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is inward grace.


PSALM 44-66.

LECTURE 879—902.

44. 15. The psalmist enquireth why 879. The joint interest of the

God afflicteth his people.

righteous and the wicked.

45. 1. The psalmist addresseth 880. The chief glory of the church

Christ as the Spouse of the church.

46. 1. The psalmist expresseth en- 881. The source of true greatness

tire confidence in God.

of mind.

47. 1. The psalmist calleth on all 882. The delight and advantage

to glorify God.

of singing God's praise.

48. 1. The psalmist dwelleth on the 883. Our citizenship in the hea-

beauty and security of Zion. venly Jerusalem.

49. 1. The psalmist giveth instruc- 884. The rich must beware of pride

tion to rich and poor.

and the poor of discontent.

50. 1. The psalmist setteth forth 885. The end of the formalist, and

the judgment of God.

that of the devout.

31. 1. David confesseth his sin and 886. The way of pardon and
prayeth for pardon.

to the penitent.

52. 1. David denounceth the mis- 887. The end of those who speak

chiefs of a false and cruel tongue. deceitfully and cruelly.

53. 1. David declareth the depra- 888. The sad case of the godless, and

vity of the natural man.

the joy of them that shall be saved.

54. 1. David prayeth, and praiseth 889. The triumph of good over

God, for deliverance.


55. 1. David setteth forth before 890. Abhorrence of treachery and

God his grief and his desire. hypocrisy.

55. 16. David taketh comfort in 891. Our way to attain to trusting

prayer and confidence.

in God.

56. 1. David prayeth for mercy by 892. Our sense of danger leading

reason of his enemies.

to a good hope of safety.

57. 1. David declareth his trust in 893. The praise of God for his

God, and magnifieth Him.

great goodness and glory.

58. 1. David declareth the end of 894. The end of the ungodly a

them that judge wickedly. proof of God's justice.

59. 1. David prayeth to be deliver- 895. The Jews in their dispersion

ed from his cruel enemies.

a monument of wrath.

60. 1. David lamenteth failure, tri- 896. Our way to prosper in the

umpheth in success.

propagation of the Gospel.

61. 1. David pleadeth with God on 897. Of God's giving us grace to

the strength of mercies received. persevere unto the end.

62. 1. David adviseth to trust in 898. The difference between trust-

God and not in man.

ing in man and in God.

63. 1. David expresseth his thirst for 899. How we ought to long for God,

God and a satisfaction in Him. and yet to be satisfied with Him.

64. 1. David describeth the malice 900. Reflections on the great wick-

of his enemies.

edness of the malicious.

65. 1. David praiseth God for his 901. The power and goodness of

great power and goodness.

God in his providence and grace.

66. 1. The psalmist exhorteth all 902. We are bound to make the

lands to praise God.

Gospel known to all men.

Psalm 67-83.

LECTURE 903—926.

67. 1. The psalmist prayeth for the 903. The blessedness of being made

increase of Christ's kingdom. partakers of the Gospel.

68. 1. David recounteth motives to 904. Of valuing the gifts given us

the praising of God.

by Christ our King.

68. 19. David recounteth fresh top- 905. The duty of winning the hea-

ics of praise to God.

then to God's service.

69. 1. David declareth his shame and 906. What dreadful things our


Lord underwent for us.

69. 16. David prayeth for help, and 907. These imprecations are pro-

for the confounding of his enemies. fitable for our warning.

70. 1. David beseecheth God to 908. That we ought to pray ear-

make haste to help him.

nestly for instant help.

71. 1. The psalmist prayeth for deli- 909. Our faithfully serving God is

verance from his enemies.

likely to give offence to man.

71. 14. The psalmist prayeth for 910. Of speaking thankfully, and

continuance of help from God. joining to sing God's praise !

72. 1. David foresheweth the do- 911. The extent and glory of the

minion of the king's son.

kingdom of Christ.

73. 1. Asaph meditateth on the pros. 912. The infinite advantages of

perity, and end of the wicked. those who serve God.

74. 1. The psalmist complaineth of 913. The grounds on wbich weshould

the desecration of the temple. pray God to defend his church.

74. 12. The psalmist is urgent with 914. Several important topics of

God to manifest his power.


75. 1. The psalmist describeth a 915. The tribulation which awaits

righteous reign.

the wicked.

76. 1. The psalmist praiseth God 916. How God is terrible to the

for delivering his people.

kings of the earth.

77. 1. The psalmist mourneth, pray- 917. Of taking comfort from the

eth, and findeth comfort.

remembrance of God's mercies.

