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155. Quest. How is the Word made effe&tual to Salvation ?

Answ. The Spirit of God maketh the Reading, but especially the Preaching of the Word, an efte&ual Means of enlightning m, convincing and humbling Sinners n; of driving them out of themselves, and drawing them unto Christo; of conforming

them ISS. * Neh. 8. 8. So they read words against this place and against in the book, in the law of God di- the inhabitants thereof, and humftin&ly, and gave the sense, and bledft thy self before me, and didft caused them to understand the read- rend thy clothes, and


before ing. Afts 26. 18. To open their me ; I have even heard thee also, eyes, and to turn them from dark- faith the Lord.

U. 28, Behold, 1 nefs to light, and from the power will gather thee to thy fathers, and of Satan unto God, that they may thou shalt be gathered to thy grave receive forgiveness of lins, and in- in peace,--heritance among them which are • Ads 2. 37. Now when they fan&tified by faith that is in me. heard this, they were pricked in Psalm 19.8. --The commandment their heart, and said unto Peter, of the Lord is pure, enlightning and to the rest of the apostles, Men

and brethren, what shall we do? * 1 Cor. 14. 24. But ifall prophe- j. 41. Then they thạt gladly resie, and there come in one that be ceived his word, were baptized : tieveth not, or one unlearned, he is and the same day there were adconvinced of all, he is judged of ded unto them about three thousand all: v.25. And thus are the secrets souls. A&ts 8. from verse 27.10 3.9 of his heart made manifest: and ---And behold, a man of Ethioso falling down on his face, he will pia, an eunuch of great authority,-worship God, and report that God v. 28. Was returning, and fitting is in you of a truth. 2 Chron. 346 in his chariot çead Esaias the pro18. Then Shaphan the scribe told phet. v. 29. Then the Spirit said the king, saying, Hilkiah the priest upto Philip, Go near, and join thy hath given me a book. And Sha: selfto this chariot. v.30. And Phiphan read it beforethe king. v. 19. lip ran thither to him, and heard And it came to passwhen the king him read the prophet Efaias, and had heard the words of the law, said, Understandelt thou what thou that he rent, his clothes. v. 26. readest?-- 7.35. Then Philip openAnd as for the king of Judah, who ed his mouth, and began at the fent you to enquire of the Lord, same scripture, and preached unto so Thall ye say unto him, Thus faith him Jesus. V., 36. ---And the euthe Lord God of Israel concerning nuch said, See, here is water; what the words which thou hast heard; doth hinder me to be baptized : 9.27. Because thine heart was ten- V. 37. And Philip said, If thoubeder, and thou didft humble thy self lievest with all thine heart, thou before God, when thou heardit his



the eyes.

them to his Image P, and subduing them to his Will 9; of strengthning them against Temptations and Corruptions", of building them up in Grace', and establishing their Hearts in Holiness and Comfort through Faith unto Salvation.

156. Quest. mayest. And he answered and said, be able to quench all the fiery darts I believe that Jelus Christ is the Son of the wicked. v. 17. And take of God.

V. 38. --

---And they went the helmet of salvation, and the down both into the water, both sword of the Spirit, which is the Philip and the eunuch, and he bap- word of God. Psalm 19.11. Moretized him.

over, by them is thy servant warnP: 2 Cor. 3. 18. But we all with ed: and in keeping of them there is open face, beholding as in a glass great reward. I Cor:10. II. Now the glory of the Lord, are changed all these things happened unto them into the same image, from glory for enfamples: and they are writto glory, even as by the Spirit of ten for our admonition,upon whom the Lord.

the ends of the world are come. 9 2 Cor. 10.4. For the weapons Aits 20. 32. And now,brethren, of our warfare are not carnal, but I commend you to God, and to the mighty through God to the pulling word of his grace, which is able to down of strongholds. Caft- build you up, and to give you an ing down imaginations, and every inheritance among all them which high thing that exalteth it self a- are sanctified. 2 Tim. 3.15. And gainst the knowledge of God, that from a child thou haft known and bringing into captivity every the holy' scriptures, which are able thought to the obedience of Chrift: to 'make thee wise unto salvation, ·V. 6. And having in a readiness to through faith which is in Christ Jerevenge all disobedience, when your sus. v. 16. All fcripture is given obedience is fulfilled. Rom. 6.17. by inspiration of God, and is proBut God be thanked that ye were hitable for do&trine, for reproof, the fervants of sin; but ye have of fpe correction, for instruction in beyed from the heart that form of fighteousness: v. 17. That the man doctrine which was delivered you. of God may be perfect, throughly

