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his own blood, Acts xx. 28. and therein was the love of God jeen, that he


his life for us, i John iii. 16. on this account was there room enough in his breast to receive the points of all the swords that were sharpened by the law against us, and strength enough in his shoulders, to bear the burthen of that curse ihat was due to us. Thence was he so willing to undertake the work of our redemption, Heb. X. 7, 8. Lo, I come to do thy will, O God; because he knew his ability to go through with it. Had he not been man, he could not have suffered, had he not been God, his fuffering could not have availed either himself or us, he had not satisfied; the suffering of a meer man, could not bear any proportion to that which in any respect was infinite. Had the great and righteous God gathered together all the fins that had been committed by his elect from the foundation of the world, and searched the bofoms of all that were to come to the end of the world, and taken them all, from the fin of their nature, to the least deviation from the rectitude of his most holy law, and the highest provocation of their regenerate and unregenerate condition, and laid them on a meer holy innocent creature, Oh! how would they have overwhelined him, and buried him for ever out of the presence of God's love! Therefore doth the apostle premise that glorious description of him to the purging of our fin... He bath spo• ken to us by his Son, whom he hath appointed heir

of all things, by whom also he made the world; · who being the brightnefs of his glory, and the • express image of his person, up-holding all things • by the word of his power, hath parged our fins:' Heb. i. 2, 3. It was he that purged our fins, who was the Son and Heir of all things, by whom the world was made, the brightness of his Father's glory, and express image of his person; He did it, he alone was able to do it. God was manifested in the flesh, 1. Tim. ii. 16, for this work; the sword awaked against him that was the Fellow of the Lord of hosts, Zech. xii. 7. and by the wounds of that great Shepherd, are the sheep healed, i Pet: ii. 24; 25.


2. Hence doth he become an endless, bottomless fountain of grace to all them that believe. The fulness, that it pleased the Father to commit to Christ, to be the great treasury and store-house to the church did not, doth not ly in the human nature considered in itself; but in the person of the Mediator God, and man. Consider wherein his communication of grace doth confist, and this will be evident. The foundation of all is laid in his fatisfaction, merit and purchase, these are the morally procuring cause of all the grace we receive from Christ. Hence all grace becomes to be his; all the things of the new covenant, the promises of God all the mercy, love, grace, glory promised, became; I say, to be his. Not as though they were all actually invested or did reside and were in the human nature, and were from thence really communicated to us; by a participation of a portion of what did fo inhere; but they are morally bis by a compact, to be bestowed by him, as he thinks good, as he is Mediator God and man, that is, the only begotten Son made fleth John i. 14. from whose fulness we receive, and grace for grace: The real communicatiori of grace is by Chrift fending the Holy Ghost to regenerate us; and to create all the habitual grace, with the daily fupplies thereof in our hearts that we are made partakers of; now the Holy


Ghost is thus fent by Christ as Mediator, God and man, as is at large declared, John xiv. 15, 16. (of which more afterwards.) This then is that which I intend by this fulness of grace that is in Chrift; from whence we have both our beginning, and all our supplies, which makes him as he is the Alpha and Omega of his church, the beginner and finisher of our faith, excellent and desirable to our souls. Upon the payment of the great price of his blood, and full acquitment on the satisfaction he made, all. grace whatever, (of which at large afterwards) becomes in a moral sense his, at his disposal; and he bestows it on, or works it in the hearts of his by the Holy Ghost, according as in his infinite wisdom he sees it needful. How glorious is he to the soul on this consideration? That is most excellent to us which fuits us in a wanting condition; that which gives bread to the hungry, water to the thirsty, mercy to the perishing. All our reliefs are thus in our beloved. Here is the life of our souls; the joy of our hearts; our relief against fin and deliverance from the wrath to come.

3. Thus is he fitted for a Mediator, a Days-man, an Umpire between God and us; being one with him; and one with us, and one in hiinself in this oneness in the unity of one person. His ability and universal fitness for his office of Mediator are hence usually demonstrated. And herein is he' Christ, the wisdom of God and the power of God, i Cor. i. 24. Herein shines out the infinitely glo- '. rious wisdom of God: which we may better admire than express. What soul that hath any acquaintance with these things falls not down with reverence, and astonishment? How glorious is he that is the beloved of our fouis? what can be wanting that


should encourage us to take up our rest, and peace

in his bofoin ? Unlefs all ways of relief and refreth“ment be so obstructed by unbelief, that no confideration can reach ihe heart to yield it the least assiftance, it is impoflible but chat from hence, the soul may gather that which will endear it unto him with whom we have to do. Let us dwell on the thoughts of it. This is the hidden mystery, great, without controversy, admirable to eternity. What poor, low, perifhing things, do we spend our contemplations on? Were we to have no advantage by this astonishing dispensation, yet its excellency, glory, beauty, depths, deserve the flower of our enquiries, the vigour of our spirits, the substance of our time; but when withal our life, our peace, our joy, our inheritance, our eternity, our all lies herein, shall not the thoughts of it, always dwell in our hearts, always refresh, and delight our souls?

4. He is excellent and glorious in this; in that he is exalted, and invested with all authority; when Jacob heard of the exaltation of his Son Joseph in Egypt and saw the chariots that he had sent for him, his spirit fainted and recovered again, through abundance of joy and other overflowing affections. Is our beloved loft who for our fakes was upon the .earth, poor and persecuted, reviled, killed? No! he was dead, but is alive, and lo he lives for ever, and ever, and hath the keys of bell and death, Rev. i. 18. our beloved is made a Lord, and Ruler, Acts ii. 36. He is made a King; God sets him his King on his holy hill of Sion, Psal. ii. 8. and he is crowned with honour, and dignity, after he had been made a little lower than the angels for the suffering of death, Heb. i. 7, 8, 9. and what is he made King of? all things are put in subjection under hi.


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feet. ver. 8. and what power over them hath our beeloved? All power in heaven and earth, Mat. xxviii. 18. as for men, he hath power given him over -all flesh, John xvii. 2. And in what glory doth he exercise this power? He gives 'eternal life to his elect, ruling them in the power of God, Micah v. 3. until he bring them to himself; and for his enemies, his arrows are sharp in their hearts, Pfal. xlv. 5. he dips his vesture in their blood, Ifa. lxjji. 3. Oh how glorious is he in his authority over his enemies? in this world he terrifies, frightens, awes, .convinces, bruises their hearts and consciences, fills them with fear, terror, disquietment, until they yeild him feigned obedience; and sometimes with outward judgments, bruises, breaks, turns the wheel upon them; flains all his vesture with their blood; fills the earıh with their carcases; and at Jałt will gather thein altogether, beast, false prophet, nations, &c. and cast them into that lake that burns with fire and brimstone, Psal. cx. Rev. ix. 20.

He is gloriously exalted above angels, in this his authority, good and bad, Eph. i. 20, 21, 22. far above principalities and powers, and might, and dominion, and every name that is named, not only in this world, but in that to come; they are all under his feet, at his command, and absolute dispofal. He is at the right hand of God. in the highest exaltation possible, and in full poffeffion of a kingdon over the whole creation ; having received a name above every name, &c. Phil. ii. 9. Thus is he glorious in his throne, which is at the right hand of the Majesty on high; glorious in his commission, which is all power in heaven and earth; glorious in his name, a name above every name, the Lord of lords, and King of kings; glorious in his fceptre,

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