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6. Quest. How many Persons are there inthe God-Heads

Answ. There are Three Persons in the God-Head; the Father, the Son, and the holy Ghost; and these Three are One God, the fame in Substance, equal in Power and Glory 4,

7. Queft. What are the Decrees of God? · Answ. The Decrees of God, are, his eternal Purpose according to the Counsel of his Will, whereby for his own Glory, he hath fore-ordained whatfoever comes to pass ".

8. Quest. How doth God execute his Decrees?

Answ. God executeth his Decrees in the Works of Creation and Providence.

9. Quest. What is the work of Creation ?

Answ. The Work of Creation is, God's making all Things of Nothing by the Word of his Power, in the space of Six Days, and all very Good!

10. Quest. How did God create Man?

Answ. God created Man Male and Female after his own Image, in Knowledge, Righteouf

ness, true God, he is the living God, and also we have obtained an inherian everlafing king ; at his wrath tance, being predestinated accord, the earth shall tremble, and the na- ing to the purpose of him who work-, tions shall not be able to abide his eth all things after the counsel of his indignation.

own will. Rom.9. 22. What if God, 6. 91 John s. 7. For there are, willing to shew his wrath, and to three that bear record in heaven, make his power known, endured the Father, the Word, and the ho- with much long-suffering the vef-. ly Ghost: and these three are one. sels of wrath fitted to destructions: Mattb. 28. 19. Go ye therefore v. 23. And that he might make. and reach all nations, baptizing known the riches of his glory on them in the name of the Father, the vessels of mercy, which he had and of the Son, and of the holy afore prepared unto glory. Ghost.

Gen, 1. throughout. Heb, 11.3. Eph. 1. 4. According as he Through faith we understand that hath chosen us in him, before the the worlds were framed by the word foundation of the world, that we of God, so that things which are îhould be holy, and without blame seen were not made of things which before him in love. v. 11. In whom do appear,

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17. Quest. Into what Eftate did the Fall bring Mans kind?

Answ. The Fall brought Mankind, into an Estate of Sin and Misery

18. Quest. Wherein confifts the finfulness of that Estate whereinto Man fell?

Answ. The sinfulness of that Eftate whereinto Man fell, consists in the Guilt of Adam's first Sin, the Want of Original Righteousness, and the Corruption of his whole Nature, which is commonly called Original Sin, together with all a&ual Trané gressions which proceed from it f.

19. Quest. What is the Mifery of that Estate whereinto Mæn fell? Answ. All Mankind by their Fall loft Commu

nion of every tree of the garden thou made finners : so by the obedience mayst freely eat. v. 17. But of of one, shall many be made righ-, the tree of the knowledge of good teous. Rom. s. from verse 10. to the and evil, thou shalt not eat of it: 20. Eph. 2.1. And you hath he quickfor in the day that thou eatest there- ned who were dead in trespasses and of, thou shalt surely die. Rore. s. fins, v. 2. Wherein in times past 12. Wherefore, aś by one man sin ye walked according to the course entred into the world, and death of this world, according to the by fin ; and so death passed upon prince of the power of the air, the all men, for that all have sinned. Ipirit that now worketh in the chil1. Cor. 15.21. For since by man came dren of disobedience. v. 3. Among death, by man came also the refur- whom also we all bad our converrection of the dead. v. 22. For sation in times paft, in the lufts of as in Adam all die, so in Christ fhall our flesh, fulfilling the desires of the all be made alive.

i felh, and of the mind; and were 17. Rom. 5. 12. Wherefore, as by nature the children of wrath, by one man fin entred into the even as others. James 1. 14. But world, and death by sin; and so every man is tempted, when he is death passed upon all men, for that drawn away of his own luft, and all have linned.

enticed. Then when luft hath f Rom. 5. 12. Wherefore, as conceived, it bringerh forth sin:and by one man Gin entred into the fin when it is finished, bringeth world, and death by lin ; and so forth death. Matth. 15.19. For oint death passed vipon all men, forthat of the heart proceed evil thoughts, all have finned. v. 19. For as by murders, adulteries, fornications, one mans disobedience many were thefts, false witness, blasphemies.

