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Black, Parry & Company, 1815 - Commerce

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Page 489 - How oft, when press'd to marriage, have I said, Curse on all laws but those which love has made! Love, free as air, at sight of human ties, Spreads his light wings, and in a moment flies...
Page 218 - Sea, as a man hath power over his wife ; and the Venetians to keep this possession, make every year this watery cavalcata. I confess the sight is stately, and a poet would presently conceive that Neptune himself were going to be married to some Nereide.
Page 218 - Nicolas in Lio (an island hard by) where he assists at high mass with the senate. This done, he returns home again in the same state; and invites those that accompanied him in his galley, to dinner in his palace: the preparatives of which dinner we saw before the Doge was got home.
Page 122 - NE and the rise is two and half to three feet ; at Naples one foot, at Toulon one to two feet, on the coast of Syria only six inches. The winds also produce partial and irregular elevations of the waters, which...
Page 181 - The houses are all of a conical form, and arranged pretty regularly in streets. The town is well supplied with water from those rivulets which fall into the Mareb, and grapes grow well in the gardens.
Page 127 - VV. wind, which blows in Egypt in March and April, generally not more than three successive days at a time. While it continues, the atmosphere seems to be on fire, and acquires a purple tinge ; and the transient blasts which succeed from time to time, resemble the breath from a furnace.
Page 15 - ... AND GEOLOGICAL NOTES ON A PORTION OF NORTHWESTERN MINDANAO. By HM ICKIS. The territory considered in this article lies to the south and east of Makajalar Bay on the northwest coast of Mindanao. The largest settlement is the town of Cagayan, the capital of the Province of Misamis, which is situated on the right bank of the river of the same name and about 3 miles from its mouth. The recently created subprovince of Bukidnon has taken from Misamis Province nearly all the back country which is inhabited...
Page 274 - This island was considered one of the most important possessions of Venice in the prosperity of that powerful republic ; and one of the memorials of its former greatness, displayed to this day at St. Mark's, is the standard of the kingdom of Negropont. The capital town, for many years after its reduction by Mahomet II., was the usual residence, and under the immediate command of...
Page 218 - Doge's galley all the way long, both coming and going. At last the Doge being arrived at the appointed place, throws a ring into the sea, without any other cermony, than by saying: Desponsamus te, Mare; in signum perpetui dominii. 'We espouse thee, o sea, in testimony of our perpetual dominion over thee': and so returns to the Church of S.

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