78. 1. The psalmist exhorteth to 918. That parents must instruct

the shewing forth of God's works. their children in the truth.

78. 17. The psalmist rehearseth the 919. Our joy in the tidings of the

sins of the Israelites.

compassion of the Lord.

78. 40. The psalmist rehearseth 920. The sin of soon forgetting the

further the sin of Israel.

loving kindness of God.

78. 56. The psalmist in conclusion 921. The troubles of the church

dwelleth on God's goodness. ending in peace.

79. 1. The psalmist lamenteth the 922. The desolations of the Chris-

desolation of Jerusalem.

tian Church.

80. 1. The psalmist deploreth the 923. Of trusting in the efficacy of

wasting of God people.

God's gracious favour.

81. 1. The psalmist telleth of God's 924. The privilege of praising

willingness to be gracious.

God every day.

82. 1. The psalmist exhorteth and 925. The responsibility of judging

warneth them that bear rule. fairly and uprightly.

83. 1. The psalmist prayeth against 926. A warning against enmity to

the enemies of God.

God's people.

in prayer.

Psalm 84–104.

LECTURE 927—950.

84. 1. The psalmist expresseth 927. The blessedness of them that

desire for God's house.

devoutly worship God.

85. 1. The psalmist declareth the 928. The attributes of God har-

union of mercy and truth.

monized in Christ's death.

86. 1. David pleadeth many things 929. Of urging reasons to God in

our prayers,

87. 1. The psalmist declareth God's 930. Of our being citizens of the

love for Zion.

heavenly Jerusalem.

88. 1. The psalmistuttereth his 931. That we may do well to sor-

lamentation unto God.

row after this inspired pattern.

89. 1. The psalmist resolveth to 932. The blessedness of enjoying

sing of God's mercies.

Christian privileges.

89. 19. The psalmist telleth of God's 933. The covenant of God with

covenant with David.

David fulfilled.

89. 38. The psalmist lamenteth the 934. How the covenant of God

loss of God's favour.

may be made void.

90. 1. The psalmist lamenteth how 935. The prayer of this psalm

short our time is.

adapted to our case.

91. 1. The psalmist setteth forth the 936. The witness of prophecy to

safety of the godly.

the blessedness of Christ.

92. 1. The psalmist setteth forth 937. God is to be praised for his

subjects of praise towards God. works, and for his dealings.

93. 1. The psalmist declareth God's 938. The character which becomes

majesty and power.

members of God's family.

94. 1. The psalmist pleadeth unto 939. The support of the righteous

God for justice.

when they suffer wrongfully.

95. 1. The psalmist exhorteth God's 940. Of fleeing to God as the

people to worship Him.

rock of our salvation.

96. 1. The psalmist urgeth us to 941. The testimony of our lives of

publish abroad the truth of God. great weight with unbelievers.

97. 1. The psalmist rejoiceth in the 942. The joy of the righteous at

kingdom of heaven.

Christ's coming.

98. 1. The psalmist calleth on all 943. That our heavenly King is

creation to praise God.

to be praised.

99. 1. The psalmist exhorteth all 944. God is to be praised by rea-

men to worship God.

son of his holiness.

100. 1. The psalmist chargeth all 945. Our way to exhort all men

to praise the Lord God Almighty. to serve God through Christ.

101. 1. David layeth down the rule 946. That we ought to discounte-

of his conduct.

nance evil doers.

102. 1. The psalmist poureth out 947. The comfort of reflecting on

his complaint before God.

God's eternal being.

103. 1. David stirreth up himself to 948. That God is to be praised for

bless the Lord.

his inestimable benefits.

104. 1. The psalmist praiseth God 949. The glory of God manifested

for the works of creation.

in his works.

104. 19. The psalmist further prais- 950. The fruit of meditating much

eth God for his works.

on God's wonderful works.


Psalm 105–119.

LECTURE 951-973.

105. 1. The psalmist calleth on God's 951. Our being God's people

people to praise Him.

should move us to praise Him.

105. 23. The psalmist rehearseth 952. That God in redeeming us

more of God's mercies.

has a view to our obedience.

106. 1. The psalmist pointeth out 953. God's mercifulness to us in

the forbearance of God.

our backslidings.

106. 16. The psalmist dwelleth on 934. The connexion of God's

the backslidings of Israel. justice and mercifulness.

106. 34. The psalmist blesseth the 955. Of praising God whilst yet

longsuffering God of Israel. in captivity to sin.

