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s. That what God forbids, is at no time to be done w

"; what he commands, is always our Duty *; and yet every particular Duty is not to be done at at all times

6. That under One Sin or Duty, all of the same Kind are forbidden or commanded ; together with all the Causes, Means, Occasions, and Appearances thereof, and Provocations thereunto

7. That less that taketh his name in vain, judgments so righteous, as all this Compared with Psal. 13. 1. Lord, who law which i set before you this day! Mall abide in thy tabernacle? who v.9. Only take heed to thy self, and hall dwell in thy holy hill? v. 4. keep thy soul diligently, left thou In whose eyes a vile person is con- forget thc things which thinc eyes temned ; but he honoureth them have seen, and left they depart from that fear the Lord: he that sweareth thy heart all the days of thy life:

his own hurt, and changeth not. but teach them thy sons, and thy v. s. He that putteth not out his sons fons. money to usury, nortaketh reward y Mat. 12. 7. But if ye had known against the innocent, He that doth what this meaneth, I will have merthese things shall never be moved. cy and not sacrifice, ye would not And with Psalm 24. 4. Hethat h'ath have condemned the guiltless. clean hands, and a pure heart; who 3 Mat. s. 21, 22, 27, 28. [Ses in hath not lift up his soul unto vanity, letter before. ] Mat. 15. 4. For God nor sworn deceitfully. v. s. He shall commanded, saying, Honour thy receive the blessing from the Lord, father and mother : and, He that and righteousness from the God of curseth father or mother, let him his falvation

die the death. v. s. But ye say, W Job 13.7. Will ye speak wicked- Whosoever shall fay to his father or ly for God? and talk deceitfully for his mother, it is a gift by whatsohim! v.8. Will ye accept his per- cver thou mightest be profited by son? will ye contend for God: Rom, me, v. 6. And honour not his fa. 3. 8. And not father, as we be san- ther or his mother, he shall be free. derously reported, and as some af- Thus have ye made the commandfirm that we say, Let us do evil, ment of God of nonc effe& by your that good may come? whose dam- tradition. Heb. 10. 24. And let us nation is juft. Job 36. 21. Takc conlider one another to provoke heed, regard not iniquity: for this unto love, and to good works. v.25. halt thou chosen rather than affli- Not forfaking the afsembling of our &ion. Heb. 11. 25. Choosing rather felves together, as the manner of to suffer affli&tion with the people fome is; but exhorting one another : of God, than to enjoy the pleasures and so much the more, as ye see of fin for a season.

the day approaching. i Thef. s. 22. * Demt. 4. 8. And what nation is Abstain from all appearance of evil. Phero so great, that hath statutes and



That what is forbidden or commanded to our selves, we are bound according to our Places, to endeavour that it may be avoided or performed by. others, according to the Duty of their Places i

8. That in what is commanded to others, we are bound according to our Places and Callings to be helpful to them; and to take heed of partaking with others in what is forbibden them.

100. Quest, What special Things are we to consider in the Ten Commandments?'

Answ. We are to confider in the Ten Commandments, the Preface, the Substance of the Commandments themselves, and several Reason's 'annexed to fome of them the more to inforce them.


101. Queft. Jude 13. And others fave with fear, Lord, choose you this day whóm'ye pulling them out of the fire; hating will serve, whether the gods which even the garment spotted by thc your fathers served, that were on Aesh. Gal. s. 26. Let'us not be de, the other side of the food, or the Sirous of vain glory, provoking one gods of the Amorites, in whose another, envying one another. Col. land ye dwell? but as for me and 3. 21. Fathers, provoke not your my house, we will serve the Lord. children to anger, left they be dil: Deut. 6.6. And these words which I couraged.

command thee this day, thall be in * *Exod. 20.10.But the seventh day thine heart : v. 7. And thou shalt is the sabbath of the Lord thy God: teach them diligently unto thy chilin it thou shalt not do any work, dren, and shalt talk of them when thou, nor thy son, nor thy daughter, thou fittest in thinc house, and thy man-fervant, nor thy maid-ser: when thou walkest by the way, and vant,northy cattle, nor thy stranger when thou liest down, and when that is within thy gates. Lev. 19.17. thou riseft up, Thou shalt not hate thy brother in 2 Cor. 1.24. Not for that we have thine heart : thou shalt in any wife dominion over your faith, but arę rebuke thy neighbour, and not suf- helpers of your joy: for by faith ye fer sin upon him. Gen. 18. 19. For stand. I know him, that he will command

