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ly 5, impudently , boastinglyk, malicioally!, frequently in; Obstinately"; with Delight°, Continuance P, or relapsing after Repentance 4

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k Numb. 15. 30. But the soul that P Isai. 5 7.17. For the iniquity of doth onght presumptuously, (whether his covetousness was I wroth, and hebe born in the land, or a stranger) smote him : 1 hid 'me, and was the same reproacheth the Lord; and wroth, and he went on frowardly that foul shall be cut off from among in the way of his heart. his people. Exod. 21. 14. But if a 9 Jer. 34. 8. This is the word that man come presumptuously upon his came unto Jeremiah from the Lord, neighbour, to Nay him with guile; after that the king. Zedekiah had thou shalt take him from mine al- made a covenant with all the peotar, tliat he may die.

ple which were at Jerusalem, to i Jer. 3. 3. Therefore the showers proclaim liberty unto them. v. 9. have been withholden, and there that every man fhould let his manhath been no latter rain, and thou servant, and every man his maidhadft a whores forehead, thou re- servant, being an Hebrew, or an Hefusedst to be alhamed. Prov. 7. 13. brewels, go free, that none should So she caught him and kissed him, serve himself of them, to wit, of and with an impudent face said un- a Jew his brother. 2. 10, Now to him.

when all the princes, and all the * Psalm 52. 1. Why boastest thou people which had entred into the thy felf in mischief, O mighty man? covenant, heard that every one

3 John 10. Wherefore if i come, should let his inan-servant, and eveI will remember his deeds which he ry one his maid-Servant go free, doth, prating against us with ma- that none should serve themselves licious words:-

of them any more, then they obeym Numb. 14. 22. Because all those ed, and let them go. VIII. But men which have seen my glory, and afterwards they turned and caused my miracles which I did in Egypt the servants and the hand-maids, and in the wilderness, and have whom they had let go free, to retempted me now these ten times, turn, and brought them into suband have not hearkned to my voice. jection for servants and for hand

» Zech. 7.'11. But they refused to maids. 2 Pet. 2. 20. For if after hearken, and pulled away the shoul- they have escaped the pollutions der, and stopped their ears, that of the world through the knowledge they should not hear. 7. 12. Yea, of the Lord and Saviour JefusChrift, they made their hearts as an ada- they are again intangled therein, mant-stone, left they should hear and overcome ; the latter end is the law, and the words which the 'worse with them than the beginLord of hofts hath sent in his Spirit ning. v. 21. For it had been better by the former prophets : therefore for them not to have known the came a great wrath from the Lord way of righteousness, than after of hofts.

they have known it, to turn from Prov. 2.14. Who rejoyce to do the holy commandment delivered evil, and delight in the frowardness - unto them. v, 22. But it is happened of the wicked.


4. From Circumstances of Time * and Place; if on the Lord's Day, or other Times of Divine Worship'; or immediately before w or after these ;

or unto them according to the true strife and debate, and to smite with proverb, The dog is turned to his the fifts of wickedness; ye shall not own vomit again ; and, The low fast as ye do this day, to make your that was washed, to her wallowing voice to be heard on high. v. s. in the mire.

Is it such a fast that I have chosen? 2 Kings 5.26. And he said unto a day for a man to afflict his soul ? him, (Gehazi) Went not mine heart Is it to bow down his head as a bulwith thee, when the man turned a- rush, and to spread lackcloth and gain from his chariot to meet thee! alhes under him? Wilt thou call this is it a time to receive money, and a fast, and an acceptable day to to receive garments, and olive- the Lord : Numb. 25. 6. And beyards, and vineyards, and sheep, hold, one of the children of Israel and oxen, and men-servants, and came and brought unto his bremaid-fervants :

thren a Midianitish woman, in the { Jer. 7.10. And come and stand fight of Moses, and in the light of before me in this house which is all the congregation of the chilcalled by my name, and say, We dren of Israel, who were weeping are delivered to do all these abo- before the door of the tabernacle minations. Ifai. 26. 10. Let fa- of the congregation. v. 7. And vour be shewed to the wicked, yet when Phineas the son of Eleazar, will he not learn righteousness: in the son of Aaron the priest, saw it, the land ofuprightness will he deal he rose up from amongst the conunjustly, and will not behold the gregation, and took a javelin in majesty of the Lord.