107. 1. The psalmist exhorteth us 956. Instances of God's delivering

to praise God for his providence. men out of trouble,

107. 23. The psalmist exhorteth us 957. Men the authors of their

to note God's providential deal- misery, God their Deliverer.


108. 1. David glorifieth God, 958. How we may triumph with-

triumpheth over his foes. out presumption.

109. 1. David prayeth for evil to 959. The inspired language of im-
befal his enemies.

precation accounted for.

109. 21. David beseecheth God to 960. A prophetical lamentation of

help him in his trouble.

Christ and his church.

110. i. David foresheweth Christ's 961. The progress and triumphs

kingdom and priesthood.

of the Gospel.

111. 1. The psalmist celebrateth 962. Of God's righteousness in his

God's goodness in his dealings. covenant.

112. 1. The psalmist praiseth God 963. The blessedness of God's

for the happiness of the good. faithful servants.

113. 1. The psalmist would have 964. Of worshipping the true God

God praised for his condescen- in his right name.


114. 1. The psalmist biddeth the 965. That it is an awful thing for

earth tremble at God's presence. God to manifest Himself.

115. 1. The psalmist exhorteth to 966. The blessedness of fearing

trust in God.


116. 1. The psalmist professeth 967. Of loving God in return for

thankfulness for deliverance.

his goodness.

117. 1. The psalmist exhorteth all 968. Against being proud and jea-

nations to praise God.

lous of our Christian privileges.

118. 1. The psalmist praiseth God 969. God's mercy shewn in suc-

for saving him out of trouble. couring the helpless.

119. 1. The psalmist commendeth 970. The blessedness of doing all

the use of holy Scripture.

things as God tells us.

119. 17. The psalmist commendeth 971. The blessedness of attending

the use of holy Scripture.

to that which God speaks.

119. 33. The psalmist commendeth 972. The blessedness of walking

the use of holy Scripture.

always in the way of the Lord.

119. 49. The psalmist commendeth 973. The blessedness of being

the use of holy Scripture.

guided by God's judgments.

Psalm 119-134.

LECTURE 974–995.

119. 65. The psalmist commendeth 974. The blessedness of obeying

the use of holy Scripture.

God's commandments.

119. 81. The psalmist commendeth 975. The blessedness of being

the use of holy Scripture.

taught of God in his precepts.

119. 97. The psalmist commendeth 976. The blessedness of believing

the use of holy Scripture.

God's testimonies.

119. 113. The psalmist commendeth 977. The blessedness of having

the use of holy Scripture.

respect unto God's statutes.

119. 129. The psalmist commendeth 978. The blessedness of being con-

the use of holy Scripture.

vinced of God's righteousness.

119. 145. The psalmist commendeth 979. The blessedness of having

the use of holy Scripture.

access to infallible truth.

119. 161. The psalmist commendeth 980. Not tradition, but divine

the use of holy Scripture.


120. 1. The psalmist complaineth 981. Of dwelling in the midst of

of the false and the quarrel- the ungodly.


121. 1. The psalmist professeth 982. The assurance of safety given

trust in God's help, and is as- to those who trust in God.

sured of it.

122. 1. David expresseth his affec- 983. Of our longing for Jerusalem

tion for Jerusalem.

which is above.

123. 1. The psalmist professeth his 984. The duty of serving God with

dependence on God.

faithfulness and love.

124. 1. David blesseth God for 985. The blessedness of being the

being on the side of Israel.

elect of God.

125. 1. The psalmist declareth the 986. The blessedness of trusting

security of the righteous.

devoutly in God.

126. 1. The psalmist celebrateth 987. Our way to reap the harvest

the return from captivity.

of holiness and heaven.

127. 1. The psalmist ascribeth every 988. Our way of peace and pros-

good thing to God's blessing. perity is to trust in God.

128. 1. The psalmist promiseth 989. The holy happiness of do-

blessings to the godly.

mestic life.

129. 1. The psalmist celebrateth 990. The sin, repentance, and

the troubles and deliverances of amendment of the national



130. 1. The psalmist declareth his 991. The comfort and security of

hope of mercy,


131. 1. David professeth his humi- 992. The duty of submissiveness.


132. 1. The psalmist rehearseth 993. Of desiring to serve God in

David's desire to build the

our heavenly habitation.


133. 1. David highly commendeth 994. The happiness of dwelling

unity among brethren.

together in love.

134. 1. The psalmist exhorteth 995. Of desiring to join in praising

God's servants to bless Him. God in heaven.

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