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nion with Gods, are under his Wrath and Curse h. and so made liable to all Miseries in this Life, to Death it felf, and to the Pains of Hell for ever i. 20. Queft

. Did God leave all Mankind to perish in the Estate

of Sin and Misery ? Answ. God having out of his meer good Pleasure from all Eternity elected some to everlasting Life", did' enter into a Covenant of Grace, to deliver them put of the Estate of Sin and Misery, and to bring them into an Estate of Salvation by a Redeemer.

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19. 8 Gen. 3.8. And they heard i Lam. 3. 39. Wherefore doth a the voice of the Lord God walking living man complain, a man før in the garden in the cool of the the punishment of his fins : * Rom. day : And Adam and his wife hid -6.23. For the wages of fais death: themselves from the presence of but the gift of Godoisueternal life, the Lord God amongst the trees through Jesus Christ our Lord. Mat. of the garden: v. 19. And he said, 25.41. Then shall he fay unto them I heard thy voice in the garden : on the left hand, Depart from me, and I was afraid, because I was ye cursed, into everlasting fire, prenaked ; and I hid my self. v. 24. pared for the devil and his angels. So he drove out the man: and he 0.46. And these shall go away into placed at the east of the garden of everlasting punishmentsbut the righEden, Cherubims, and a flaming teous into life eternal. sword which turned every way; to Eph 1.4. According as he keep the way of the tree of life. hath chosen us in him, before the

h Eph. 2. 2. Wherein in times past foundation of the world, that we ye walked according to the course. fhould be holy; and without blame of this world, according to the before him in love..., · prince of the power of the air, the Rom. 3. 20. Therefore by the spirit that now worketh in the chil- deeds of the law, there shall no dren of disobedience. v. 3. Among Aesh be justified in his fight: for by whom also we all had our conversa- the law is the knowledge of fin. tion in times paft in the lusts of our v.21. But now the righteousness of Aesh, fulfilling the desires of the God without the law is manifested, Aesh, and of the mind; and were being witnessed by the law and the by nature the children of wrath even prophets; V.22. Even the righte

as others. Gal. 3.10. For as many oulness of God which is by faith of - as are of the works of the law, are Jesus Christ unto all; and upon all under the curse : for it is written, them that believe;, for there is no Cursed is every one that continueth difference. Galo 3. 21. Is the law not in all things which are written then against the promises of God? in the book of the law to do them, God forbid : for ifthere had been a



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21. Quest. Who is the Redeemer of God's Elect?

Answ. The only Redeemer of God's Elect, is the Lord Jesus Christ ", who being the eternal Son of God, became Man", and so was, and continueth to be God and Man in two distinct Natures, and one Person for ever ..

22. Quest. How did Christ being the Son of God become Man?

Answ. Christ the Son of God became Man, by taking to himself a true Body P, and a reasonable Soul being conceived by the Power of the Holy


law given which could have given thee: therefore also that holy thing life,verily righteoufness should

have which shall be born of thee, shall been by the law. v. 22. But the scrip- be called, The Son of God. Col.2.9. türe hath concluded all under fin, For in him dwelleth all the fulness that the promife by faith in Jesus of the Godhead bodily. Heb. 7. 24. Christ might be given to them that But this man because he continueth believe.

ever, hath an unchangeable priest21. mg Tim. 2. §. For there is hood.

