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Page 76 - Combining Proportions by Weight and by Volume. General nature of Acids, Bases, and Salts. Symbols and Nomenclature. The Atmosphere — its constitution : effects of Animal and Vegetable life upon its composition. Combustion. Structure and properties of Flame. Nature and composition of ordinary Fuel. Water. Chemical peculiarities of Natural Waters, such as rain-water, river-water, spring-water, sea-water.
Page 108 - I had rather be an under-turnkey in Newgate. I was up early and late ; I was browbeat by the master, hated for my ugly face by the mistress, worried by the boys...
Page 80 - How small of all that human hearts endure, That part which laws or kings can cause or cure.
Page 76 - The ordinary Rules of Arithmetic. Vulgar and Decimal Fractions. Extraction of the Square Root. Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division of Algebraical Quantities. Proportion. Arithmetical and Geometrical Progression. Simple Equations. GEOMETRY. The First Four Books of Euclid : — or, The principal properties of Triangles, and of Squares and other Parallelograms, treated geometrically : The principal properties of the Circle, and of its inscribed and circumscribed figures, treated geometrically....
Page 131 - STORMONTH. Etymological and Pronouncing Dictionary of the English Language. Including a very Copious Selection of Scientific Terms. For Use in Schools and Colleges, and as a Book of General Reference. By the Rev. JAMES STORMONTH. The Pronunciation carefully Revised by the Rev. PH PHELP, MA Cantab. Tenth Edition, Revised throughout. Crown 8vo, pp. 800. 7s. 6d. Dictionary of the English Language, Pronouncing, Etymological, and Explanatory.
Page 76 - Heat. — Its Sources. Expansion. Thermometers — relations between different Scales in common use. Difference between Temperature and Quantity of Heat. Specific and Latent Heat. — Calorimeters. Liquefaction. Ebullition. Evaporation. Conduction. Convection. Radiation.
Page 86 - If a particle moves in consequence of the continued action upon it of a constant force, show what is the character of the resulting motion, and in what manner it depends on the magnitude of the force and the mass of the particle.
Page 108 - ... the laughing-stock of the school. Every trick is played upon the usher; the oddity of his manners, his dress, or his language, is a fund of eternal ridicule; the master himself now and then cannot avoid joining in the laugh, and the poor wretch, eternally resenting this ill usage, seems to live in a state of war with all the family.
Page 123 - The angle at the centre of a circle is double of the angle at the circumference upon the same base, that is, upon the same part of the circumference.
Page 86 - Show how to resolve a giren force into two components, one of which has a given magnitude and acts parallel to a given straight line. As a special case, resolve a force of magnitude 12, acting horizontally from left to right, into two components, one of which is a force of magnitude 25 acting vertically upwards.— Jan.

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