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E praise thee, Lord—if but one soul


Turn'd shudd'ring from the pois'nous bowl,

To health, and liberty, and light.
2 We praise thee- if one clouded home,

Where broken hearts despairing pin'd,
Beheld the sire and husband come,

Erect, and in his perfect mind.
3 No more a weeping wife to mock,

'Till all her hopes in anguish end-
No more the trembling mind to shock,
And sink the father in the fiend.

4 Still give us grace, Almighty King,

Unwav'ring at our posts to stand;
'Till grateful at thy shrine we bring,
The tribute of a ransom'd land.

L. H. Sigourney. 70

8s. & 7s.
1 ARENT of the great creation,


Thanks we give and adoration,
Now that we before thee stand.

2 May all drunkards now enslaved,

Taste those pleasures we enjoy ;
They and us through grace be saved,

And for thee our lives employ.
3 Safely by thy spirit guided,

'Till the scenes of life are o'er,
May we taste the bliss provided,
Hunger then and thirst no more.

4 Then our sweetest voices raising,

With the bright angelic host,
Thy great name for ever praising,
Father, Son and Holy Ghost.

E. B. H.


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8s. 7s. & 4s. TEMPERANCE TRIUMPH. NWARD! Onward! all victorious,



Soon our triumph will be glorious,
For our leader is divine.

Sing victorious !

Sing victorious !
For our leader is divine.
2 God does work !-See, none can hinder ;

Weak the agents he'll employ-
With his trumpet loudly thunder,
Compass round, and then destroy !

Walls of Satan!

Walls of Satan!
Compass round, He will destroy.
3 Rouse thee! rouse thee! Christian sleeping !

Hark! thy Master draweth near,
Search the camp,—in wrath He's speaking,
" That an Achan's shelter'd there!"

Sons of Zion !

Sons of Zion ! See, an Achan's shelter'd there. 4 E'en poor Erin! now is bursting

From the chains which long she wore !
See her, Father Mathew trusting,
Alcohol shall rule no more !

Happy Erin!

Happy Erin !
Alcohol shall rule no more.



8s. 7. & 4s.

ORD of heaven and earth assist us,

'L While the temperance cluse it plead


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Though both earth and hell resist us,
If thou bless, we shall succeed,

From intemp'rance
May our country soon be freed.
2 Let the temp’rance reformation,

Still go forward and increase,
Checking vice and dissipation,
Filling hearts and homes with peace,

Till intenıp'rance
Shall on earth, for ever cease.

J. Burpe.

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Who of noble birth are proud;
Lo! the glorious cause of temp?rance,
For exertion calls aloud,

While the monster
Still within the land is found.
2 See the loathsome drunkard reeling;

Hark the cries of weeping friends!
Hear the mother, children pleading
Heaven relief would quickly send ;

Cruel tyrant!
When will all thy miseries end !
3 O! thou great and mighty Saviour,

Haste thee on the glorious day,
When the powerful, arch-deceiver,
Shall no more his wrath display ;

Then our cause will
Gain the universal sway.



1 N TEMPERANCE! tell the listening world

What thine advocates have done;
Hearken, now the tyrant's hurled

From hiş high, despotic throne.
2 Temperance-shall it bear the sway,

Shine o'er earth in splendour bright?
Listen; for a brilliant day

Drives away the gloomy night.
3 Temperance! will thy beams alone

Gild the spot that gave thee birth?
Other climes thy sway shall own:

See, it bursts o'er all the earth.
4 Temperance ! are thy sons to fight,

Like hosts of earth, to fix thy laws ?
O no; for love and truth unite,

To achieve thy holy cause.
5 Temperance ! then I'll be thy child,

For I love thy sacred name :
Yes, thy voice and influence mild

Can the wildest passion tame.
6 Temperance! we shall shout thy praise ;

We no more will leave thy band;
Joyful now our anthems raise,
In every clime, in


L. H. Sigourney.






1 MTHAT wine-cup! touch it not!

Poverty fills it up,

With ruin and decay.
Oh, youngster, heed thee well,

Ere thou hast quaffed a drop-
The seeds of death are there,

Whose work thou canst not stop!
2 When in the wide world, youth,

Thou hold'st thy devious way,
If from the path of truth,

Temptations lead astray-
If urg'd to drain the glass.

With thoughtless, heedless men,
Oh, as thou lov'st thyself,

Touch not the wine-cup then.
3 Should hours of darkness come,

And thy heart's purpose fail,
Should life to thee seem vain,

And earth a dreary vale
Oh, to the voice of truth

Take heed, nor then be deaf,
Shun, shun the wine-cup then,

It cannot give relief.

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