* Matth. 4. 4. But he answered furnished unto all good works. and said, It is written, Man shall ? Rom. 16. 25. Now to him that not live by bread alone, but by eve- is of power to stablish you accordry word that proceedeth out of the ing to my gospel, and the preaching mouth of God.'.0.7. Jesus said of Jesus Chrift, according to the reunto him, It is written again, Thou velation of the mystery, which was shalt not tempt the Lord thy God. kept secret since the world began. v. 10. Then faith Jesus unto him, i Thes: 3. 2. And sent Timotheus Get thee herce, Satan ; for it is our brother and minister of God, written, Thou shalt worship the Lord and our fellow-labourer in the gothy God, and him only shalt thou spel of Christ, to establish you, and serve. Eph. 6. 16. Above all, taking to comfort you concerning your the field of faith wherewith yelhall


156. Quest. Is the Word of God to be read by all ?

Answ. Although all are not to be permitted to read the Word publickly to the Congregation", yet all Sorts of People are bound to read it apart by

themfaith ; v. 10. Night and day pray- to the priests the sons of Levi, ing exceedingly that we might see which bare the ark of the covenant your face, and might perfect that of the Lord, and unto all the elwhich is lacking in your faith. ders of Ifrael. v. 11. When all Ifv. 11. Now God himself and our rael is come to appear before the Father, and our Lord Jesus Chrift Lord thy God, in the place which direct our way unto you. v. 13. he shall choose : thou shalt read this To the end he may Itablish your law before all Israel, in their hearhearts unblameable in holiness be- ring. v.12. Gather the people tofore God, even our Father, at the gether, men, and women, and chilcoming of our Lord Jesus Christ dren, and thy stranger that is within with all his faints. Rom. 15. 4.' thy gates, that they may hear, and For whatsoever things were written that they may learn, and fear the aforetime, were written for our Lord your God, and observe to do learning; that we through patience all the words of this law. v. 13. and comfort of the scriptures might And that their children which have have hope. Rom. 10. 13. For who- not known any thing, may hear and soever Dall call upon the name of learn to fear the Lord your God, the Lord, shall be saved. v. 14. as long as ye live in the land, whiHow then shall they call on him in ther ye go over to possess it. Neh. whom they have not believed: and 8. 2. And Ezra the priest brought how shall they believe in him of the law before the congregation, whom they have not heard ? and both of men and women, and all how shall they hear without a that could hear with understanding, preacher ! v. Is. And how shall upon the first day of the seventh they preach, except they be sent month. V.3. And he read therein as it is written, How beautiful are before the street that was before the feet of them that preach the the water-gate, from the morning gospel of peace, and bring glad «i- until midday, before the men and dings of good things! v. 16. But the women, and those that could they have not all obeyed the gospel, understand ; and the ears of all For Efaias faith, Lord, who hath the people were attentive unto the believed our report? v. 17. So then, book of the law. Neh. 9. 3. And faith cometh by hearing, and hear- they stood up in their place, and ing by the word of God. Rom. 1. 16. read in the book of the law of the For I am not alhamed of the gospel Lord their God, one fourth part of of Christ : for it is the power of the day, and another fourth part they God unto salvation, to every one confessed, and worshipped the Lord that believeth, to the Jew first, and their God. v. 4. Then stood up also to the Greek.

upon the stairs of the Levites, JeI56. " Deut. 31. 9. And Moses fhua, and Bani,&c. and cried with a wrote this law, and delivered it un


Z 3

themselves w, and with their Families * : to which End the holy Scriptures are to be translated out of the Original into Vulgar Languages Y.

157. Quest. soud voice unto the Lord their God. shall keep the way of the Lord, v.s. Then the Levites, Joshua, and Psalm 78. s. For he eftablished a Kadmiel, &c. faid, Stand up, and testimony in Jacob, and appointed bless the Lord your God for ever a law in Israel, which he commandand ever; and blessed be thy glo- ed our fathers, that they should rious name, which is exalted above make them known to their children. all bleffing and praise.

