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The History of Britain, That part especially now called England.

From the first Traditional Beginning, continued to the Norman

Conqueft. Collected out of the Antientest and best Authors


Note. The bracket which appears at the beginning of the

line in page 94, and that at the end of the line in page 101,

enclose that part of the History which was expunged by the

licenser on the first publication in 1670.

A Treatise of Civil Power in Ecclesiastical Causes : Shewing that

it is not lawfull for any power on earth to compell in matters of

Religion. To the Parlament of the Commonwealth of Eng-

land with the dominions therof

Considerations touching the likeliest Means to remove Hirelings

out of the Church. Wherin is also Discours'd, Of Tithes,

Church-Fees, and Church-Revenues, &c.

Brief Notes upon a late Sermon, titled The Fear of God and the

King; Preach'd, and since publish'd, by Matthew Griffith,

D.D., and Chaplain to the late King. Wherin many noto-

rious wrestings of Scripture, and other falfities are observ'd

A Letter to a friend, concerning the Ruptures of the Common-


Of True Religion, Heresie, Schism, Toleration, and what best

means may be us’d against the growth of Popery

The ready and easy way to establish a Free Commonwealth, and

the Excellence therof, compar'd with the Inconveniences and

Dangers of readmitting Kingship in this Nation

The Present Means, and brief Delineation of a Free Common-

wealth, Easy to be put in Practice, and without Delay. In a

Letter to General Monk

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