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By saving doctrin, and from error lead
To know, and knowing worship God aright, 475
Is yet more kingly; this attracts the soul,
Governs the inner man, the nobler

That other o'er the body only reigns,
And oft by force, which to a generous mind
So reigning can be no fincere delight.
Besides to give a kingdom hath been thought
Greater and nobler done, and to lay down
Far more magnanimous, than to assume.
Riches are needless then, both for themselves,
And for thy reason why they should be fought, 485
To gain a scepter, oftest better miss’d.


teacher, as the life and character of fastidire quam accipere &c. Dioour blessed Saviour.

cletian, Charles V, and others who 481. Besides to give a kingdom &c] have resigned the crown, were no So Hephæstion to those who trans- doubt in our author's thoughts upferred the kingdom of Sidon from on this occasion. For as Seneca themselves to another. Quint. Curt. fays, Thyeft. III. 529. IV. 1. Vos quidem macti virtute, inquit, estote, qui primi intellexi Habere regnum, casus est: virftis, quanto majus effet, regnum

tus, dare.

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the Son of God, and Satan stood
A while as mute confounded what to say,
What to reply, confuted and convinc'd
Of his weak arguing, and fallacious drift;
At length collecting all his serpent wiles,

5 With soothing words renew'd, him thus accosts.

I see thou know'st what is of use to know, What best to say canst say, to do canst do ; Thy actions to thy words accord, thy words To thy large heart give utterance due, thy heart 10


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thy heart

word species with as little success in Contains of good, wife, just, the per- my opinion as Milton has done

feet shape.] Milton, no doubt, here by his Englsh pape. Thyer. by the word shape intended to ex- Of good, wife, juft

, the perfect shape, press the meaning of the Greek I should rather think it expressed term idea, but in my opinion it from the perfecta forma honeftatis, does not at all come up to it, and and the forma ipfa honefti of Cia seems rather harsh and inelegant. cero. De Fin. Il. 15. Habes untiThere are words in all languages, que expletam et perfettam, Torwhich cannot well be translated quate, formam honeftatis, &c. De without losing much of their beau- Of. I.5. Formam quidem ipfam, ty, and even some of their mean Marce fili, et tanquam faciem hoc ing; of this sort I take the word nefti vides; quæ, fi oculis cernereidea to be. Tully renders it by the tur. &c. And the more, because

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