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and Workings €: against Superiours, Men of Eminency", and such as we stand especially related and engaged unto : ; against any of the Saints", particularly weak Brethren, the Souls of thein or

any Heb. 6. 4. For it is impofsible Zeph. 2. 8. I have heard the refor those who were once enlightned, proach of Moab, and the revilings and have tafted of the heavenly of the children of Ammon, whereby gift, and were made partakers of they have reproached my people,-the holy Ghost, vs. And have v.19. This shall they have for their tafted the good word of God, and pride, because they have reproachthe powers of the world to come ; ed and magnified themselves against v. 6. If they shall fall away to re- the people of the Lord of hosts.. pew them again unto repentance,-- v. 11. The Lord will be terrible

Jude v. 8. Likewise also these unto them :-- Mat, 18.6. Bur who filthy dreamers defile the flesh, de- so salỊ offend one of these little spise dominion, and speak evil of ones which believe in me, it were dignities. Nurab. 12. 3. --Where- better for him that a milftone were fore then were ye not afraid to hanged about his neck, and that speak against my servant Moses?, he were drowned in the depth of v.9. And the anger of the Lord was the sea. I Cor. 6.8. Nay, you do, kindled against them, and he de- wrong and defraud, and that your parted. Ifa.3.5. --The child shall brethren. Rev. 17. 6. And I saw the behave himself proudly against the woman drunken with the blood of ancient, and the base against the the saints, and with the blood of honourable.

the martyrs of Jesus:-& Prov. 30. 17. The eye that 1 Cor. 8. 11. And through thy mocketh at his father, and despiseth knowledge shall the weak brother to obey his mother, the ravens of perish,for whom Christ dięd: v.12. the valleys shall pick it out, and But when ye un so against the brethe young eagles shall eat it. 2 Cor, thren, and wound their weak con12.15. And I will very gladly spend science, ye sin againf Chrift. Rom. and be spent for you, though the 14. 13. Let us not therefore judge more abundantly I love you, ihe one another any more ; but judge less I be loved. Pfalm ss. 12. For this rather, that no man put a it was not an enemy that reproach- Stumbling-block, or an occasion ed me, then I could have born it ;, to fall in his brothers way. v. IS, neither was it he that hạted me, but if thy brother be grieved with that did magnify himself against me, thy meat, now walkest thou not then I would have hid my self from charitably, Destroy not him with, him. v.13. But it was thou, a man, thy meat, for wham Christ died. mine equal, my guide, and my ac- v. 21. It is good neither to eat quaintance, v.14. We took sweet flesh, nor to drink wine, nor any counsel together, and walked unto thing whereby thy brother stumthe house of God in company. v.15. bleth, or is offended, or is made Let death seize upon them, and let weak. them go down quick into hell :-

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any other , and the common Good of all or


3. From the Nature and Quality of the Offence", if it be against the express Letter of the Law , break many Commandments, contain in it many Sins °: if not only conceived in the Heart; but breaks


k Ezek. 13. 19. And will ye pol- ven-fold,-- v. 32. But whoso comlute me among my people for hånd- mitreth adultery with a woman, fuls of barley, and for pieces of lacketh understanding: he that doth bread, to say the souls that should it destroyeth his own soul. v. 33. Ą not die, and to save the souls alive' wound and dishonour shall he get, that should nor live, by your lying and his reproach shall not be wiped to my people that hear your lies? away, and so on to the end of the chapter, I Cor. 8. 12. But when ye fin so a • Ezra 9. 10. And now, O our gainft the brethren, and wound their God, what shall we say after this? weak consciences, ye fin againft for we have forfaken thy command. Christ. Rev. 18.13. (The merchandise ments, V. II. Which thou haft of gold,) and cinnamon,and odours, commanded by thy servants the and ointments, and frankincense, prophets, saying, The land unto and wine, and oil, and fine flour, which ye go to possess it, is an unand wheat, and beasts, and sheep, clean land with the filthiness of the and horses, and chariots, and Naves, people -- v. 12. Now therefore give and souls of men. Mat 23. 15. Wo not your daughters unto their sons, unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hy- nor- i Kings 11.9. And the Lord pocrites ; for ye compass sea and was angry with Solomon, because land to make one profelyte, and his heart was turned from the Lord. when he is made, ye make him God of Israel, which had appeared two-fold more the child of hellthan unto him twice,' v. 10. And had

commanded him concerning this 1 Thef.2. 15. Who both killed thing, that he thould not go after the Lord Jesus, and their own pro- other gods : but he kept not that phęts, and have persecuted us ; and which the Lord commanded. they please not God, and are con Col. 3. 5. Mortify therefore your trary to all men: v. 16. Forbidding members which are upon the earth; us to speak to the Gentiles, that fornication,uncleanness,inordinate they might be saved -- Joshua 22. afte&tion, evil concupiscence, and 20. Did not Achan the son of Zerah covetousness, which is idolatry. commit a trespass in the accursed 1 Tim. 6:10. Forthe love of money thing, and wrath fell on all the con- is the root of all evil : which while gregation of Ifrael ? and that man some coveted after, they have erperished not alone in his iniquity, red from the faith, and pierced