1 Tim. S. 22. Lay hands sud. his children and his houfhold after denly on no man, neither be parta. him, and they shall keep the way of ker of other mens fins: keep thy the Lord, to do justice and judg: self pure. Eph. s. 11. And have no ment; that the Lord may bring up- fellowship with the unfruitful works on Abraham, that which he hath of darkness, but rather reprove

spoken of him.' fof. 24.15. And them. "if it seem cvil unto you to serve the

101. Exod



no,ASA Cod

2466 Preface to the Ten Commandse i
1,19,5: Que te shumat is the

, the Ten Com-

Arlin. Ihę Breface to the Ten Commandments is conțained in these Words, I ain the Lord thy God, which have brought thee, out of the Land of Egypt, out of the house of Bona dage - Wherein God manifelteth his Soveraignty, as being Jehovah, the Eternal Immutabls,

and Almighty God; having his Being in and of himfelf, and giving Being to all his Words 8 and Works So And that he is a God in Covenants as with Israel of old, fo with all

his people a who as, he brought them out of their Bondage in Ægypt, so he delivereth us from our spiritual

. Thraldom and that therefore we are bound to take him for our God alones and to keep, all his Commandments'.

10102. Questa fór. *4**Extąd: "26. 2.

And I will

I will establish
Isa. 44.6. Thus faith the Lord my covenant between

n me and thco,
the King of iftael, and Kis redeemer and thy Teed after thes, in their gez
the Lord of höns, I am the firnt, and nerations, for an everlastižg cover

leed after thee. Compared
in Exod, 3; 14. And God said unto with Rom 3:29, Ishathe God of the
Moles, I AM
he said, Thus shalt thou say unto the tiles? Yes, ofthe Gentilesallo.
children of Israel, I AM hath sent

* Luke 1, 74, That he would

unto us, that webeing delivered out & Exod. 6.3. Andi appeared unto of the hands of our enemics, might Abraham, unto ifaác, and unto Jaz serve him without fear,

1.7.5: In ho cob, by

liness and righteousness before him

HOYAR *** i Pet. 1. 15. But as he which SAN19. 14. God that made hath called you is holy, lobeye ho the world, and all things therein, lý in all manner of conyerlatipy i Seeing that he is Lord of heaven and 3.16. Because it is written, Be ye of earth, dwelfethi 'not in temples holý, for I am holy, 1917. And made with hands. *28. For in if ye call on the Father, who without him we live, and move, and haye respea of perfons judgeth according our being as certain also of your to every mans work, pass the time own po'ers have said, For we are also of your Tojourning here in fear his offspring

Sve y

I am the last, and besides me there is nant; to be a God unto thes, and
no God.

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Gen, 17.72

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102. Queft. What is the sum of the Four Command. ments, which contain our Duty tu God ? !

Answ. The Sum of the Four Commandments containing our Daty to God, is to love the Lord our God with all our Heart, and with all our Soul, and with all our Strength, and with all our Mind na.

103. Queft. Which is the First Commandment? Anfry

. The First Commandment is, Thou dalt have no other Gods before me

104. Queit. What are the Duties required in the First Commandment ?

Antw. The Duties required in the First Commandment, are the knowing and acknowledging of God to be the only true God, and our God : and to worship and glorify him accordingly, by


Think7. 18. Forasmuch as ye know thatye albhearts, and understandeth all the were not redeemed with corruptible imaginations of the thoughts: if things, as silver and gold, from

your thou seek him, he will be found of vain conversation received by tradi, thee; - butyif thou forsake him, he tion from your fathers, Lev. 18.30. will,caftthee off forever. Deut.26. Therefore shall ye, keep mine-ordit 17. Thou hast avouched the Lord nance, that ye commịt not any one this day to be thy God, and to walk of these abominable customs, which in his ways, and to keep his Atatutes, were committed before you, that ye and his commandments, and his defile not your selves therein: I am judgments, and to hearken uptohis the Lord your God. Ley, 19. 37. voice. Ifa. 43. 10. Ye are my witTherefore all ye observe all, my nesses, faith the Lord, and my ferftatutęs, and all my judgments, and vant whom I have chosen : that yie do them: Iamthe Lord.

