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Acts vii, 9. The Patriarchs, moved with envy, sold Joseph into

Egypt; but God was with him.

THERE is something truly delightful in contemplating the lives and actions of those worthies, which the Book of God hath preserved for our instruction and pattern; men famous in their generation, and who, although long swept from the face of the universe, are still dear to Christian remembrance ;—whose names emblazoned on the escutcheon of God's nobility, peer above the oblivion of de. parted ages; and whose spirits, unsilenced by death, and unconfined by the grave, still hover over us as ministering angels

-animating us by their example, and inspiring us by their renown, to tread the paths which they have hallowed, to fight the good fight which they have fought, and to press forward to the victory, which they have obtained-Who being dead yet speak to us. They are the living lights which compose the everlasting halo of God's glory among men. They are shining stars, upon the blackness of earthly darkness, revolving round the Sun of Righteousness, and doing homage to him, as their Creator and their God. But one star differeth from another star in glory, and while they all proclaim the glory and handywork of the Eternal, there are some which, by superior splendor, attract the eye, and wrap the soul in admiration ;-of this exalted rank is that holy and highly favored patriarch, whose history and character, I design, by the permission and blessing of God, to make the subject of this, and as many more lectures, as, in

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