* Prov. 6.30. Men do not despise themselves through with many fora thief, if he fteal to fatisfy his rows. Prov.s.8. Remove thy way soul when he is hungry : v.31. But far from her, and come noc nigh if he be found, he ihall restorc se


your selves.


forth in Words and Actions P, scandalize others 9, and admit of no Reparation"; if against Means", '

-- Merthe door of her house ; v. 9. Left God: v.24. For the name of God thou give thiae honour unto others, is blasphemed among the Gentiles and thy years unto the cruel. v. 10. through you, as it is written. Left strangers be filled with thy: * Deut. 22. 22. Ifaian be found wealth,--- 7:17. And thou mourn lying with a woman married to an. at the laft, when thy flesh andthy, husband, then they fhall both of body are confumed. v. 12. And say, them die, both the man that lay with How-have I hatedi Inftruction, and the woman, and the woman : lo. my heart dofpifed reproof! Proz. shalt thou put away evil from Ifrael, 6. 32.- But whofo committerh a- Compared with verse 28. If a man find dultery with a woman,lacketh adamsel that is a virgin which is not understanding : he that doth its den betrothed, and lay hold on her, ftroyeth his own soul, t. 330* At and ly with her, and they be found; wound and dishonour fhallhéget mi . 29. Then the man tharlay with Jojk: 7.29. When I saw among the her, shall give to the damsels father spoils a goodlyBabylonish.garmenty fifty yhekels of filver, and the shall and two huádred'ihekels of filver, be his wife, because he hath hum · and a wedge of gold of fifry the: bled her; he may nor par her away kels weight, then I covered them all his days. Prov. 6:32; But whoso and took them wavinu sou i mob committechadultery with awoman,

op James 1.-14. Bar every manis lacketh underftanding : herbat doth tempted when he is drawn away of it; destroyeth his own soul...v. 33. his own lufts, and enticed. v. 15. Alwound and dihhonous shall he geta

Then when Huf hath 'conceivedy sie and his reproach thall noobe wiped bringeth forth finsrand lin when it away. -7.3 4. For jealousy is the rage is finished, bringeth forth deathi of a man: therefore:he will not sparé Mat. 5. 22. But I lay unto you, that in the day of vengeance. v.35. He whosoever is angry with his brother will not regard any ransom ; neither without a cause Thall be in danger will he rest content, though thou of the judgment : and whosoever giveft many i ado: Ahall say to his brother, Raca, shall Mat. 11. 21. Wotunro thee Cobe in danger of the council:but whol razin, wo unto thee Bethsaida : for foever fhallfay, Thoufool,shall be is if the mighty works” which were danger of hell-fire. Mic.2.1. Wouritö done in you, had been done in Tyrc them that devise iniquity, and work and Sidon, they would have repentevil upon their bedsiwhen the mornd ed long ago in fackcloth and ashes. ing is light, they pra&tise it, because 6.12. But 1 fay unto you, It shall be it is in the power of their hand. more tolerable for Tyre and Sidon * 9 Mat 78.7: Wo to theworld be- at the day of judgment than for cause of offences for it must needs you. 7.23. And thou Capernaum, be that offences come , but wo to whi art exalted unto heaven, Ihall that man by whom the offence be brought down to hell: for if the cometh. Rom. 2.- 23. Thou' that mighty works which have been done makes thy boast ofthe law,through in thee, had been done in Sodom, breaking the law dishonoureft thou

Mercies, Judgments", Light of Nature", Conviction of Conscience *, Publick or private Admoni. tion", Cenfures of the Church?, Civil Punishments;

and it would have remained until this to receive correction ; they haye day. v. 24. But I say unto you, made their faces harder than a roek, that it shall be more tolerable for they have refused to return. the land of Sodom,--- Jobu 15.22. w Rom. 1. 26. For this cause God If I had not come, and spoken unto' gave them up unto vile affections: them, they had not had sin: but: For even their women did change now they have no cloak for their sin, the natural use into that which is

* Ifai. 1. 3. The ox knoweth his against nature; V. 27. And likewise owner, and the ass his masters crìb: also the men, leaving the natural but Ifrael doth not know, my people use of the woman, burned in their doth not consider. Deut. 32. 6. Doi lust one toward another, men with ye thus requite the Lord, O foolish men working that which is unseemi people and unwise? is not he thy ly, and receiving in themselves that father that hath bought thee hath he recompence of their error which not made thee,and established thee: was meet.