V. 25. Wherefore he is able one God,' and one mediator be- also to save them to the uttermoft, tween God and man, the man that come unto God by him, seeing Christ Jelus; v. 6. Who gave him- he ever liveth to make intercession self a ransoin for all, to be teftified for them.. in due time;

22. 2 Heb. 2. 14. For as much then a folin I. 14. And the Word was as the children are partakers of Aesh made flelh, and dwelt among us, and blood, he also himselflikewise (and we beheld his glory, the glo- took part of the same: thatthrough ry as ofthe only begotten of the Fa- death he mighe destroy him that ther) full of grace and truth. Gal. had the power of death, that is, 4. 4. But when the fulness of the the devil : v. 16. For verify he took time was come, God sent forth his not on him the nature of angels; but Son made of a woman, made under he took on him the seed of Abrathe law,

ham. Heb. 10.5. Wherefore when he o Rom' 9. 5. Whose are the fa- cometh into the world, he faith, thers, and of whom as concerning Sacrifice and offering thou wouldīt the flesh Chrift came, who is over not, but a body halt thou preparall, God bleAred for ever. Amen. ed me. Luke 1. 35. And the angel anfwered 9 Matth. 26.38. Then saith he unand said unto her, The holy Ghost to them, My soul is exceeding forshall come upon thee, and the power rowful, even unto death; tarry ye of the Highest shall overhadow here and watch with me

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Ghoft, in the Womb of the Virgin Mary, and born of her", yet without Sin?.

23. Quest: What Offices doth Christ execute'ds our Redeemer?

Answ. Christ as our Redeemer, executeth the Offices of a Prophet, of a Prieft, and of a King, both in liis Estate of Humiliation and Exaltation

24. Quest



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Luke 1.27. To a virgin espon- Hebo 12. 25. See that ye refuse not fed to a man whose name was Jo- him that speaketh: for if they escapfeph, of the house of David; and ed not who refused him that spake the virgins name was Maty. v. 31. on earth, much more falt not we And behold, thou fhalt conceive in efcape, if we turn away from him thy womb, and bring forth a fon, that speakeh from heaven. and shalt call his name Jesus. v. 35. pared with 2 Cor. 13. 3. Since ye seek And the angel answered and said a proof of Chrift fpeaking in me, unto her, the holy Ghoft shall come which to you-ward is not weak, but upon thee, and the power of the is mighty in you. Heb. 5.5. SoalHighest shallovershadow thee:there- so, Christ glorified not himself, to fore also that holy thing which thall be made an high priest; but he that be born of thee, shall be called the said unto him, Thou art my son, Son of God, v. 42. And she spike to day have I begotten thee. our with a loud voice,and faid, Bles. As he faith also in another place, sed art thou among women, and Thou art a priest for ever after the blessed is the fruit of thy womb. Gat. order of Melchizedeck. v.7. Who 4.4. See in the preceeding question letser it. in the days of his fel; when he

Heb.4. Is. For we have not an had offered up prayers and supplihigh priest which cannot be touched cátions, with lkrong crying and with the feeling of our infirmities; tears, unto him that was able to but was in all points tempted like save him from death, and was heard as we are, yet without fin. Heb.7. in that he feared. Heb.7.25. Where16. For fuch an high prieft became fore he is able alfo to save them to us, who is holy, harmlets, undefi- the uttermost, that come unto God led, separate from finners and made by him, seeing he ever liveth to higher than the heavens.

make intercession for them. Psalm 23. ' Afts 3. 21. Whom the hea- 2. 6. Yet have I set my king upon yen must receive, until the times of 'my holy hill of Sion. Ifa. 9. 6. reftitution of all things, which God For uncous a child is born, unto us hath spoken by the mouth of al} his a Son is given, and the government holy prophets, since the world be- fhall be upon his shoulder, and his gan. v. 22. For Mofes truly said name shall be called wonderful, unto the fathers, A piophet fhall Counseller, The mighty God, The the Lord your God raise up unto everlasting Father, The Prince of you, of your brethren, like into peace. 7.7. of the increase of his me; him Mall ye hear in all things government and peace there shallbe whatsoever he hall say unco you.

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