may know and believemen, and un102. Luke10.27. And he answer- derstand that I am he, before mic ing said, Thou shalt love the Lord there was no God formed, neither

thy God with all thy heart, andwith fall there be after me. Jer. 124.22. allthy soul, and with all thy strength, Are there any among the vanities of and with all thy mind ; and thy the Gentilesthat can causeraind or neighbour as thy felf.

can the heavens giờe Ahowers? Art 103, 1: Exodo 20:37

not thouhe, O Lord our God: there104. • i Chr. 28. 9. And thou, 'fore we will wait upon thee: for Solomon my fon, know, tho the thou hast made all chefe things.'' God of thy father, and serve him :P. Pfalm 95. 6. O come, let us with a perfe& heart, and with a wil, worship and bow down: let us kncel ling mind: for the Lord searcheth



Loving", Desiring ?, Fearing of him a hooling,
248 The First Commandment.
Thinking'?, Meditating'', Remembring, highly
Esteeming', Honoaring', Adoring W; Chooling,

, Believing him ; Trusting , Hoping, Delighting, Re


before the Lord our maker. v.7. not return, that unto meevery knee For he is our God, and we are the shall bow, every tongue shall fwear. people of his pasture, and the sheep * Folh. 24. 15. And ifit seem evil of his hand. Mat. 4. 10. Then said unto you to serve the Lord, choose Jesus unto him, Get thee hence, Sa- you this day whom ye will serve, tan: ' for it is written, Thou shalt whether the gods which your fathers worship the Lord thy God, and him served, that were on the other side of only shalt thou serve. Psalm 29. 2: the flood, or the gods of the AmoGive unto the Lord the glory due rites, in whose land ye dwell: but unto his name; worship the Lord in as for me and my houfe, we will the beauty of holiness.

serve the Lord. v.22. And Joshua 4 Mal. 3:

16. Then they that said unto the people, Ye are witnesses feared the Lord, fpake often one to against your selves, that ye have another, and the Lord hearkned, chosen the Lord, to serve him. And and heard it, and a book of remem- they said, We are witnesses. brance was written before him for any Deut. 6.5. And thou thalt love them that foared the Lord, and that the Lord thy God with all thine thought upon his náme.

heart, and with all thy soul, and Solo Psalm 63. 6. When I remember with all thy might. thce upon my bed, and meditate on . Psalm 73. 25. Whom havelin thee in the night-watch.

heaven but thee? and there is none ups Eccl. 12.1. Remember now thy on earth that I desire besides thee. Creator in the days of thy youth, 1. Ifai. 8. 13. San&tify the Lord of while the evil days come not, nor hosts himself, and let him be your the years draw nigh, when thou shalt fear, and let him be your dread. say, I have no pleasure in them. • Exod. 14. 31. And Israel saw

Pfalm 71.19. Thy righteousness that great work which the Lord did also, o God, 'is very high, who haft upon the Egyptians: and the peodone great things : O God, who is ple feared the Lord, and believed like unto thee

the Lord, and his servant Moses. V. Mal. 1.6. A fon honoureth his

Ifai. 26.4. Trust ye in the Lord father, and a servant his master : 'if for ever: forinthe Lord Jehovah is then I be a father, where is mine ho- everlasting strength. nour and if I'bé a master, where is d Pfalm 139. 7. Let Israel hope my fear di saith the Lord of hosts in the Lord: for with the Lord there unto you, o priests, that despise my is mercy, and with him is plentéous

redemption. W. Ifai. 45.23. I have sworn by my Psalm 37. 4. Delight thy self self, the word is gone out of my also in the Lord, and he shall give mouth in righteousness, and shall thee the desires of thinc heart.




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