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by Birch and Todd from Milton's MSS. is AHAB; beginning at the synod of false prophets. Of councils, however, composed as he supposes them to have been in the early times of Christianity, he speaks otherwise, Doctrine and Discipline of Divorce, Prose Works, I. 338, 339.

P. 502. 15-18. The same interpretation of 1 Cor. v. 5. is given in the Treatise of Civil Power, &c. III. 345.


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P. 631. 35. Respecting abstinence from self-commendation, except where the occasion requires it. See Milton's spirited account of himself, in reply to the calumnies circulated against his character, Defensio Secunda pro Populo Anglicano, V. 229. Nunc quoniam iste congestis in me tot una serie mendaciis, apud exteros infamem reddere conatus est, peto ne quis rem secus interpretetur, aut in invidiam trahat, neve moleste ferat, si de me plura quam vellem et dixi supra, et porro dicam: ut si oculos a cæcitate, nomen ab oblivione aut calumnia non possum, vitam tamen possim ab ea saltem obscuritate quæ cum macula sit, in lucem vindicare, &c.

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P. 700. 16, &c. Compare the Treatise of Civil Power, &c. III. 322. Chiefly for this cause do all true protestants account the pope antichrist, for that he assumes to himself this infallibility over both the conscience and the Scripture.'

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