his hand. Ezek. 23. 37. That they have W i Cor. 11. 20. When ye come committed adultery, and blood is together therefore into one place, in their hands, and with their idols this is not to ea the Lords supper. have they committed adultery,-- v. v. 21. For in eating every one takech 38. Moreover, this they have done before other, his own supper : and unto me: they have defiled my san- one is hungry, and another is &tuary in the same day, and have drunken. profaned my fabbaths. v. 39. For * Jer. 7. 8. Behold, ye trust in when they had Nain their children lying words, that cannot profit. to their idols, then they came the v. 9. Will ye steal, murder, and same day into my sanctuary to pro- commit adultery, and swear fally, fane it ; and ló, thus have they and burn incense unto Baal, and done in the midst of my house. walk after other gods whom ye

"Ifai. S 8.3. Wherefore have we know not; v. 10. And come and fafted, say they, and thou feeft not stand before me in this house, which wherefore have we afflicted our soul, is called by my name, and say, and thoutakest no knowledge? Bé- We are delivered to do all these hold in the day of your fast you abominations? Prov. 7. 14. I have find pleasure, and exact all your peace-offerings with me ; this day labours. V. 4. Behold, ye fast for


or other Helps to prevent or remedy such Miscarriages': if in publick, or in the Presence of others who are thereby likely to be provoked or defiled ?

152. Quest. What doth every Sin deserve at the Hands of God?

Answ. Every Sin even the least, being against the Sovereignty -, Goodness , and Holiness of God,


have I paid my vows. v.15. There- ye make the Lords people to transfore came i forth to meet thee, di- gress. ligently to seek thy face, and I IS2. James 2. 10. For whohave found thee. John 13. 27. And foever shall keep the whole law, after the sop, Sacan entred into him. and yet offend in one point, he is Then said Jesus unto him, That guilty of all. V. II. For he that thou dost, do quickly. V.30. He said, Do not commit adultery ; said then having received the sop, went also, Do not kill.-immediately out,--

6 Exod. 20. 1. God spake all these y Ezra 9.13. And after all that words, saying, v. 2. I am the Lord is come upon us for our evil deeds, thy God, which have brought thee and for our great trespass, seeing out of the land of Egypt, out of that thou our God haft punished the house of bondage. us less than our iniquities deserve, Hab. 1. 13. Thou art of purer and hast given us such deliverance eyes than to behold evil, and canst as this : v. 14. Should we again not look on iniquity, : wherefore break thy commandments,and joyn lookest thou upon them that deal in affinity with the people of those treacherously, and holdest thy abominations ? wouldest not thou tongue when the wicked devoureth be angry with us till thou hadît con- the man that is more righteous than

he? Lev. 1o. 3. Tlien Moses said 2 Sam. 16. 22. So they spread unto Aaron, This is it that the Abfalom a tent upon the top of Lord spake, saying, I will be santhe house, and Abfalom wënt in &tified in them that come nigh me, unto his fathers concubines, in the and before all the people I will sight of all Israel. i Sam. 2. 22. be glorified.-- Lev. 11. 44. For I Now Eli was very old, and heard am the Lord

your God : ye shall all that his son's did unto all Israel, therefore fanctify your selves, and and how they lay with the women ye shall be holy; for I am holy: that assembled at the door of the neither shall ye defile yoúr selves tabernacle of the congregation, with any manner of creeping thing V. 23. And he said unto them, that creepeth upon the earth. v.45. Why do ye such things for I hear For I am the Lord that bringeth of your evil dealings, by all this you up out of the land of Egypt, people. vi 24. Nay, my sons: to be your God: ye shall therefore for it is no good report that I hear; be holy, for I am holy.

a i John

sumed us,-

and against his righteous Law , deferveth his Wratha and Curse , both in this Life, and that which is to come 8 ; and cannot be expiated, but by the Blood of Chrifth

153. Queft. What doth God require of us that we may escape his Wrath and Curse due to us by Reason of the Transgression of the Law?

