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Shewing the


Of Honquring
The Lord with our Substance,

Together with the

Impiety of Tithe Stealing.

By JOHN NEWTE, M. A. Rector of Tiverton in Devon, and one

of the Proctors in Convocation for the Diocess of Exeter.

De omnibus Rebus quas dederit Dominus decima pars ei

reddenda eft. The Confessors Law,

Printed by Ě.C. for William Rogers, at the Sun in

Fleet Street, Richard Wilkin, at the King's Head in
St. Paul's Church-Yard, and Benjamin Tooke, at the
Middle Temple-Gate. MDCCXI.

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HAT none may be Exempted from the

Paying Tithes, and other Dues to the Priest, it is appointed baj the 9th. Rubrick, after the Office for the Communion, in the Bɔok of Common Prayer.

That Yearly, at Easter, every Parishioner shall Reckon with the Parson, Vicar or Curate, or his or their Deputy or Deputies, and pay to Them or Him all Eccleliastical Duties, accustomably due then and ar that Time to be Paid.

To the Right Honourable Sir Edward Ward Knight, Lord

Chief Baron of Her Majem fties Court of Exchequer.

To the Honourable
Sir Thomas Bury Knight,

Te the Honourable
Robert Price Esq;

To the Honourable Sir Salathiel Lovel Knight,

Barons of the Exchequer.

My Lords,
Presume to Dedicate to

your Lordships the following Discourse concern


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