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on the 23d his house was attacked by a party of caravats, and was burnt On their way to Gall's house, these murderous brutes wantonly fired into bed-room of a Mr. Parker, a respectable farmer, but providentially without effect. Belfast News Letter.

Sept. 16. A desperate riot took place at Tireragh, county Sligo, between two parties of fishermen, armed with reaping books, &c. and a great many were shockingly mangled. The riot-act was read and se. veral were apprehended and committed: Sligo Journal.

Sept. 16. Several illicit distilleries were detected on an islaod in the Lake of Lough Gara, county Sligo. N. B. The 2d detection in sixteen days. Id.

Sept. 17th. The body of Allen M'Phadden, of the 79th Reg. taken out of the River Liffey, was brought under the cognizance of a coroner's jary at Chapel-Izod ;-verdict “ murdered by some person or persons unknown." Id.

Sept. 20th. The mayor of Limerick, attended by the high constable, and a detachment of the 91st Reg. apprehended several persons in a bouse at Garryowen, where a great variety of stolen property was found. It should seems that a dangerous gang of robbers, is routed out. Dublin Journal.

Sept. 25th. Two dragoons quartered at Fallow, were attacked not five hundred yards from the barracks; the skull of one was fractured and the other was dangerously wounded. Belfast News Letter.

Sept. 26th. A private of the North Cork Militia, quartered at Cappa, was murdered near Dungarvan. Id.

Sept, 26th. Michael Clifford, serjeant in the 91st Reg. on his way from Cork to Limerick, was stopt at Bruff, county Limerick, by two men who savagely wounded him in several parts of his body, with a scythe, cut the tendons of his legs, and robbed him. £70 offered for the apprehension of the offenders. Dublin Journal.

Sept. 27th. Richard Smyth, Esq. high sheriff of Limerick, with a party of the 1st Dragoon Guards, apprehended two men near Adare, identified as principals in an attack on the House of Mich Ruckle, at Creage. A detachment of soldiers is stationed at Ruckle's house, and good results are expected from the exertions of the magistrates. Id.

Oct. 2d. Two cows in the pasture of James Wilson of Rahalph, near Dowopatrick, poisoned. A reward of £164. 88. 3d. offered by Lord Hen. Fitzgerald and other gentlemen, for the discovery of the perpetrators of this in human villainy. Belfast News Letler.

Oct 3d. The house of Dan. Shaughnessy, at Stonehall, county Limerick, was assailed by a mob, who battered it with large stones. Shaugh

nessy, opening the door, was wounded by the ruffians, and died on the 6th. One Bryan Kennedy has been committed to jail, by Sir Vere Hunt, Bart. charged with the murder. Limerick Chronicle.

Oct. 5th. A forged speech attributed to Mr. Connell O'Connell, said to have been delivered by him at a meeting of the [Rom.] Catholics of Kerry, appeared. That eloquent gentleman was at the time stated, in Dublin! Correspondent.

Oct. 5th. A carman stopped between Adare and Rathpeals, by an armed mob, some of them mounted. He had no money.

Oct. 6th. The house of James Long, an aged man, of Ballinakill, county Limerick, farmer, was attacked by a numerous armed mob. They demanded the loan of a bridle and saddle, which he ordered his son to hand them ;-they then asked for his gun and a pistol, this demand he resisted, and bravely defended his house, against various feints and attacks for two hours, when the disturbers of the peace retired.-On the same night, the same banditti went to the house of John Long, of Ballinakill, and got from him a gun, a hanger, and a considerable quantity of ball-cartridges. They got three pisto!s from Sam. Benson, and a gun from one Donovan in the same neighbourhood. Limerick Chronicle.

Oct. 6. The fair at Cappa, county Tipperary, a scene of disgraceful outrage. The riot act was read, without effect; the military fired, many were wounded, and one man was expected to die. Newry Telegraph.

Same day. W. Redford, farmer at Bilboa, waylaid on his return home from the fair, was so dreadfully beaten, that he died the day following. Verdict of the coroner's jury _" wiltul murder.” Id.