Answ. That we may escape the Wrath and Curse of God due to us by Reason of the Transgression of the Law, he requireth of us Repentance toward God; and Faith toward our Lord Jesus Christ, and



di John . 4. Whosoever com Š Matth. 25. 41. ---Depart from mitteth-fin, transgresseth also the me, ye cursed, into everlasting fire, law: for fin is the transgreffion of prepared for the devil and his the law. Rom: 7.12. Wherefore angels.' 7914; fo A the law is holy; and the cominand * Hebi %* 22.. And almost all ment holy, and just, and good things are by the taw.purged with

- Eph. 5. 6. Let no man deceivé blood ; and without thedding of you with vain words : 'for because blood is no remißion. 1 Pet. 1.18. of these things cometh the wrath of For as much as ye know that ye God upon the children of disobei were not redeemed with corruptible dience. Gal. 3! 10. For a's many things, as silvernnd gold; from your as are of the works of the law, are vain conversation received by tradiunder the curse : for it is written, tion from your fathers; d. 19. But Curfed is every one that contineth with the precious blood of Christ, not in all things which are written as of a Lamb without blemish and in the book of the law to do them. without spot.

Lam. 3:'39. Wherefore dothà I'S 3. i Afts 20:21. Testifying living man complain, a man for both to the Jews, and also to the the punishment of his sins. Deut. Greeks,repentance toward God, and 28. from verfe Iso to the end. But it faith toward our Lord Jesus Chrift. Thall come to pafs, ifthou wilt not "Mat. 3.7. But when he faw many of hearken unto the voice of the Lord 'the Pharisees and Sadducees come commandments and this featuhes to his baptism, he faid’unto them,

generation of vipers, who hath which I command thee this day; warned you to fee from the wrath that all these curses shall come upon to come? v. 8. Bring forth therethee, and overtake thee. p. 16. . fore fruits meet for repentance. Cursed fhalt thou be in the city, and -Luke 13.3,5. I tell you, Nay: excurfed shalt thou be in the field. W.17. eept ye repent, ye shall all likewise Cursed shall be thy basket and thy- perish. Aēts 16.30. And (the Jayftore, 6C.



the diligent Use of the outward Means whereby Christ communicates to us the Benefits of his Mediation

154. Quest. What are the outward Means whereby Christ communicates to us the Benefits of bis Mediation?

Answ. The outward and ordinary Means whereby Christ communicates to his Church the Benefits of his Mediation, are all his Ordinances; especially the Word, Sacraments, and Prayer: all which are made effectual to the Eleat for their Salvation'.

155. Quest. ļor) brought them out, and said, daily at my gates, waiting at the Sirs, what must I do to be saved posts of my doors, v.3s. For whoso v. 31. And they said, Believe on findeth me, findeth life, and shall the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou obtain favour of the Lord. v. 36. thalt be saved and chinc house. John But he that linneth against me, 3. 16. For God so loved the world wrongęth his own soul; all they that he gave his only begotten Son, that hate me, love, death. that who foever believeth in him, 154. ' Mat. 28. 19. Goye therefore drould not perish, but have ever- and teach all nations, baptizing lasting life. . v, 18. He that be them in the name of the Father, lieveth on him, is not condemned: and of the Son, and of the holy but he that believeth not, is con- Ghost : v. 20. Teaching them to demoed already,

obferve all things whatsoever I & Prova 2.1. My son, ifthou wile have commanded you : and lo, I receive my words, and hide my am with you alway, even unto the commandments with thee; v. 2. end of the world. Afts 2.42. And So that thouc.incļine thine earunto they continued Itedfatly in the wisdom, and apply thine heart to apostles do&rine and fellowship, understanding: V.3. Yea, ifthou and in breaking of bread, and crieft afect knowledge, and liftest in prayers. 0.46. And they conlapthy voice for understanding: tinuing daily with one accord in

4. If shou seckest her as, silver, the temple, and breaking bread saad searchest for her, as for hid from house to house, did eat treasures ji vas. Then shalt thou un- their meat with gladness and linderstand the fear of the Lord; and gleness of heart, v. 47. Praising Sind the knowledge of God. Prov. God, and having favour with all & 33. Hear instruction, and be wise, the people. And the Lord ads and refuse it not. V. 34. Blessedis, ded to the church daily such as the man that heareth me, watching should be fayed.

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