Amos 8. So two or three ci * Rom. I. 32. Who knowing the ties wandred unto ane city, to drink judgment of God, (that they which water; but shey.were not satisfied; commit such things are worthy of yet have ye. not returned unto me, death ) not only do the same, but. faith the Lord. v.9. I have smit- have pleasure in them that do them. ten you with blafting, and mil-dewa Dan, s.72. And thou his son, O Belwhen your gardens and vineyards, fazzar, hast not humbled thine and your fig-trees, and your olive heart, though thou knewest all this, trees increased, the palmer-worm Titus -3. 19. A man that is an heredevoured them : Yet have ye not tick, after the first and second ad returned unto me, saith the Lord monițion, reject: v: L. Knowing v. 10. I have sent among you the that he that is such, is subverted, peftilence after the manner of E- and sinneth, being condemged of gypt : your young men have I faiņ himself, wuni dei servis with the sword and havetaken away ily. Prov, 29, Hethat being often your horses, and I have made the reproved, hardneth his neck, shall Itink of your camps to come up uni fuddenly be destroyed, and that to your nostrils : yet have:ye not without remedy. Bu returned unto me, faith the Lord. »? Titus 3. 10. A man that is aq v. 11. I have overthrown familie of hețetick, after the first and second you, as God overthrew Sodomand admonition, reject. Mat. 18. 17: Gomorrah, and ye were as a firer And if he shall negle&to hear them, brand pluckt out of the burning: tell it unto the church but if he yet have ye not returned unto me, pegleat to hearthe church, let him faith the Lord... fer. 5.3. O Lord, be unto thee as an heathen man and . are not thine eyes upon the truth? a publican.,

thou hast stricken them, but they a Prov. 27. 22. Though thou have not grieved ; thou haft.con- fhouldet bray a fool in a morta fumed them, but they have refused

ars: among

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and our Prayers, Purposes, Promises 6; Vows , Covenants, and Engagements to God or Men : if done deliberately, wilfully 5, presumptuous

ly h

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among wheat with a Pestil, yet will God, nor any thing for the which not his foolishness depart from him. he hath sent me unto you. Prov. 23. 3.5. They have striken me, Eccl. s. 4. When thou vowest a fhalt thou say, and I was not sick; they vow unto God, defer not to pay it : have beaten me, and I felt it not: for he hath no pleasure in fools; pay when shall I awake? I will seek it yet that which thou hast yowed. again.

Better is it that thou shouldest not * Psalm 78.-34. When he flew vow, than that thou shouldest vow them, then they sought him: and and not pay. v. 6. Suffer not thy they returned and enquired early mouth to cause thy flesh to lin, after God. V. 35. And they re- neither say thou before the angel, membred that God was their rock, that it was an error:wherefore should and the high God their redeemer. God be angry at thy voice, and v. 36. Nevertheless, they did flat- destroy the work of thịne hands? ter him with their mouth, and they Prov. 20. 25. It is a snare to the lyed unto him with their tongues. man who devoureth that which is ho0.32. For their heart was not right ly: and after vows to make enquiry. with him, neither were they stedfast Lev. 26. 25. And I will bring a in his covenant. Jer. 2. 20. For of sword upon you, that shall avenge old time I have broken thy yoke, the quarrel of my covenant :--and burst thy bands, and thousaidft, Prov. 2, 17. Which forsaketh I will net transgress : when upon the guide of her youth, and forevery high hill, and under every getteth the covenant of her God. green tree thou wandrest, playing Ezek. 17. 18. Seeing he despised the harlot. fer. 42. s. Then they the oath by breaking the covenant said to Jeremiah, The Lord be a (when lo, he had given his hand) true and faithful witness between and hath done all these things, he us, if we do not even according to shall not escape. v.19. Therefore all things for which the Lord thy thus faith the Lord God, As I God shall send thee to us. v. 6. live, surely mine oath that he hath Whether it be good, or whether it despised, and my covenant that he be evil, we will obey the voice of hath broken, even it will I recomthe Lord our God, to whom we pense upon his own head. send thee:-

--- v. 20. For ye diflem f Psalm 36. 4. He deviseth misbled in your hearts; when ye fent chief upon his bed, he setteth himme unto the Lord your God, say- self in a way that is not good; he ing, Pray for us unto the Lord our abhorreth not evil. God, and 'according unto all that 8 Jer. 6. 16. Thus faith the Lord, the Lord our God will say, so de- Stand ye in the ways and see, and clare unto us, and we will do it. ask for the old paths, where is the v. 21. And now I have this day de- good way, and walk therein, and clared it to you, but ye have not ye shall find rest for your souls: but obeyed the voice of the Lord your they said, We will not walk thercin.

b Numb,

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