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3 Go, view that prison's gloomy cells,

Their palid tenants scan;
Gaze, gaze upon these earthly hells,

And ask how they began.
4 Stay, mortal, stay ; repent, return;

Reflect upon thy fate ;
The poisonous draught indignant spurn--

Spurn, spurn it, ere too late.

L. M.

Air.—“Green Fields,"
1 H! turn from the wine-glass away,


For who have such trouble as they,

That oft to the bottle are led ?
Who else have such sorrow and wo,

As they who to drinking incline ?
What evils unceasingly flow

From tarrying long at the wine !
2 Oh! turn from the wine-glass away,

Nor look on the wine when it's red;
At last, like a serpent at play,

It stings, and the poison will spread.
The eyes it inflames with desire,

The heart with all manner of sin,
It setteth the bosom on fire,

Consuming the spirit within.
3 Oh! turn from the wine-glass away,

Nor look on the wine when it's red:
Though urg'd by the wealthy and gay,

Remember the blood it hath shed !
Touch not, with the poison, thy lips,

If thou would'st be free from its pains;
For he is in danger who sips-
He only is safe who abstains.





C. M.
Orhadruby tinted

H! touch it not for deep within,
Lie hidden fiends of guilt and sin,

To seize your precious soul.
2 That sparkling glass if you partake,

Will prove your deadly foe,
And may, e'er yet its bubbles break,

Have sealed your endless wo.
3 Then pause e'er yet the cup you drain,

The hand that lifts it, stay,
Resolve for ever to abstain,

And cast the bowl away. 85



A ,


Away, come away, there is strife in the cup! There is shouting of song, there is wine in the bowl;

But listen and drink, they will madden thy soul. 2 The foam of the goblet is sparkling and bright,

Rising like gems in the torches red light;
But the glance of thine eye if it lingereth there,

Will change its mild beam for the maniac's glare ! 3 The pearl-studded chalice, displaying in pride,

May challenge thy lip to the purple draught's tide ;
But the pearl of the dew-drop, the voice of the breeze

Are dearer, and calmer, more blessed than these. 4 Oh! come, it is twilight; the night star is up:

Its ray is more bright than the silver-brimm'd cup;
The boat gently dances, the snowy sail fills,
We'll glide o'er the waters, or rove on the hills.


Hear ye

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1 YOME, behold the drunkard dying,

him rave.
'Tis no contrite spirit, crying,

Lord Jesus save!
No kind wings of mercy hover
That dark scene of ruin over ;
Oh bewail him, whom ye cover

Deep in the grave.
2 Lo! the resurrection morning

Breaks on the gloom ;
Summoned by the trumpet's warning,

Souls press for room.
Woful case! the drunkard, bending
'Neath the weight of wrath impending,
Wakes to anguish never ending.
Mourn ye his doom!

B. L. Swan 87

11s. 1 “

AUGHTER of Zion! awake from thy sadness, Bright o'er thy hills dawns the day-star of gladness;

Arise for the night of thy sorrow is o'er." 2 No more shall the bowl-of friendship the token,

The bliss of a moment, be fill'd to ensnare; Though rich be its glow, yet the charm has been bro .

ken, That led on its victims to want and despair. 3 Hence all ye sorrows—the cup that distillid themPure friendship has banish'd and dash'd from the

Homes-where the poison with wretchedness filled

To peace and to virtue again are restor'd.

4 Friends of redemption, the prospect is cheering,

All aid to our progress kind heaven will bless ; Then let us arise, for the cause is endearing

The joys of our triumph no tongue can express

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YHILDREN, who have rallied now

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Who will take the temp'rance vow,

And be a volunteer ?
2 Children! hear the battle cry,

Sounding loud, and sounding nigh,
From the throne of God on high :

Who'll be a volunteer ?
3 See! the foe is gathering fast;

Hark! his clanging trumpet blast!
Who will fight him to the last,

And march a volunteer ?
4 Lo! o'er all the tented field,

God will be our sun and, shield;
Alcohol, the foe, shall yield,

If all will volunteer.



L. M.
ITTHY gracious aid, O God! impart,

Our resolution to fulfil ;
Guide and direct each erring heart,

And ach it how to do thy will.
2 Sear from our souls each secret sin,

Repress each worldly, selfish thought:
And may we strive the prize to win,

As our blest Lord and Saviour taught.
3 Oh! may his precepts be our guide,

To lead us safe through paths of truth ;
And his example ever chide
The thoughtless follies of our youth.

N 90

8s. & 6s.
1 (HE drink that's in the drunkard's bowl.

Is not the drink for me,
It kills his body and his soul,

How sad a sight is he.
But there's a drink which God hath given,

Distilling in the showers of heaven,
In measures large and free,
0, that's the drink for me.
0, that's the drink for me,

0, that's the drink for me
2 The stream that many prize so high,

Is not the stream for me;
For he who drinks it still is dry,

For ever dry he'll be.
But there's a stream, so cool and clear,

The thirsty traveller lingers near,
Refreshed and glad is he;
0, that's the stream for me.
O, that's the stream for me,
O, that's the stream for me.

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