
For where thy mercy breaks the spell

The victory is gain'd.



L. M. 1 TOSANNAS, Lord, to Thee we sing,

Whose power the giant fiend obeys ; What countlesss thousands tribute bring,

For happier homes and brighter days!
2 Thou wilt not break the bruised reed,

Nor leave the broken heart unbound;
The wife regains a husband freed !

The orphan clasps a father found !
3 Spare, Lord, the thoughtless, guide the blind,

Till man no more shall deem it just
To live, by forging chains to bind

His weaker brother in the dust.
4 Still give us grace, Almighty King !

Unwavering at our posts to stand,
'Till grateful at thy shrine we bring

The tribute of a ransomed land.

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7s. & 6s.
1 Tow long shall virtue languish ?
How long shall folly reign

While many a heart with anguish

Is weeping o'er the slain ?
How long shall dissipation

Her deadly waters pour,
Throughout this favored nation,

Her millions to devour ?
2 When shall the veil of blindness

Fall from the sons of wealth,
Restoring human kindness

And industry, and health ?
When shall the charms so luring,

Of bad example cease;
The ends at once securing,

Of industry and peace ?

3 We hail with joy unceasing

The band whose pledge is given ;
Whose numbers are increasing,

Amid the smiles of heaven;
Their virtues never failing,

Shall lead to brighter days,
When holiness prevailing,

Shall fill the earth with praise.


75. & 6s.


VRIENDS of freedom! swell the song;

Make the temp'rance army strong,

And on to victory.
2 Lift your banners, let them wave,

Onward march a world to save;
Who would fill a drunkard's grave,

And bear his infamy?
3 Shrink not when the foe appears ;

Spurn the coward's guilty fears ;
Hear the shrieks, behold the tears

O.f ruin'd families !
4 Raise the cry in every spot

6 Touch not-Taste not--Handle not,"
Who would be a drunken sot,

The worst of miseries ?
5 Give the aching bosom rest;

Carry joy to every breast;
Make the wretched drunkard blest,

By living soberly.
6 Raise the glorious watchword high-

Touch not-Taste not till you die!"
Let the echo reach the sky,

And earth keep jubilee.

7 God of mercy! hear us plead,

For thy help we intercede!
See how many bosoms bleed !

And heal them speedily.
8 Hasten, Lord, the happy day,

When, beneath thy gentle ray,
TEMP'RANCE all the world shall sway.
And reign triumphantly.

Hatfield. 68

6s. & 8s.
1 DRAISE to the Lord on high,

wide ;

While temp'rance's blessed cause

Is urg'd on every side ;
Balmy and rich its odors rise,

To fill each realm beneath the skies.
2 Ten thousand dying men

It influence feel and live;
Sweet as the vital air

The incense they receive;
They breathe anew, to God they bring,
Their thanks through Christ, their conquering

3 But drunkards scorn the grace,

Which brings such blessings nigh,
They turn away their face,
And faint and fall and die.
Ye temperate men their doom deplore,

For 0! they fall to rise no more.
4 0, may I e'er be kept,

From wine's destructive bowl;
The foe which seeks to kill

My body and my soul :
Saviour, with aid divine anew,
I bid its touch a last adieu.

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