v. 6. That the generations to come w Deut. 17. 19. And it shall be might know them, even the children with him, and he shall read therein which should be born: whó should all the days of his life: that he may arise and declare them to their chillearn to fear the Lord his God, to dren: v. 7. That they might set keep all the words of this Law, and their hope in God, and not fotget thele statutes, to do them. Rev. 1. the works of God, but keep his com3. Blessed is he that readeth, and mandments. they that hear the words of this pro I Cor. 14. 6. Now, brethren, phecy, and keep those things which If I come unto you, speaking with are written therein: for the time is tongues, what shall I profit you, exat hand. John s. 39. Search the cept I shall speak to you either by rescriptures, for in them ye think ye velation, or by knowledge, or by have eternal life, and they are they prophesying, or by do&rine: v.g. which testify of me. ifa. 34. 16. So likewise you, except yeutter by Seek ye out of the book of the Lord, the tongue words easy to be underand read: no one of these shall stood, how shall it be known what is fail, -.

spoken? for ye shall speak into the * Deut. 6. 6. And these words air. v. 11. Therefore if I know which I command thee this day, not the meaning of the voice, I shall fhall be in thine heart : v. 7. And be unto him that speaketh, a Barbathou shalt teach them diligently un- rian, and he that speaketh shall be to thy children, and shalt talk of a Barbarian unto me. v. 12. Even them when thou fittest in thinc so ye, for as much as ye are zealous house, and when thou walkest by the of spiritual gifts, seek that ye may way, and when thou lieft down, and cxcel to the edifying of the church. when thou riseft up. v.8. And thou v. 15. What is it then? I will pray shalt bind them for a sign upon thy with the spirit, and I will pray with hand, and they shall be as frontlets the understanding also: I will fing between thine eyes. v. 9. And thou with the spirit, and I will sing with shalt write them upon the posts of the understanding also. v. 16. Else thy house, and on thy gates. Gen.18. when thou shalt bless with the spirit, 17. And the Lord said, Shall I hide how shall he that occupieth the from Abraham that thing which I room of the unlearned, say, Amen do! v. 19. For I know him, that at thy giving of thanks, seeing he he will command his children and understandeth not what thou sayest? his houshold after him, and they

v. 24

157. Quest. How is the Word of God to be read?

Answ. The holy Scriptures are to be read with an high and reverent Esteem of them ?; with a firm Perswasion that they are the very Word of Godie; and that he only can enable us to understand them b; with Defire to know, believe and obey the Will of

God rv. 24. But if all prophesie, and the Lord hath said, will we do, and there come in one that believeth be obedient. 2 Chron. 34. 27. Benot, or one anlearned, he is con- cause thine heart was tender, and vinced of all, he is judged of all. thou didit humble thy self before v..27. If any man speak in an in- God, when thou heardft his words known tongue, let it be by two, or at against this place, and against the the most by three, and that by course: inhabitants thereof, and humbledit and let one interpret. v. 28. But thy self before me, and didft rend if there be no interpreter, let him thy clothes, and wept before me; keep silence in the church; and let I have even heard thee also, faith the him speak to himself, and to God. Lord. Ifa. 66. 2. - But to this

157. 2 Psalm 19. 10. More to be man will i look, even to him that is desired are they than gold, yea, than poor and of a contrite spirit, and much fine gold: sweeter also than trembleth at my word. the hony, and the hony-comb. a 2 Pet, I. 19. We have also a Neh. 8. 3. And he read therein be- more sure word of prophecy; wherefore the streer that was before the 'unto ye do well that ye take heed, water-gare, from the morning un- as unto a light that shineth in a dark til mid-day before the men and the place, until the day dawn, and the women, and those that could under- day-star arise in your hearts : v. 20. stand; and the ears of the people Knowing this first, that no prophewere attentive unto the book of the cy of the scripture is of any private law. v. 4. And Ezra the scribe stood interpretation. v. 21. For the proupon a pulpit of wood, which they phecy came not in old time by the had made for the purpose, -- vis. will of man: but holy men of God And Ezra opened the book in the spake as they were moved by the sight of all the people, (for he was holy Ghost. above all the people) and when he b Luke 24. 45. Then opened he. opened it, all the people stood up. their understanding, that they might vi6. And Ezra blessed the Lord the understand the scriptures. 2 Cor. 3. great God: and all the people an- 13. And not as Moses, which put swered, Amen, Amen, with lifting a vail over his face, that the childup their hands: and they bowed ren of Israel could not stedfastly their heads, and worshipped the look to the end of that which is aboLord their faces to ground, lished: 0.14 But their minds were Gc. to verse 10. Exod. 24. 7. And blinded; for until this day remainhe (Moses) took the book of the co- eth the same vail untaken away, in venant, and read in the audience of the reading of the old testament: the people: and they said, All that



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