Oct. 7th. An attempt was made to destroy, by fire, the Narrowwater-mills, belonging to Roger Hall, Esq. the attempt did not succeed, though a quantity of faggots and candles had been placed for the purpose. A few nights previous, mischief was intended against the same gentleman's mills, in Mallyglass, by letting the water suddenly on the machinery. Newry Telegraph.

Oct. sth. Many atrocities practised by a mob, on Edmond Kioshela, at Kill, four miles from Thurles. His house was attacked, &c. &c. The same party attacked the house of Edm. Burke, Esq. of Roredstown, demanding arms. They then proceeded to Mr. Fogarty's house, a mile distant, robbed the orchard-man of a case of pistols, and committed many acts of violence. Clonmel Herald.

Oct. sth. The Rev. J. Aldwell, bis daughter, and Mr. R. Duckett, returning from Clonmel, were attacked by five marauders, and robbed, at the Cross roads near Barn; as were several people in the course of the

same evening, some had their shoes and hats taken from them by this banditti. Clonmel Herald.

Oct. gth. William Power, Esq. of Garteen, county Waterford, riding home, was attacked by some ruffians, and deprived of his horse. It has since been found.-In the night of the gth, H. Lowe, Esq was attacked near the same place. His hat was knocked off, but he rode away. They daringly called to him to come back and take it up; but he was too prudent to return. I.

Oct. 18th. The sessions at Clonmel ended ;-one hundred and sixty. four bills of indictment were found, and sixty-nine persons were convict. ed of riots and assaults. Westmeath Journal.

Oct. 23d. The house of Edw. Wynne, farmer, of Ballard, county Westmeath, wss attacked by six armed men. Wyone's three sons resisted them; but they succeeded in getting three guns, which they afterwards returned, afraid of being recognised. On their leaving the place, one of the young men, looking out, to see whether they had actually gone away, received a blow on bis eye from the but-end of a gun, and was left without bopes of recovery. An expectation subsists that they may be identified and apprehended. Id.

Oct. 241h. In the night following this day, two guns and a pistol were left on the demesne of Chas. Kelly, Esq. of Charleville, county Westmeath, with a label attached_" We are determineú to abandon such practices for the future." id.

Oct. 25. Riots in the town of Belfast. Many people were dreadfully injored by a blow from a stone tied at the end of a bandkerchief One Hogh M'Cristle has been apprehended, having two hats on at the time, one of them belonging to a person assaulted. He stands committed. There had been rioting the day before. Some people, who were apprehended, have been admitted to bail, but the Sovereign of Belfast would not a low M'Cristle to be bailed. The people of Belfast have deliberated on two points, either to establish an effectual watch, or array a volunteer patrol of respectable householders. Belfast News Letler,

In Oct. the house of Gerald Dillon, Esq. near Drogheda, was twice attacked in the night, by the Carders. They demanded money, and said that he had set part of his land at a rate above what they deemed the legitimate standard. Mr. Kelly, a dentist, at that time in the house, on professional business, fired on them, and they withdrew. Before morning they returned, in number about 50. Mr. Kelly fired on them from the roof of the house, under cover of the parapet. They were driven away, but the traces of b'ood were discovered on the ground in the morning. ld,

Ia Oct. the Carders, county Westmeath, exhibited a change in their mode of torturing;-they broke into the house occupied by Mr. Charles Lennon's herdsman, at Drumrainy, and clipped off bis ears; and at Walderstown, in the same district, they clipped off one ear from a female.

Oct. 31st. A horrid murder was committed in the barony of West Maskerry, county Cork. One Gallavan, a farmer, and his son, were set upon by five persons, who seemed to have waited their coming with a horse load of wood. They mangled the poor people with scythes, set in handles like swords ;-the father was not expected to survive, and the son died on the day following. One Horgan, a carpenter, was identified by old Gallavan, and has been committed to prison.--Dublin Journal.

