The Edinburgh Literary Journal: Or, Weekly Register of Criticism and Belles Lettres, Volume 1

Front Cover
Ballantyne, 1829 - Great Britain
Vol. 2 includes "The poet Shelley--his unpublished work, T̀he wandering Jew'" (p. 43-45, [57]-60)

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Page 4 - And fields and marshes wide, Such as nor voice, nor lute, nor wind, nor bird, The soul ever stirred ; Unlike and far sweeter than them all. Sad Aziola! from that moment I Loved thee and thy sad cry.
Page 135 - ... himself; so the sarpint walks fair and easy up to see him, and the house he was speaking about. But when the sarpint saw the nine great boults upon the chest, he thought he was sould, (betrayed,) and was for making off with himself as fast as ever he could. " ' 'Tis a nice warm house, you see,' says Saint Patrick, ' and 'tis a good friend I am to you.' " ' I thank you kindly, Saint Patrick, for your civility...
Page 40 - Upon my mother's face, Or seen her pale expressive smile Of melancholy grace. One night — I do remember well, The wind was howling high, And through the ancient corridors It sounded drearily — I sat and read in that old hall ; My uncle sat close by. I read — but little understood The words upon the book ; For with a sidelong glance I marked My uncle's fearful look.
Page 4 - O, Florence ! with the Tuscan fields and hills ! And famous Arno fed with all their rills ; Thou brightest star of star-bright Italy ! Rich, ornate, populous, all treasures thine, The golden corn, the olive, and the vine.
Page 41 - He disappeared — draw nearer, child '. — He died — no one knew how ; The murdered body ne'er was found, The tale is hushed up now ; But there was one who rightly guessed The hand that struck the blow. " It drove her mad — yet not his death,— No — not his death alone : For she had clung to hope, when all Knew well that there was none ; — No, boy ! it was a sight she saw That froze her into stone ! " I am thy uncle, child, — why stare So frightfully aghast ? — The arras waves, but...
Page 177 - ... eagerness, and consumed the whole without stirring from the spot ; and, except that his stomach betrayed more than ordinary fulness, he showed no sign of inconvenience or injury, but would have been ready to renew his gluttony the following day.
Page 312 - If when in the waters of the rivers or ocean, may supernatural crocodiles or great fishes devour me, or may the winds and waves overwhelm me ; or may the dread of such evils keep me, during life, a prisoner at home, estranged from every pleasure, or may I be afflicted by the intolerable oppressions of my superiors, or may a plague cause my death ; after which, may I be precipitated into hell, there to go through innumerable stages of torture, amongst which may I be condemned to carry water over the...
Page 160 - ... life. He was ever ready to acknowledge with a smile the happy sallies of wit, and no man had a keener sense of the ludicrous, or laughed more heartily at genuine humour. His deportment and expression were easy and unembarrassed, dignified, elegant, and graceful. His politeness was equally free from all affectation, and from all premeditation. It was the spontaneous result of the purity of his own taste, and of a heart warm with all the benevolent affections, and was...
Page 261 - ... drops. All at once another roar was heard at a distance, and the tiger immediately rose and answered it with a mournful howl. At the same instant, our Indians uttered a shriek, which announced that some new danger threatened us. A few moments confirmed our...
Page 134 - And the monk that he spoke to seemed to wonder greatly at his question, and asked him what he meant by the change since morning ? for, sure, there was no change ; that all was just as before. And then he said, " Brother, why do you ask these strange questions, and what is your name ? for you wear the habit of our order, though we have never seen you before...

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