“ Last scene of all,

“ That ends this strange eventful history," is the attack on the Mail-coach, on the 4th of November, between the hours of eleven and twelve o'clock at night, near a place called Rockwell, between Cahir and Cashell, county Tipperary, IN THE BARONY OF MidDLETHIRD, by an armed banditti. One of the passengers and the coachman were wounded, but by the prompt fire of the guards, and the bravesy and dexterity of the coachman, who, in a very narrow part of the road, turned the coach round and drove off, the villains did not get possession of the mail. We insert a passage from the Dullin Evening Post, copied, it seems, from the Clonmel Herald. (The facts detailed in it, and the re. ward of £200 offered by the General Post-Office in Ireland, have distressed the editor of the Dublin Evening Post beyond measure.

See that paper of November 8.)

" At about eleven o'clock, as the coach was proceeding op a slight ascent, leading to a place called Rockwell, in the barony of Middletbird, and within about three miles of Cashel, it was discovered that the road was blocked up, cars being placed at each side, and a LARGB Tree resting upon both. The coach had scarcely arrived at this spot, when two shots were fired, both of which unhappily took effect, one upon the coachman, who received the ball in his breast, and the other on a gentleman, the assistant surgeon of the 38th regiment, who sat immediately behind him, and who was shot in the head. Notwithstanding the wounded state of the coachman, whose name is Luke Rochfort, he, with great presence of mind, held his horses in band, and though the road was very narrow, dexterously turned them round, and drove back to the last stage he had Jeft, New Jon. In the mean time one of the guards descended from his seat, and ran to the place where the shots proceeded from, but the miscreants could not be discerned, and all that remained for him was to fire in that direction, which he did. Upon the arrival of the coach at New lan, an express was sent off to Cashel for an escort, which having come, the coach proceeded on its way. The gentleman and coachman were removed to Cashel, where they lay this morning in a very dangerous state."

We hope poor Rochfort will sorvive, and that he will be amply rewarded. We must here observe that this fact proves the disorganized state of the barory, and shews the connivance of the whole district, very properly laid under the restriction of Mr. Peel's most wholesome and most Decessary act for the preservation of the public peace. Here is an ambosh laid for the mail. Here is a large tree extended across the road. This could not have been brought without observation, nor fixed without the knowledge of the neighbourhood. No alarm is given. Nobody rides off to warn the passengers, guards, and driver of the They are suffered to advance to the very spot selected-(a narrow and almost impracticable pass)—for their destruction, and the shots fired seer to have been (for it was almost midnight) the first intimation they received of the prepared obstruction and dangerous ambush !

Upon the whole we are of opinion that where JUDGE Day, in the motto prefixed to this chronicle, speaks of “a system of terror, and of organized assassination," he is fully borne out by the statement of facts which we have submitted to the consideration of our readers. These reiterated attacks on houses, &c. are perfectly systematic. These are not the acts of ordinary thieves, but of a set of desperadoes, who have one end in view-the collection of arms and ammunition--for what puupose ? --Let Lord Donoughmore inform us.-We have observed an advertisement of Judge Fletcher's Charge, with an Appendir, in which a speech by the noble lord appears, " wherein [as the advertisement tells us] his lordskip strongly corroborates the opinions of the learned judge as to the preseot state of Ireland.” We are of opinion that the speech of the former and the charge of the latter are of no avail, (notwithstanding the pains that bave been spent upon them,) when opposed 10 the bloody chronicle which we liave drawn up.

Nov, 27th : we are concerned that we must postpone the insertion of the above till Jan. Ist.

P.S. Dec. 5th. Just as we were on the point of sending what we bad compiled to the print, we received the following statements of fresh outrages, which we lose no time in adding to the foregoing list of crimes.

Limavady, Nov. 23d. The hoose of Michael M‘Nichol, about four miles from this town, was broken open by a body of armed men, M'Nichol had been recently robbed of some arms which he had for the purpose of protecting the turf in the neighbourhood, and could Dot defend himself; and the merciless wretches, after breaking his wife's arm, and otherwise wounding her and her children, murdered the poor

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